How 4 Key Strengths Can Help You Start Your Own Business

Have you always wanted to be your own boss?

You can.

We’ve heard people say that only one Energy Type in my Energy Profiling System makes a good entrepreneur. But you can be successful in business, even if your energy isn’t naturally swift and active, like a Type 3. How?

Honor your own natural tendencies instead of trying to have someone else’s.

If you’re a precise, structured Type 4 in my Energy Profiling system, you can create a business that honors your natural strengths. Let’s look at four key strengths and their potential challenges…

  • You are good at getting “all your ducks in a row.”

A business needs plans to line up so everything works, and you’re good at making that happen.

This can be a challenge if you spend too long in the planning phase.

  • You are your own authority.

This is great for an entrepreneur. A new business needs someone with strong ideas of how things should be done and an eye for follow through.

This can be a challenge when it comes time to delegate.

  • You are good at fixing a flawed, struggling system.

Because of your keen eye, you will see a system’s flaws and solve them with efficient systems and perfected models.

This can be a challenge if you feel you’re not given enough freedom to put your solutions into practice.

  • You work well on your own.

A constant, still person can execute a task with precision, critical thinking, and focus.

This can be a challenge if you create a business that is mainly a social experience.

So, how do you put your natural strengths to work? And what do you do about the challenges?

Watch the video to learn more about which situations are good for your structured, precise energy, and how to best communicate with your business team to get the results you want:

Do you think differently about starting your own business now? Share a comment.

I truly believe anyone can be a successful entrepreneur—different Energy Types will just move through the experience differently. If you have a business goal, set your positive intentions, play on your strengths, and make it happen!

Every business needs a good team, filled with different energies. If you missed any of the other videos in this series, click on these links to hear our entrepreneur pep talks and tips for each Energy Type: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

To discover your Energy Type, purchase the Energy Profiling Bundle and receive my book and several other supportive resources to help you embrace and honor your natural strengths.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • andrea

    I’ve been wondering about this and you totally spoke my language! Thanks for putting words to my thoughts and helping me see how I can make things happen.

  • Charlotte

    I am a T3/2 and my husband is a T4. It has been so enlightening to understand him in a new light as a T4. He has always wanted to own his own business (does not do well with authority) but he never felt like his “ducks were in a row” or that he knew enough to start something. I’ve always wanted him to just go for it! He works extremely well on his own and in leadership positions and is so good at all the strengths you pointed out, so crazy how right on it is! This video makes so much sense and I am so excited to share it with him so that he can understand how we can use both of our strengths to have a rockin’ business together. Thank you so much for all this amazing info, truly helpful on so many levels!

  • Norman

    Hi Carol,

    Is Accounting (auditor or fraud examiner) an ideal career choice for a dominant Type 4 individual?

    • Carol

      Hello Norman, thank you for your question. Any job that allows a Type 4 to be their own authority is an ideal career choice. Accounting especially has specific rules to follow and that is also helpful to a dominant Type 4. Yes, these both are good examples.

  • carrielee

    I’m a Type 4 and earn my living as a blogger and writer. I LOVE it because I can totally control my schedule – well, as much as a mom of 6 can! 😉 I’m a self-starter and very self-motivated. I don’t need a boss breathing down my neck. Also, because I’m “in my head” a lot, writing is a natural way for me to express my thoughts – I’m better at it than I am expressing myself verbally because I can take time to think things through first.

    Thankfully I’ve been able to overcome perfectionism. But I don’t think perfectionism is unique to Type 4s.

    • Julia F

      It’s really inspiring to me to hear about your success! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for an embarrassingly long time. I love writing for the same reasons you’ve stated, and as a 4/1I have lots of ideas and a need to be creative. I just don’t know how to start, and there’s some worry that I won’t be able to keep it up. I am lucky enough to have some excellent type 3 support from friends and family who keep telling me to “just do it!” but it’s encouraging to hear from someone whose outlook is similar to mine. Thanks!

  • Kayla Spain

    I’m a type 4 and I want to be a fashion designer. Sounds like a perfect match to me! (laughs) I really appreciate this blog being written because I was concerned about finding the right career path being a type 4 because I feel like most employers seek a type 1. I’m only 20 so I’m still in the process of getting my foot in the door and it’s been very difficult for me to find an employer that will appreciate me for my type 4 nature.