The Truth About Your Body Shape – Dressing Your Truth Beauty Tip

Do you love the shape of your body? I have good reasons why you should.

The Fashion Industry’s Body Shape Guidelines

Body shape analysis systems are a popular model women follow to choose clothing.

Those systems do a great job of helping a woman recognize her proportions. But they don’t do a very good job of helping her recognize her beauty.

The fashion industry isn’t out to get us, but the system is flawed. And it does get us. We’ve been told that one particular shape is ideal. And what if we don’t have it? Give up? Believe that we’re flawed? How defeating and frustrating! [Read more…]

Live Your Truth Radio Show – The Body Game

PLEASE NOTE: Tonight’s show “Let’s Rally and Get to the Point Type 3’s” has been rescheduled for Monday, June 13th. In the meantime please enjoy this previously recorded show.

The Body Game: How to Claim Your Power Back From Limiting Beliefs About Your Body!

Learn how to claim your power back from limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping your body sick and fat! Carol has some great clearing sessions to help you at The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

[Read more…]