See Carol Wear All 4 Types – Dressing Your Truth Experiment

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this since creating Dressing Your Truth several years ago.

I’ll be honest—I felt a bit like a circus act. And the experience itself was quite draining. But definitely worth it! Especially since I know this will support more women to learn how to express the truth of who they really are.

Warning: What you’re about to watch may be slightly disturbing!

How the 4 Types of Carol was born

Last year for her birthday, my daughter Anne dressed up as each of the 4 Types for a fun experience here on the blog. It was quite revealing! And popular.

It is so eye-opening to see what a difference it makes to know your Type and how Dressing Your Truth really supports your overall wellbeing, not just your outer appearance.

So for April Fools week this year, I dressed up in all 4 of the Types—and as you’ll hear in the video, this was an exhausting process, even for me as a Type 3!

Watch the video and see me dressed fully as a Type 1, Type 2 and a Type 4. And more importantly, I share with you how I was feeling and what each of the outfits did to my own energy.

Also, since we are all affected by the energy of others, I invite you to take note of how you feel in response to seeing me in the different outfits, too.

What did you notice by seeing me dressed in all 4 Types? Please share your comments with me below.

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Can you point out the real Carol Tuttle?

See for yourself what a difference Dressing Your Truth makes

Each of these particular looks would be amazing on the right women who are those Types. But since I’m a dominant Type 3, wearing anything other than Type 3 on my body is just not going to support my best look…as you can see for yourself!

Once again, here is me dressed as a Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 (my true self!) and Type 4:


Where did these outfits come from?

All of the clothes and accessories I wore as a Type 1, Type 2 and Type 4 came directly from our Dressing Your Truth store.

Each of these outfits would look fabulous on the right woman of that Type. So if you found yourself really drawn to an item in one of these outfits, perhaps you might be that Type! (Find out your Type here.)

Why did I wear wigs?

Since hairstyle is a key component of Dressing Your Truth, it was important to have hair that matched the movement for each Type. So I wasn’t wearing a wig just to play dress up (even though it felt a bit like that when I was doing this!). Because my hairstyle and hair color are so true to my Type 3 nature, it was important to mask my own hair to get the true effect for the other Types.

We found the best wigs we could to represent the movement of Type 1 (upward, light), Type 2 (flowing, soft) and Type 4 (bold, striking). The reason they look so strange on me is because it’s not my natural Type 3 (rich, dynamic) movement.

Are YOU wearing a look that’s no good for you?

After seeing these photos, do you really still think that it doesn’t matter what you wear? If you don’t know your Type, you could be wearing clothes that you don’t even realize make you look silly, frumpy, or older than you really are.

So I’m just saying that Dressing Your Truth works—these pictures are solid proof!

Clearly, Dressing Your Truth does make a huge difference. It impacts not only how you look, but how you feel, and how others feel around you, too.

It really is worth it to learn your Type of Beauty. 

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Catherine

    As a 4, I looked at this thoroughly and made notes. Lol.

    Firstly, well done for being brave and taking on this challenge, it is VERY revealing.

    Type 1- I could really see your Type 4 (parallel sides to face). I think it looked ok on you actually, but not exactly right. I felt overwhelmed.

    Type 2- You did look manly there. I felt completely confused by your appearance, I wouldn’t know how to react to you.

    Type 4- Not too bad but quite harsh. You look unconfident. I felt a bit scared.

  • T4sure

    This was fun….but I couldn’t help but think that it would’ve been more ‘believable’ if you ‘copied’ the different looks from those of that type and did a side by side. For example, I’ve never seen anyone of a certain age dressed how Carol was as a T1, so next time copy Marcy (same hairstyle, clothes, makeup, jewelry) so people can really see how certain looks really don’t fit. This just looked and felt like playing dress up and didn’t prove the point as well as it could have.

    • Pamela

      I see a lot of older grandmas dressing that way and I’m always in mind of a Carol Burnett skit when I do, so for me, I could ‘relate’ and had to look away. The Type 2 looks so much like a very abusive woman I know and it shocked me. The 4 looked like a wannabee therapist and turned me off. The 3 looked pretty good!!

    • Kristen

      It felt that way because that’s exactly how it goes when someone not a T1 dresses that way. Older T1 women would look great in that. But when a non T1 wears it, it’s just silly! When I wore T1 clothes before DYT I felt dorky.

  • indiegold

    *Type 1: You looked like you were trying too hard and that you couldn’t be trusted. I agree that you seemed like a grandmother trying to dress much younger. Your face seemed more masculine to me in this look.

