How To Refashion Your Shoes to Fit Your Type

When you are Dressing Your Truth, you’ll experience many days where you know you just look and feel good!

But do you ever have times when everything seems just right…until you look down at your shoes…and something feels…well, a bit off?

Get ready to change that with this video.

How to Refashion Your Shoes

Michelle, one of our Type 2 Beauty Experts and a refashioning expert is here to show you how to refashion your favorite shoes or sandals so they fit your Type. (She’ll be sharing more refashioning tips in a break-out session at the upcoming Dressing Your Truth Grand Event in September!)

I’m impressed with her work and excited for you to learn her tips! Watch now… [Read more…]

See Spring and Summer Trends – Just For Your Type!

Ready to make your wardrobe feel fresh and new?

Perfect timing. Anne and I are here today to give you a sneak peek at Club Night.

Watch the video to see what Anne’s been up to, and how she’s going to help you rock your personal style this spring and summer. [Read more…]

How to Live Happily Ever After… In Real Life!

Can Dressing Your Truth help you live happily ever after?

You bet it can.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce our upcoming Dressing Your Truth Club Night. It’s been a while since our last event, and I can’t wait for the exciting energy of this next one.

We’re putting a little bit different twist on Club Night this time.

I’ll let Anne tell you the fun surprises we have planned for that night… [Read more…]

Get All the Secrets to Amazing Winter Fashion

What will you bundle up in this winter?

Just because the weather’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. That’s why Anne’s joining me today—to give you a sneak peek for our fun Club Night, coming up on November 17th…

Winter Wear for Every Type of Beauty!

Whatever winter style you want to achieve, we’ll have some inspiration for you at this Club Night.

Watch the video to see the wintery additions to our wardrobe today, and to hear the winter wear we’ll feature at November’s fun event… [Read more…]

Missed the Dressing Your Truth Annual Event? Then Join Us Now!

I have something big to share with you.

Last weekend, I met hundreds of beautiful women at our first ever Dressing Your Truth Annual Event, “Celebrate Your Beauty 2011.”

We laughed and learned and experienced an energy of acceptance and appreciation for everyone who attended. It was truly an incredible weekend.

If you didn’t join us to celebrate at the Event, I want to bring the celebration to you

I’m excited to share the largest Dressing Your Truth Club Night we’ve ever had!

We celebrated beauty all over the world—and wherever in the world you are, I want you to experience the energy and excitement of this unforgettable night.

Find out how many countries Dressing Your Truth has reached. Learn the Type of some of history’s most famous women. And enjoy an impromptu performance from our Type 4 Beauty Expert, Sheryl.

Watch right now and celebrate with us!

[Read more…]