22 Dynamic Quotes from Type 3 Celebrities

Think for a second of the lasting results and change achieved by Type 3 people such as Rosa Parks, Michael Phelps and Amelia Earhart; as well as the trailblazing done by Katharine Hepburn, Oprah Winfrey and Maggie Smith (that’s Granny Violet, or the Dowager Countess for you Downton Abbey fans).

Buckle your seat belts and get ready to react to some practical and very true-to-Type quotes from these Type 3 celebrities.

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Downton Abbey: Find Out Their Energy Types

Calling all Downton Abbey fans!

We’ve received your requests to profile the main characters in the popular PBS television show Downton Abbey, which just entered Season 3 here in the U.S.

I’ll admit that I’ve only watched one episode of the show, but my daughter Anne is a huge fan, like many of you who wrote to us asking to know their Types.

Watch the video to find out the Energy Types of these six main characters on Downton Abbey. (You can also take a guess at which Energy Type is the most represented on the show). [Read more…]

Ask Carol! Can an accomplished actor successfully play a role that is not true to their Type?

Why are some movies more successful and more entertaining than other movies? Is it just the story? Or could it be the appropriate casting of the actors in the roles that match their Energy Type? Do we like these movies more because they feels more “natural” to have an actor playing a role that matches their true Energy Type?  Could the movies where actors are playing roles contrary to their Type feel so unnatural to us that we cannot enjoy them? What do you think? Watch and leave a comment. Learn your Energy Profile at