Your Angels Asked Me to Tell You This!

two angelsWhat do you need help with today?

You can receive that help. You just need to ask. It has never been more important to know about and call upon your angels.

Quite honestly, we can not do what we need to do without our angels’ help. We live at a time where we are changing from the inside out. We are processing and pioneering our emotional selves and it is really challenging to do this without heavenly assistance!

In my popular audio CD, “Petitioning Your Angels,” I teach that angels are our best friends and allies. They do not replace God—and they don’t want to. They actually love God and want to serve him by serving us. Your angels are like a bunch of best friends who are looking out for you at all times, but you just can’t see them! Or, maybe some of you can! [Read more…]

What Are You Doing for Fun Today?

Recently my good friend asked me:

“What are you doing for fun today Carol?”

I thought to myself, that is a great question to ask myself everyday!  I did not have an answer for him.  I had not considered I could allow myself to have fun in some way everyday?

So let me ask you the same question – “What are you doing to have fun today.”

Call upon your angels to help you experience more fun in your life.  Life can easily get tedious and burdensome.  A daily investment in fun is important at the time in which we live. Fun may be an activity that you add to your day, or it might just be a shift in your attitude.

You may already be doing a lot of things that could be a lot more FUN!

What keeps us from having fun? That is another good question to ask yourself.

Say to yourself: “I am grateful for all the fun that is a part of my daily experience. I am attracting that which is more fun and allowing my current experience to just become more fun!”

God Bless You with more fun!

Carol Tuttle

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How to Petition Your Angels, Part IV

When someone in our family has lost or misplaced something, I’ll ask them, “Have you asked your angels to find it for you?” Whenever this happens to me, I let go of trying to find the item myself and turn it over to my angels by saying, “Thank you for finding such and such.” I know I will come across it or have the idea of where to look come into my mind momentarily. It always does, and I always find it.

angelsYears ago, while driving in the car one day with my young daughter, Anne turned to me and asked,

“Do you know why all the lights are turning green for us?”

I said, “No, why?”

She smiled, “I have green light angels. They go ahead of us to all the lights we are coming to and make sure they are green by the time we get there.”

From that point on every time we went through the intersection we would celebrate and yell thank-you to Anne’s green light angels. If you go anywhere with Anne you will hit at least 90 percent of the lights green and frequently 100 percent of them.

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How to Petition Your Angels, Part III

When you start playing this game of asking your angels to assist you, all kinds of things will open up to you. As I look back on my experience of asking my angels, in the beginning I asked for very few things. Now I ask for their help with everything. I realized that the Universe has enormous resources to help me.How to Petition Your Angels, Part III

I started noticing many of the things I was asking for were happening without my needing to take any action at all. My job is to identify what I want, to ask for it, allow it, and to say thank you when it comes.

I ask for assistance with everything in my life. Each day I awake imagining my spiritual crew ready and anxious to honor me and help me with my requests.

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How to Petition Your Angels, Part II

Deciding what you want is the first step in setting into motion the creation of what you want. The second step that allows it to come effortlessly into your life is to play a game I call “Ask your Angels.”Positive Outlook In Life

Take your list, all or part, and write at the top, “Thank you for orchestrating the details for the following desires to come into my life effortlessly and joyfully.” Close your eyes and imagine a spiritual crew receiving your requests and going to work to make them happen for you. Your job now is to want it, believe it, allow it, and appreciate it. It will happen.

Unfortunately, it is common that in the beginning of a client’s experience with this process, they become clear on what they want, set it into motion by asking for it, and then create resistance. Resistance is created by doubting it, making statements that counter it happening, continually looking for it to happen, feeling suspicious that it won’t, and trying to figure out how to make it happen.

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