Do You Need to Fluff Your Aura?

Ever feel super stressed out, or like life is pressing in on you? That’s a good sign that something’s energetically off balance.

If you want to release that stress and feel peaceful, vibrant, and safe to be yourself, today’s mini-healing session is for you.

Why Life Presses in On You

You are an energetic being and your energy extends from you in your auric field as an extension of your expressive self. It’s actually the first thing people pick up on when you interact with them.

If you start feeling a lot of stress coming at you, this auric field could be pinched or compromised in some way. You can restore it to whole and vibrant state by fluffing your aura.

Why (and How) You Should Fluff Your Aura

When you stay true to your own energetic space, you feel more vibrant, alive, and centered. But if you compromise your auric field with other people’s energy, you may start to feel pressured or stressed.

Watch the video to see how this exercise works. Try it with me and see how you feel…

How do you feel after doing that exercise? What other techniques do you find useful to keep yourself centered and vibrant in your own energy? I would love to read your comment.

When to Fluff Your Auric Field

I do this exercise on a daily basis, and I recommend that you do, too.

Too many influences in this world suggest that you do not have a right to be yourself, or to take up your fulness of space in this universe. It’s a lie. Just fill the energetic space around you with energy and light so that you feel centered and true to your very best self.

You can also do other exercises to help yourself stay energetically healthy and well. Find more at the Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Ariel

    Does the color you see you aura say anything about it?

  • Lisa

    Good Morning Carol,

    Thank you so much for that seemingly simple but effective exercise. I felt the benefit immediately and it is truly just what I needed today.

    Love & Blessings,

  • Roberta

    bubbly like a soda pop that has been shaken slightly.

  • Pamela

    This was a challenge with my big pregnant belly, but I have to say it felt really good! Thank you.

  • Denise

    Thanks Carol :). I can’t believe how effective that exercise is. I actually didn’t feel particulary cramped or pinched, but after doing that quick exercise I feel even more expanded and centered.

  • Dallia

    So easy to do and yes, i instantly felt uplifted. 🙂

  • Virginia

    Ditto on the “bubbly like a soda pop” comment. Tingly all over!

  • Robin

    Thank you for this exercise. I do feel some relief. I will continue to do this on a daily basis. For me, it about doing techniques/exercises that help me to feel and be in a place where I can feel and be more positive.

  • Camille

    I forgot how good this technique makes me feel. Aaaahhh 🙂

  • Dee dee

    Wow! That’s exactly what I’ve needed. Just a couple days ago I had
    an ah-ha moment in my healing journey when I realized I was reacting to my husband’s very strong T4 energy. My T1 always adapted to him so
    I brought myself down. Simply being aware has made a huge difference, but this simple exercise will greatly assist me in being true to myself. Thanks!

  • Michelle

    Thank you……….something else to add to my daily routine. 🙂 Thanks for teaching these helpful exercises, Carol.

  • Jenn

    Invigorating! I love it. By the way, I love your blue outfit, Carol. Thanks for your great suggestions and for being true to yourself in the work you do.

  • Mary

    Great Aura cleansing exercise. Just like to share with everyone a wonderful affirmation you can use when you have cleansed and sealing your aura is as follows:
    Stand straight and extend both your arms out to the sides at shoulder level. Then you can raise them up over your head and down around your feet in a flowing motion as you are sealing your aura. Repeat affirmation several times “My space is sacred. It is one hundred percent mine. It is now cleared, healed and sealed to all but the power of love and light. And so this is”. Hope it’s helpful to you……enjoy !

  • Cat

    I don’t feel any different. Is that okay?

  • Mary

    Good morning …. Mary here again – another really easy and effective way to clean and seal your aura is: Stand up and extend arms outwards at shoulder level to encompass your energy field. Start clapping both hands all around your body – down to your feet and around your head in a flowing motion. Do this for a couple of minutes and then with open palms draw the flow of energy up from the earth starting at your feet and around your heads and body in a circle or egg like shape. Then decree “My energy (aura) is now clear and sealed to all but the power of love and light, I am open and receptive yet sealed and protected to any negative energy in my environment”. Have a great day…Love Mary

  • winsome c. belnavis

    Thank you Carol for the Fluffing Your Aura technique. I have just started using it and I calmer after the exercise. I think I will use it more than once daily. Blessing to you and the team. Winsome.