How to Create a Better Bond with Your Blended Family

If you are part of a blended family, you’ve probably experienced the challenge that comes with trying to emotional bond with step-children or a step-parent.

In this healing session video, you’ll learn to how to feel more bonded to your blended family, no matter what the situation.

Jennifer, a Type 3 in my Energy Profiling system, got married nine months ago. She and her husband each brought a child into their marriage, which also created a new blended family…and a new kind of challenge. Jennifer’s been struggling in how to bond with her step-son and feeling guilty that things aren’t going well.

Watch the video to hear how you can successfully create a better bond in your blended family without feeling suffocated or isolated. Plus, do the energy technique you can do by yourself to create more harmony and connections between everyone in the family. [Read more…]

How to Create a Successful Blended Family

Blended families have unique challenges—and unique joys. I want to help you create more joy!

I’m joined today by a wonderful couple who will help you see how to create a more unified marriage and harmonious blended family. Sean and Jeni each visited with me a few weeks ago (to see what they learned about themselves, watch Sean’s video here and Jeni’s video here).

They’re here together now to talk about their goal for their blended family: [Read more…]