    *Type 2: If you looked like you were trying too hard in Type 1, you looked like you weren’t trying at all in Type 2. Instead of soft and subtle, you seemed soooo tired and drained. You seemed to lack confidence and like you were carrying a big weight on your shoulders. Again, I didn’t fee I could trust you in this look. Maybe you’d be nice at first, but then you’d lash out later.

    Type 4: This look was a bit more acceptable than the other 2. It did age you quit a bit, but I liked the more structured clothing on you. However, I am biased- being a Type 4 myself. Overall though, the look was too still for the movement in your face. I agree that the hair was too intense. While you could handle this better than 1 or 2, something was just off- and again, I felt I couldn’t trust you.

    In the other 3 types, it was immediately apparent that there was some tension within you and that I should be wary of you… like you wouldn’t keep your word or that you would be manipulative somehow. To finally see you back in Type 3 was a breath of fresh air!! It speaks volumes to the world! In that look, your truth look, I knew what to expect. I finally trusted you and felt like I knew how to interact with you. And- you looked RICH & DYNAMIC & HOT!!!! So awesome!

    Thank you for doing this! It has clarified so much for me. It was a poignant illustration on just how important our images and how we dress are. Please do more of these with your staff and also women part of the DYT community- women we are not familiar with.

    • ella

      Indiegold, you put it well. I’d say it is the congruency of the expression we project. IOW “Know thyself” exercise, n’est-ce pas? 🙂

  • Jenn’s Home

    that was revealing….Carol as type 1 seemed trying too hard to do something and i wouldn’t go along with you cause i wouldn’t know where i would be headed…features of face were very strong, and the hair was the worse…as type 2 you seemed lost, confused, and with no direction also, if i were to come along with you i would know i may lose interest soon…as type 4 I actually thought you looked sharp, but too intense and intimidating, not being able to connect as you had a ‘superiority’ to you…As type 3 i felt comfortable with your being. This video helped me think about how my dressing my type 3 comes across and now i am wondering if i am clear enough, i sometimes get things going that come off as a lot of movement like on the type 1, i’ll need to keep that in mind….thank you for offering up dessert! 🙂

  • Karen C

    WOW! That was disconcerting at best. Carol, you looked like a cross-dresser, an older cross-dresser. #4 is a look I associate with professional women “of a certain age,” and DYT has taught me not only why it looks so harsh, but why some professional women feel they must dress like that. I am eternally grateful Carol dresses her truth.

    • Karen

      Type 1 made Carol look like a pantomine Dame, Type 2 …. sooo grey and OLD and Type 4 ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ …. thank goodness Carol returned from that strange alternative Universe, back to her glorious self ….. if ever this was an illustration of energy types THIS was it!! With honour to all types ….. T1 over and out x

  • Amy Pearce

    Type 1 ~ I agree that you just looked silly. It looks like you are trying to hard. When you are dressed this way and then your Type 3 voice comes out, it feels confusing. You see all of those bright colors and circles and you expect a bubbly, cutesy voice. Instead, you get a rich, dynamic voice that just does not fit the movement.

    Type 2 ~ My initial reaction was, she looks tired. You just looked frumpy and… blah. There was no life or happiness. No natural, radiate beauty, just a sea of grays and nothing-ness. I definitely see the manly-ness and the defined facial lines.

    Type 4 ~ I noticed the hair right away. It stuck out like a sore-thumb. Then I noticed the orange shirt and the striped jacket, then the lipstick, and finally you. I noticed how your skin color just looked like the complete opposite of the movement of everything else. There was no flow to the entire look. It was the hair, clothes, and lips on one end and then Carol on the other. There was no cohesion. It just looked off and odd.

    As soon as I saw you back in the Type 3 look, I literally let out a sigh of relief. It was exhausting to watch you go through all of those movements and looks that were not true to your type. I felt awkward, anxious, and uncomfortable. I didn’t think that it would affect me like it did. But the shift in energy was definitely there.

    Now, I see how making sure each woman is expressing her authentic energy type is vital to her well-being and the others around her.

    And as far as your worst look… I would have to go with Type 1. It just felt like you were trying way too hard to be bubbly when you are more bold and assertive. It felt the most fake of all.

    Thank you so much for this video. I thought it would just be some fun entertainment before I started my day, but I actually learned quite a lot from this video.

    If the other DYT experts are as brave as you and Anne, I hope we see them in all the Types of movement. It would be interesting to see Sarah in all the types; as well as Jaleah or Marci in the lower 2 and 4 movements; and then to see Sheryl, Nicole, Megan, or Kalista in the higher Type 1 or 3 movements.

    Thanks again. It was informative and a lot of fun!

