Guided Visualization for More Money

More money won’t make you a better parent. But an abundant mindset will.

As an abundance-minded parent, you can use the resource of money to create important experiences and opportunities for your children.

What parent wouldn’t love to do that?

This 30-minute guided visualization will help open your heart chakra to attract more money and support. [Read more...]

Carol Tuttle's Better Parenting Show: Clearing Your Child's Birth Energy

Clearing Your Child’s Birth Energy

Ever feel like you have to push your child to get going or to do the right thing?

You may actually be reenacting an energetic pattern from your child’s birth.

A difficult labor, an unplanned pregnancy, or a breech birth can develop into energetics that play out in your child’s life in challenging ways.

Listen to the recording of this episode to hear…

  • Visualizations to increase cooperation.
  • What to do when your children resist chores.
  • What to do about bullies, babysitters, and boundaries.

To hear the birth clearing audio visualization mentioned in today’s radio show, click here.

To listen to this radio show, just click play below. Enjoy!

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Carol Tuttle's Better Parenting Show: Eating and Exercising Better When You're a Parent

Eating and Exercising Your Truth

With so many demands on your time as a parent, you might let exercising or healthy eating slide.

The healthier you are, the better parent you will be. So how do you keep up?

No surprise that I recommend that you eat and exercise true to your nature!

Listen to this previously recorded show for tips on eating right and exercising for your unique Energy Profile.

To listen to this recorded show, click play below.

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What My Husband’s Stroke Taught Us About Life

We can never really prepare ourselves for a traumatic event. But we all have access to the abundant support we need to walk through it together. My family and I experienced this personally a few months ago.

In April, my husband Jon had a stroke.

This experience opened us up to many emotions and also had a deep spiritual impact on Jon and me and our family.

Watch the video to hear Jon and I share our personal story and the meaningful takeaways Jon and I have realized since the stroke. [Read more...]

Are These 2 Little Words Causing You Physical Pain?

Are you excited about moving forward, but still have a nagging fear something might go wrong?

When we start to live true to our nature, sometimes old issues bubble up, which can threaten our success.

Let me introduce you to Lisa. She’s been stepping into her truth in a big way and enjoying new opportunities in life. But she still had this lingering fear. [Read more...]