Ask Carol: “How Do I Stay Informed of the News and Not Become Negative?”

This “Ask Carol” question is one that applies to all of us in today’s world:

How do we balance watching negative news with being informed?

Is it possible to be aware of current events and still maintain a hopeful, higher vibration?

Hear my answer in the video below, along with my tip for setting your own boundaries when it comes to staying informed.

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Carol Tuttle’s Better Parenting Radio Show: Why the Better Parenting Show Will Make You a BETTER PARENT!

Why the Better Parenting Show Will Make You a BETTER PARENT!

NEW day, NEW time, NEW SHOW! Revolutionize your parenting by joining Carol Tuttle, acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, best-selling author of 4 books and creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth.

Tune in for support, tips, and stories to help you raise your children true to their unique natures. Carol’s revolutionary Energy Profiling system and energy healing methods will empower you and your children’s well-being, and help you create a successful family without feeling frustrated or drained.

When you listen to this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The parenting show’s first caller…from Finland!
  • How early your children can discover their own Energy Type.
  • Why disobedience is actually a wonderful parenting opportunity.
  • How to help your child sleep through the night.
  • Solutions and ideas for situations when kids need to sit still.
  • And much more!

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Ask Carol! Are Only Type 2’s Sensitive?


Hi Carol,

Recently I’ve experienced some confusion about sensitivity and the other types (not just Type 2). I am a Type 3 and I have always considered myself very aware of people’s feelings and energies, and you seem like you are very aware as well. It also bothers me when people Type themselves as 2’s only because they are ‘sensitive’.   Would you talk more about this?


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Your Angels Asked Me to Tell You This!

two angelsWhat do you need help with today?

You can receive that help. You just need to ask. It has never been more important to know about and call upon your angels.

Quite honestly, we can not do what we need to do without our angels’ help. We live at a time where we are changing from the inside out. We are processing and pioneering our emotional selves and it is really challenging to do this without heavenly assistance!

In my popular audio CD, “Petitioning Your Angels,” I teach that angels are our best friends and allies. They do not replace God—and they don’t want to. They actually love God and want to serve him by serving us. Your angels are like a bunch of best friends who are looking out for you at all times, but you just can’t see them! Or, maybe some of you can! [Read more…]

Ask Carol! Do Things Have to Get Worse Before They Get Better?


Hi Carol,

I started EFT a few months ago to try to release us from the constant severe debt problems that we have had for about 20 years which seem never ending. I have noticed though that since I’ve begun tapping,Ask Carol asking my angels for help, applying the law of attraction & releasing my limiting beliefs our financial situation has got worse than ever. Is this normal? Do things have to get worse before they get better? I am scared to continue in case we go over the edge financially (we are that close) and lose everything.  Please help/advise.

Many thanks

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