    • Amy Pearce

      *Radiant beauty. Not radiate. Sorry 🙂

      • Amy Pearce

        *to others around her. I really should have proof-read this.

  • Barb

    I’m measuring my words as I type this – I was so grounded & this video affected me in a great way … love that you did this.

    I consider myself a “seasoned” Type 2 and I have gifted and shared your books & courses with my family and friends. You had the perfect ending when you mentioned “when you live your truth then others (paraphrasing) will start to see theirs … and open up to know it’s real.

    I had lunch with a close friend yesterday who has read the book (finally) and discovered she is a “1” .. she has lived the life of a “3” out of necessity … I knew this but had to let her find out for herself. She was shining, sparkling and using the word “fun” more often than I have ever heard. It made my heart sing!

    From my experience at being at your Be You Be Beautiful conference … you nailed the Types here … and it was SO obvious what Type you are. At the conference, women felt the freedom to Dress Their Truth, so the 1’s in particular shone and did have a lot going on with their clothing and accessories.

    My thoughts:

    Type 1: ridiculous, fake, low energy, fighting it

    Type 2: Plain, drained, dowdy clothing (even though I love Type 2 clothing there was no attraction for me when it was on you.

    Type 4: Old, closed up, no fun …

    So, yes Carol, you rock your Type 3 and I am THRILLED to know it and live it!

  • Ari

    This was fun! :). You can really see the difference when you dress your truth. You look younger, happy, and COMFORTABLE!!!

  • nkaneko

    I really enjoyed this post. Thank you, Carol, for all the thought and energy that went into it. I am a Type 2 who has felt the need to push myself to be more outgoing, bolder, and stronger in order to “be successful.” As you stated when you were styled in ways that did not honor your natural movement, trying to express these qualities, (which, by the way, are beautiful on the right woman), has made me feel tired, unauthentic, and “dressed up” like someone other than my true self. I am grateful to have learned that my strengths lie, not in being bold, outgoing, or powerful, but in being the soft, subtle woman that I am.

  • Randi Pierce

    Laughed out loud! My primary is 1 and I totally have to have a cute pin or hair clip in my hair (albeit much smaller) 😉 That was fun – thanks.

  • Carol D.

    Wow! What a powerful lesson. Thanks for doing this Carol. I can imagine it took some courage and energy to step outside your comfort zone, esp. when you know so well the inner price we pay for not expressing our truth. I concur with the rest of the posters, but in summary, my take:

    1. Type 1 – Silly – “church bazaar lady” (or bizarre lady?)

    2. Type 2 – Dowdy – “aging hippy”

    3. Type 3 – Old – “A lady of a certain age who buys at Talbots”

    You look youthful, dynamic and heartfelt dressing Your Type 3 truth!

  • Cheri Brown Fisher

    Well, I disagree T4sure, I’m 55 and I would totally wear flowers in my hair, and all the rest….really. And it works!

    • Adhis

      Agree with Cheri! There are older women in the type 1 Facebook group who wear flowers and curls and look fantastic!

    • Catherine

      I think T4sure is just trying to make it perfect as T4s do, I’m learning to spot that now.

  • Julie

    Lol. That’s it!

  • Linda

    I would love to see the correct energy types wearing the exact outfit…we really could see the difference! I’m a type 3 also.

  • Carolyn

    Carol Type 1 -> first impression=not grounded. Looked like a floozie waitress past her prime in a truck stop

    Carol type 2 -> first impression = PROZAC grandma

    Carol type 4 -> first impression = boy is her nose BIG!

    Carol type 3 -> WOW!

    Great demo!

  • Sandra

    Carol, you kill me with your wigs! Cracking up. Stick with the 3!

  • EmilyS

    My first thought was Mrs Doubtfire.

    • Mariah

      Yeah that is a good likeness. She looked so masculine didn’t she. Amazing because I would never have thought of her as masculine before.

  • Shannon Potter Wilcox

    Type 1 Seemed so fake and that you were trying to be cutsey. Type 2 made you look depressed. Type 4 made you look old and Type 3 Showed your eyes and you were so full of light. It was you. 🙂 Amazing how it all works. Thanks for being so brave.

  • Rachel Thomae

    I recently found a photo of myself from last wear, where I was wearing a black dress, black tights, a black sweater, black shoes, and a short pearl choker, plus black glasses. I am a 2/1 who was trying to dress like a t4 in the corporate world…but it didn’t work for me at all. When I showed the picture to others, they said: “it doesn’t even look like you….or even anyone related to you!” I was playing my own version of “dress up” when I was blocking my natural energy and trying to be someone I’m not.

