How to Deal with Your Hangup About Makeup—Dressing Your Truth Tips

Does the thought of applying makeup make you cringe? Are you sensitive to certain kinds of makeup?

Or maybe you get overwhelmed by all the options and you’re just not sure what to wear or how to apply it.

Whatever your hangup about makeup, we’ve got you covered. Watch the video for our expert tips.

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Dressing Your Truth Without Becoming Selfish or Vain (Is It Possible?)

Do you ever feel guilty for Dressing Your Truth?

Occasionally I’ve met women who confess to me that they feel guilty or selfish for looking so good, thinking that maybe they are focusing too much on themselves by investing in their appearance.

But here’s the truth:  [Read more…]

What a Lovely New Look! Dressing Your Truth Makeover

This week’s Dressing Your Truth makeover shows what a difference a hairstyle makes.

In her Before photo, Lori’s hair looks pretty average. But after her makeover, it’s styled and pretty and really highlights her beautiful face.

On a woman like Lori—a subtle Type 2 beauty in my Beauty Profiling system—the blended layers create a softened frame around her face that honors her naturally soft and elegant Type of beauty.

Lori is so lovely and her hairstyle just supports her beauty in showing up. [Read more…]

Happy Girl Hair! Dressing Your Truth Makeover and Easy Hair Tip

I truly believe that a good hairstyle can make you happier!

Your hair frames your face. And when your hairstyle has the right movement to it, you feel honored, beautiful, and more confident. What woman doesn’t want that?

Look at today’s happy makeover

Bright, animated Type 1 women in my Beauty Profiling system have a natural movement that is upward and light. If their hair has a downward movement, they can look (and feel) weighed down.

I love how this After photo shows a perkier hairstyle with a little more lift and bounce to it. Because it’s the perfect Type 1 style, I almost don’t notice the hair…

…I just notice a bright, beautiful woman who is Dressing her Truth! [Read more…]

Our Best Online Shopping Success Secrets… For Every Type of Beauty!

Dressing Your Truth definitely simplifies online shopping.

But online shopping can still have drawbacks, even when you know what you’re doing.

Maybe an item’s actual color is a little different from what you saw on your screen. Or the fabrication isn’t exactly what you expected.

In today’s video, we’ll give you some expert online shopping tips to help you out—true to your nature! [Read more…]