One Simple Energy Technique You Can Use to Improve Your Relationships Today

Think of a relationship in your life that’s just where you’d like it to be.

Does it ever feel like the energy between you two is disconnected or tangled—or that the two of you are not even on the same wavelength?

In this video I’ll teach you an amazingly simple energy technique that will help you bring more harmony, balance and connection to your relationships. (And as a bonus, it can also help your relationship to money, time, your body, health and more!)

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Why Your TYPE 3 Energy Needs These 2 Chakras to Work Together

I’m going to let you in on a little behind-the-scenes fact. When we record videos here for the blog, we almost always do each one in just one take.

But this particular chakras video was quite personal for me—so it took me several takes to put together! (To find out why, watch the video below.)

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Feel Good! Your 6th Chakra's Secret to Continuous Happiness

Most of us make a mistake when we feel happy.

We use the word “because.”

When we feel happy, we say it’s because of something going on in our life. And this sets up the belief that certain good things have to happen in order for us to experience happiness.

But this isn’t true—we can feel happy, independent of our life’s events.

And when we just feel good, no matter what’s going on, our life actually tends to go more smoothly.

So how do we anchor in positive feelings and keep them with us always?

Your 6th chakra holds the key.

Try this powerful but simple technique to energize your 6th chakra and your subtle energy system so you can feel good and make that happy feeling feel familiar. [Read more…]

22 Affirmations to Create Greater Abundance

The universe is unlimited in its abundance.

When we experience limitations to the abundance in our lives, it is because we have blocked or limited ourselves in some way through our beliefs.

Use the following affirmative statements (either out loud or as written reminders) to assist you in creating a more vibrant energy to naturally draw more abundance into your life. [Read more…]

Where Do Bad Days Come From? (…and How to Beat Them!)

Need the perfect fix for a bad day?

I have some tips for you. And they start with something surprising. Find out what’s REALLY going on when you’re experiencing a bad day…

Where Your Bad Day Actually Comes From

When you’re experiencing a bad day or a bad week, you look for a reason. Your mind wants a story to explain why things have gone wrong, so you can figure out and fix it.

But step back for a minute and consider a bigger picture.

I want to offer a shift in your perspective to help you recognize what’s happening to your energetic system on “bad days.” When you shift your perception, you will naturally move through intense energy more gracefully.

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