22 Reflective Quotes from Type 4 Celebrities

If you need someone to tell it to you straight, you can almost always count on a person with Type 4 energy to tell it like it is. And these quotes are sure to meet your expectations.

In this collection of reflections, famous Type 4 people such as Audrey Hepburn, Daniel Day-Lewis, Adele and Enya, share their honest thoughts on privacy, solitude, being blunt, wearing black and more.

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22 Tender Quotes from Type 2 Celebrities

If you’re a person who leads with Type 2 Energy (the naturally calming people in my Energy Profiling system), you’ll certainly be able to relate to these quotes from famous Type 2 celebrities

You’ll hear from several people, including Princess Diana, Barbra Streisand, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mark Zuckerberg (as the creator of Facebook, Mark certainly found a great way to connect everyone on the planet!).

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22 Fun Quotes from Type 1 Celebrities

Warning: many of these quotes have the side effect of making people LOL (laugh out loud). Enjoy at your own risk.

While several quotes are funny, many are also sincerely profound and real—and all of them are very true-to-Type sayings from these famous bright and animated Type 1 celebrities!

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Reverse Your Age in Record Time: Heidi Klum's Natural Shortcut

We’ve got some pictures of Heidi Klum for you to look at today.

You might think that because Heidi Klum is a supermodel, she looks amazing all the time. And it’s true that she’s gorgeous.

But something interesting happens when she dresses contrary to her nature—and we want you see it. In fact, some of these photos might surprise you. Can even Heidi Klum look old?

You’ll understand why all these pictures look so different if you know what Energy Type Heidi Klum is in my Beauty Profiling System. Don’t worry—Sarah and I will tell you in the video.

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Can You "Type" This Famous Chef?

We love discovering the Energy Type of famous people. And today we type a famous figure from my childhood.

I’m a big foodie. I love to cook and I love cooking shows, and I was introduced to Julia Child as a young girl when my interest and hobby of cooking began.

Julia Child was one of the first chefs to bring a cooking show to daytime television. Audiences loved her and I think it’s because she lived true to her nature in a lot of ways.

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