Born In the 1960s or 1970s and Feeling Blocked? This Could Be Why.

When was the last time you felt blocked?

Maybe you felt blocked from success or blocked from what you wanted, or even blocked from being able to remember someone’s name.

However this feeling of being “blocked” shows up for you, it often goes back to the same starting point: your birth.

Especially if you were born during the 1960s, 70s, or even 80s.

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3 Limiting Phrases You Probably Say That Are Damaging Your Identity and Aging You Faster

There’s a lot of talk about discrimination these days.

But you know what? We also need to stop discriminating against ourselves.

There’s a common kind of limiting self talk that women often say about their ages. But it’s self-discriminatory and damaging to your identity.

And the more we say these things to ourselves the more we give age power over us!

In this video, I’ll share with you the conscious commitment I made to myself years ago that has improved my life and my feelings about my age!

Plus, I’ll even tell you my age and why I’m proud of it!

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How to Heal the Root Cause of Your Anger (Without Bottling it Up or Exploding)

I’m tackling this big important topic today because I know it’s going to help set many of you free!

But because anger is often seen in our society today as an unacceptable emotion (I’ll tell you why in the video), most of us have never been taught how to process and release our anger correctly.

When it comes to anger, people usually fall into one of two categories: an exploder or a bottler.

So I promise you that you and everyone around you will be blessed by this mini-healing session video if you’ll just give yourself permission to watch it.

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Why EFT Tapping Works with Your Religious Beliefs

I was recently interviewed by for an article on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and spirituality.

Read their article below for my explanation and find out if there is a connection between EFT and spirituality.

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How a Family Member’s Diagnosis Can Help You Heal

Whenever a family member faces a serious health issue or diagnosis, everyone in the family is affected to some degree on an emotional level.

Everyone processes emotion differently, but many people get stuck in their heads trying to sort it all out intellectually and make sense of what they are feeling at a deeper level.

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