2 Surprising Reasons Your Spouse is Unemployed

If you’ve ever experienced unemployment, you know it can feel like a crisis.

Today, we’re going to clear away the frustration and hangups, so you can live abundantly.

Meet Lindsey. A fellow Type 3, she has a lot going on…

Three kids under the age of three. A husband who has experienced on and off unemployment. Her family has lived in a state of recurring crisis. It’s been a challenge, that’s for sure!

When Lindsey came to me for help with her husband’s pattern of unemployment, we found some interesting things. She’s made a lot of breakthroughs and this video will show you the two limiting beliefs she needed to reframe:

  • The way her own energy affects her spouse.
  • One big block that kept her stuck in a cycle of crisis.

Watch the video to reframe your own beliefs and set yourself free from unemployment or crisis…

Did you try the visualization to create a more supportive environment in your home? Do you have any other tips for someone’s who’s unemployed? Share a comment.

Like I said in the video, this is a process—not a one-step destination. When Lindsey feels herself slipping into old energetic patterns, she can reframe her beliefs.

Use these affirmations to reframe your experience:

  • I am experiencing a life of joy and fulfillment.
  • My energy is creating my supportive abundant life.
  • I’m enjoying being me.
  • My life is great and it’s familiar.
  • My energy is useful in this life.

In order to support your spouse, you need to live your own truth the best you know how.

Look for ways you have conditioned yourself to crisis. Get used to your life being easy and effortless!

For more exercises like this and support in creating a life you love, visit the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. Together we can clear whatever’s blocking you from the amazing life you’re meant to live!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Anastasia

    Love, love, love this!

    My husband has been growing and evolving out of his current employment for several years now. Recently he has felt so trapped, knowing things aren’t working but not knowing quite what to do about it. I was trying to be supportive, and I instinctively knew I had to do it authentically through my own unique strengths, but I’ve felt really ineffective sometimes.

    I discovered energy profiling a few weeks ago. When I discovered that I’m a 2/4 I began to really honor myself and to understand what I have to offer, and what energy I was probably projecting onto my husband.

    I introduced energy profiling to him and he thinks it’s great. He hasn’t done much exploring himself yet, but he has been very supportive of my discoveries about myself. He hasn’t declared what he believes his dominant energy is, but initially I saw the 1 and 4 in him really clearly.

    Last week he got laid off by his new manager, who is intentionally kicking him out of the ‘nest’ so he can mentor him. Instead of telling my husband what he should be doing, the ex-boss is giving him part time work and encouraging him to be himself, to build his own business, to live his truth fully. Wow! We are both so grateful!

    All of a sudden I am noticing my husband’s type 3 energy really coming through strongly, like I haven’t seen for years. (I actually forgot what he used to be like, I think because I wanted to accept him for where he is in the moment and not hold him to something he was or did in the past.) I’m suddenly aware just how much his true nature was being stifled in his old job. And my way of ‘helping’ was only partly effective because I was seeing my husband through my 2/4 eyes and not from his 3-ness.

    I had been thinking of him as a still type 4 because in recent years he has spent so much of his free time lying on the couch watching tv or sleeping. I knew he wasn’t excited about life a lot of the time, but I hadn’t put it all together that he was actually somewhat depressed and his weight gain and couch-potato-ness were just symptoms of him not being honored and empowered to be in his true energy.

    I am so excited to be along for the ride as he steps into himself in a new way!!! He’s my best friend and all I want for him is that he finds fulfillment in being the person he was born to be.

    Thanks, Carol, for being exactly who you are. You living your truth has been and continues to be a gift to the world.


  • Holly

    I enjoyed that. I am impressed as always how the blog post help me when i am needing to reverse something as a mom of 5 (4 boys, 1 new little girl) I am throwing my energy all over the place… I am also trying to be everyone else for everyone else.
    I am glad for the blanket analogy – pull myself back off of everyone, give them back themselves and have fun together!

  • Jolee

    Thank you for this post. It was exactly what I needed today and came right when I needed it. I realize that my way of dealing with crisis is trying to compensate for others lacks and will start with backing that off. I will be thinking of this more.

  • Melissa

    This was very insightful and helpful. I so relate to Lindsey’s past and current challenges.

  • Heather

    My husband has been off work for two years and has not even tried to seek employment. He was given early retirement but he’s two young and the money is not there to carry us through. My mother noticed early on that he needs a “push” for basically everything. However, when I suggest anything, he just pulls back and is like “ice”, so it is counter-productive. He is a Type 4. I am a Type 2. I am at my wit’s end and do not know what to do anymore. Any suggestions? He does hardly anything but sit on the computer and watch TV. I get no help with meals or dishes and have basically given up! (We have been married for 30 years and have three kids, the youngest in Gr. 12).

    • Jennifer Korstad

      Wow! What a great, steady, supportive Type 2 lovely wife you are to be seeing the situation so clearly. My thought is that your husband may feel he’s been knocked off his path, and being a Type 4, they take that very hard and will tend to retreat. I recommend watching Carol’s quick session helping a man (Type 4) who had been discharged from his lifetime career in the Navy due to health issues, and how he really felt released from that pain. It’s on Youtube; sorry I don’t have the link. I also speak blessings to your situation; and pray for the perfect job/career to present itself in the right time!

  • Jen M.

    Wow. This is really interesting to me and lead to a good AHA moment. My husband is a 3 I think because he is very active reactive but actually has trouble generating POSITIVE results which has been an issue his whole life in his work. He likes to get a reaction and it doesn’t matter what kind, so it is generally negative. A reason that I was on the fence about him being a 3 is that he is very perfectionist like in that if he doesn’t think he will do something well, he won’t try at all and is often unmotivated and depressed. This didn’t seem type 3 to me except when I understand that he is upset he is not getting or doesn’t believe he will get results.

    That background being set for him, I am a type 1. What attracted me to my husband was the simple fact that I was able to inspire and motivate him. He pursued me with more perseverance than I had ever experienced and because I was his goal at that time and the result he wanted was for me to fall for him, he acted with single focused passion. It was inspiring! I felt great about my ability to brighten his life!

    Fast forward 8 years into marriage. We have 4 kids with one on the way, he has lost several jobs over the first 3 years of marriage but his current job which he has had for over 5 years is pretty much a dead end. He can’t move up and this depresses his action/reaction nature. I try so hard to sustain him through his bouts of depression by lifting his spirits and trying to re motivate him like I used to be able to. When you say in this clip to “pull your energy off your husband” that was very enlightening for me. I can’t carry him in that way and the burden of it was really weighing down my type 1 nature.

    I have noticed throughout my life that people come to me in crisis. Since my personality is to cheer up and bring joy, I now see why but I also see that I was living to be needed. Needing to be influential. I still don’t know how I can best support my husband. As a type 1 I see the possibilities in him for anything and everything and I think that drives him nuts as he will pursue many of my job ideas just to fail and become depressed again. I see now that I need to pull back and support him as HE figures things out. While praying for him and loving him all the while!