    It is truly amazing how aging, draining, and disconcerting it can be to try and present a false front to the world. It is truly as if we are wearing a costume when we don’t honor our natural energy.

    Thank you for this video! I loved watching it!

    • Mary Ellen Eckels

      And Rachel it was amazing!!! We loved seeing the before and a year later. Fabulous!!!!

  • Kelley

    Wow, you looked almost like you were mocking the other three types.

  • Barbara Salmon

    What killed me was the hair it made me realize that I really need to take that step and figure out a hot killer type three hair cut.

    • CaCoast

      Agree. When I began dressing my T1 truth a few months ago, my T4 hair style was in conflict with everything else that I was doing. Now its short, highlighted, and curly (no more flat iron).

  • arsj

    Ha Ha That was funny! Made my day. Now I am off to make sure I am dressing my truth!

  • Holly Field

    WoW! I was really excited to see this when you emailed that you were doing it.

    I was watching when my boys (age 10 and 8) walked inside. Shock!!!! They rushed over and started listening. You sparked an interested with them.

    My husband looks to me to be a T4 or T2. As you talked you said that you were drained, tried, etc. My husband dresses like a T2. He is always sleepy, always napping, always drained. He has dark circles under his eyes…

    Makes me wonder.

  • Alyssa Iraia Harvey

    you just look so silly and masculine in type 1 and 2. Type 4 clothing is a bit better, but still, you just are so type 3 and I love your personal style!! This is such a testament to me to continue my DYT journey and being the best me possible and having my clothes reflect that!

  • Gail

    For me I would have liked to see you stay truer to your type 3, BUT change it up to the other types. Not all type 1 or 2 have long hair, so to me that was not a true testament to how you would look in these styles. I like how Anne went about doing this, it was closer to reality. Being a type 4 myself reality is important to me. Beyond that, there is a definite difference in how soft or harsh the different types reflect on your face and you “appear” natural in your type 3, where as the others looked as if you were making fun of the other types.

  • Stacey

    Type 1 – very aging – I loved your statement, “Takes my breath away.” I LOVE HAVING MY BREATH TAKEN AWAY – but could that be because I AM a type 1? 🙂

    Type 2 – very exhausted – says “I am highly medicated.”

    Type 4 – better than others, but far too harsh – makes me wanna say “Ya Frau – right away!”

  • Jenny Brunner

    I appreciate knowing about the different types of beauty. I am a Type 2, and my (T4) friend has pointed out that I look masculine in structured clothing. I love knowing what works for me–what makes me look and feel beautiful and feminine.

  • Dew Lily

    No wonder we love you to pieces! This made my week, thanks for sharing the three “other” Carol’s.
    Much love!

  • CaCoast

    T1: Trannygirl
    T2: Quaaludes
    T4: Soulless
    T3: She’s back. Whew!

  • Ann

    That was hilarious, Carol. Thanks for doing that. I can’t help but wonder how many times I’ve looked ridiculous before I knew about “types.” What a relief to have a better sense of who we are and what to do with what we’ve got!

  • Beverli Haroldsen

    Great video! T1 ROFL, hilarious, clownish, older & masculine; T2 blah, older, uncomfortable, and somewhat masculine (I’m a T2 by the way and know it isn’t “blah” on everyone); T4 scary, stern, intimidating, old; T3 Ah! A breath of fresh air! Just right! So glad you are you 🙂

  • Claudia-B

    Type 1: It felt like I wanted to speed you up
    Type 2: felt like I was looking at pictures of the ’70 and your face/facial features felt too big.
    In the photo’s I clearly see your facial lines in type 1 and 2, not in the video though (probably lighting)
    4: first thing i notices were really small eyes (compared to the 1 and 2)
    3: relief and feeling this is right, but then I also noticed the ‘smaller’ eyes. Maybe tired?

  • Anne Brown

    Kelley, it would appear that way because of how “off” they look on Carol. We were careful to choose outfits that are in style and actually all the pieces Carol wore are pieces we sell in our DYT store and would look amazing on the right Type! Dressing Your Truth is so poweful!

    • Danneht

      Some have suggested that you (Anne) were more “respectful” when you tried this experiment. How T2 of you 🙂 Whereas Carol did the experiment boldly. It seems that even when we try to be a different type, we can’t help but be ourselves.

  • melissa laing

    Oh my! That was eye opening! I got a stomach ache watching you. This happens often when people are trying to hard with me I guess it’s my type two:}

  • Ellie

    I think that would be fun too!! Although I have friends of each type and I’ve seen them all wear outfits similar to those and look amazing!! Still, it’d be fun to see the exact outfit on the other types

    • Anne Brown

      Good idea! We’ll work on it!

