BIG announcement about today's book launch!

I am excited about the launch of my new book, “Dressing Your Truth- Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile.”  This has been the most amazing and quite honestly the most emotional book I have written to date.  It is my first book written specifically to women.  It comes at a time when women are really ready to “wake up” to their inner and outer beauty!

Dressing Your Truth Book CoverThis book is so important and so timely, that I called a special meeting yesterday with my executive team and told them that the book launch “specials” we had put together were not good enough!   I want to make it easy for you to get a copy of my new book and make it easy for you to share it with other women.  SO, my team went back to work to create BETTER specials and bundles for you!  Because of these last minute changes we are delaying the launch until Thursday, April 8th.  All because I want something better for all of you!

So, look for a post that will include a link to buy the book on Thursday, April 8th and be prepared to be blown away at the great specials we have put together for you and for other special women you would like to share this new book with!

In the meantime, if you have not yet seen my video blog post titled: “Why Every Woman Will Want to Read My New Book” take time to watch it and learn how most women are carrying a lie about who they are and their beauty.

God Bless You,
Carol Tuttle

Dressing Your Truth Club Night teaches women how to bring their secondary Energy in to their personal style!

February’s Dressing Your Truth Club Night featured the topic: “How to bring in your secondary Energy to create more of your personal style.”  With over 150 women joining us live and online, we had a ball teaching and showing how easy it is to achieve this.  We even gave tips of how to discover your Secondary Type.

As is true to our teaching style, we made it easy and simple to learn how to accent the 5 elements of Dressing Your Truth for each Type to create more options and room to play with your personal look.

We are experiencing great success and having such a rewarding experience with our Club Night offerings.  It is a remarkable experience to be with a group of women who honor their truth and honor each others truth.  It is powerfully healing for a woman to be able to share and receive such amazing compliments that are a regular experience of Club Night attendee’s.  I love it!

I receive wonderful emails every day from women around the world who are claiming their truth and their beauty back.  Jennifer just emailed me today and shared:

“Dear Carol, I watched the Type 4 course (crying and frustrated), and had my husband watch the Energy Profiling course with me.  He agreed that I match the Type 4 more closely.  So I went to the thrift store and bought a few things.  I reread the Type 4 section of the the book, and as I read it was like, “of course, I’m a 4.  Who did I think I was kidding?”  Today at work, I had several people not even recognize me and several tell me I looked like I’d lost 10 years.  Mind you, all I did was throw on a necklace, wear some eyeliner and mascara, and a shirt that was at least close to being in the right chroma and style lines.  Put my hair in a tight ponytail and voila!  I’m pretty again.  I haven’t felt pretty in years!  Thank you for teaching me to Dress My Truth.  🙂  I’ve got an awful lot of brown and gray to get rid of!” Jennifer, Type 4.

I’ve had some women share that Dressing Your Truth is like “Retail therapy! You get to heal while you are shopping Your Truth!”

We would love for you to become a member of our Dressing Your Truth Club and join us at March’s Club Night.  We are going to be teaching: “ColorMania! Colors you might not think you can wear for each Type of woman!”

My goal is to give every woman the tools to become her own beauty expert.  Let us help you.  Just go to to join the Club.

Carol's 7 Revolutionary Beauty Tips for all Types of Women!

Carol Tuttle has put together a special gift for you!  7 of her top beauty tips that will help all women bring out their natural beauty.  This 7 part email series will be delivered directly to your inbox, they are quick to read and easy to implement in your daily beauty routine.  To get your gift of Carol Tuttle’s 7 Revolutionary Beauty Tips for all Women just go to Carol’s award winning Dressing Your Truth website, enter your name and email address in the box in the lower left hand corner and this gift is yours!

So You Think You Need a Boob Job!

I read an article today in a fashion magazine that reported that 10.2 million people had cosmetic or nonsurgical procedures performed in the United States in 2008.

Some of the top five procedures preformed were:

Botox injections
Breast augmentation

Or in plain everyday language, wrinkle shots, boob jobs, nose jobs, and tummy tucks! So I think it is safe to say that most of these 10.2 million people were women afraid of looking old before their time.

Ironically this report was not one of alarm, but more of a “join the party” invitation!

It used to be that only the Joan Rivers of the world, the rich and famous were using these procedures to secure eternal youth, but nowadays everyone in the neighborhood is doing it or at least thinking it is an option!

The biggest motive is the anti-aging craze that the baby boomer generation is conflicted with. Eternal youth has become a billion dollar industry.

Once you start though, where do you stop? If that is the only drastic solution that appears to take years off your face and body, it is a never ending cycle.

What if there was a safe natural way to take years off your appearance and pounds off your body, that did not involve invasive surgery, drugs, and MLM companies ? Would you be interested?

The best anti-aging intervention I know of is the anti-aging hairstyle!

What you are doing with the color, cut, and style of your hair is THE most influential aging or anti-aging factor in your life.

Your hair frames your face and honey if you got the wrong hairdo, I don’t care how many plastic surgery’s you have, you just aren’t going to look your best.

I am an expert in helping women chose the perfect color, cut, and style for their face shape and bone structure that naturally takes years off their appearance.

I have worked with hundreds of women from all over the world who have come to me to discover what is right for them.
I have hundreds of before and after pictures of these women and the pictures alone prove my point.

When you have the wrong color, cut and style it is going to –

Make your nose appear bigger
Make your wrinkles appear deeper
Make your chin appear fuller
Make your teeth appear duller
Make your eyes appear saggy
Make your boobs appear smaller (maybe not the boobs, but who cares when your face looks so stunning with the right color, cut and hairstyle!)

I would have loved to have had 5 minutes with those 10.2 million people to show them how naturally they could have achieved more successfully what their procedures only attempted to do unnaturally.

I have seen it too many times to doubt it. Give yourself the best anti-aging formula I know of by getting the perfect color, cut, and style to honor your natural features. Your nose will appear balanced, your wrinkles fade away, your chin tightens up, your teeth appear whiter, your eyes sparkle with life, and your boobs, well like I said above, who cares when your face is so stunningly beautiful. Here’s to more anti-aging hairstyles, I am going for 10.3 million people using my procedure in 2010!

Come see it will change the world of beauty forever!