Know This One Thing To Make Your Online Dating More Successful

What if you could learn how to read the secret clues to someone’s true nature based on how they present themselves in an online dating profile?

The photos and profile details someone shares says a lot more about them than you might think!

My daughter Anne has noticed a pattern in online dating profiles to help you decode the hidden messages.

Watch the video and learn how to read them yourself—and make your online dating more enjoyable!

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Still Single? This Could Be the Reason Why.

Whenever I meet single adults to discuss relationship issues, I ask a direct question: “Do you want to be married?”

In this mini-healing session, when I asked Tyson this question, he hesitated and couldn’t reply with certainty.

Find out the limiting beliefs and underlying resistance Tyson and many singles have toward getting married and starting a family.

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4 Types Beauty Panel: Tips for ‘Date Your Mate’ Month

May is “Date Your Mate” month! What do you and your partner like to do together?

Hear this month’s 4 Types Beauty Panel stories and tips for how they create great times together with their husbands…and how knowing their Energy Types really makes it work.

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How to Fall in Love With Your Spouse Again – Week 4

All romantic relationships need some refining from time to time. If you’re used to showing or experiencing love in just one way, sometimes it can begin to feel stale.

Give yourselves permission to break out of the box and experiment with the different energies of love. Here are some suggestions to refine your date night experiences—and perfect your relationship with your spouse!

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How to Fall in Love with Your Spouse Again – Week 3

How would you like to bring back the fire in your relationship? A great way to do that is to get moving together—and even engage in some healthy competition. As a result, you just might fall in love with a new side of your spouse!

You don’t have to be a Type 3 to enjoy these active experiences. But as a Type 3, here are some of my favorite dates that I really enjoy with my husband Jon.

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