  • Ellie

    You are so awesome Carol!! That was fun to watch! 🙂

  • Susan

    What a great experience! Loved seeing the “other” Carols. Now put them back in the closet and don’t let them out to play again!! LOL just kidding 🙂

  • Heather Meade

    It was really funny. I showed my six year old the 4 side by side pictures and asked him which one he liked. After his initial look of shock/fear/disgust, he quickly chose the real Carol. It was awesome!

  • Eliza

    I felt uncomfortable for you. PHEW! That took a lot out of me too!

  • T3Grrrl

    Ridiculous fun! I loved it! #1 Cross dresser. #2 Anne’s ideal mother (just kidding!). #4 Artsy foreign woman that has her own sense-of-style….that repels society. #3 Edgy, but totally matches Carol’s energy. Lots of fun. Let’s see Sarah Parry Tuttle do it! YEAH!

  • Melissa Eggertsen

    Wow, I couldn’t help but think how aged you looked in all of the types except your true nature-T3. As a 26 yr old T3, I’ve often wondered if dressing my truth actually makes me look older, (which wouldn’t be such a bad thing in my profession to get more credibility). I’ve decided that everyone looks the youngest and best whenever they’re dressing your truth, no matter what type that is for them. I think for me, it allows me to portray more confidence and authority without looking old-just sure of who I am. Thanks for such a great demonstration Carol!

  • kariB

    oh my my my! I agree wholeheartedly with indiegold on all points, except not about type 4 being better than the other 2! Just did not like any of them! Love you just the way you are because I feel comfortable knowing that type 3 is the true you… honest & approachable

  • kariB

    I do want that type 1 wig!

  • Kryssy Miles

    I was a little disappointed that you tried on these different styles without comparing them with Types that actually wear them beautifully. Because of this, I think that if I were to show this video to my friends who are unfamiliar with DYT, I think that they would be turned off by all the energy types except Type 3. Otherwise, as someone who’s familiar with profiling, this is a valuable resource, especially to a doubting Type 2 like myself.

  • Sue Garcia

    I hope I never accidentally do that to myself or anyone else ever…or ever again, LOL! I mean!!!

  • Laura

    Please do more of these! They make the case for DYT perfectly. 🙂

  • Blaze Lazarony

    This is incredible Carol, thanks for stepping out there and being brave. It was quite a visual learning experience for all of us.

  • Erika Happyarts

    What I noticed is that you changed your voice as if your were acting, trying to match up your voice to the clothing, especially with the type 1.
    WOW, It almost felt like an insult to T1 energy. You really ACT silly in this energy and the clothes look indeed horrible on you. The grandma playing a 10 year old in a schoolplay… :p
    The type 2 drains ALL edgy and triangle shapes from your face in an instant. It looks flat and grey. You changed your voice like trying to blend in. Here a grandma wearing her 21 yr old granddaughters’ clothes because the young woman want gran to go with her to the disco… 😉
    Type 4 on photo makes you look 20 years older, like YOUR grandma, really a huge shock. On video it makes you less old, but it makes you hard, rigid, distant and a-know-it-all… 🙁
    The voice is least changed in this type, maybe because this is your secondary.
    What a relief to see you as a type 3 afterwards 🙂 :). But somehow I am surprised to see the peacock top on you, I would think it is a different type.
    Thanks to make everyone see what a difference it makes to dress your energy.
    TIP: Next time, it might be a good idea to wear the different energy types but in the same colourtones, so that even a slight difference in colourtones, shapes and movements is apparently HUGE.
    Have a great night, Erika Happyarts (T1)

  • Kristy

    Keep doing these!! They are both enlightening and entertaining…I would totally use this to share DYT. I would love to see a man doing this…It’d be helpful to promote to men if they can actually SEE what DYT does.

  • Nancy K

    WOW…as a T1 you looked like a drag queen!
    I could definitely see how the hair went with the clothes (and that the hair didn’t suit you), but I would have rathered seen you in the clothes with your natural hair.
    Do this again! And, like another viewer commented, compare yourself with your beauty panel in the same clothes!

  • Karen

    First of all I LOVE your hair extra “spiky” and shaved! The more spike and highlights the better for you! You face actually looked quite pretty in the T1 and T2 outfits but your energy was so off. I can imagine how draining it must have been for you. LOVE this program. Thanks so much for sharing it a ALL with us.

  • Gabrielle

    Wow! That was such a testimony to the power of Dressing Your Truth and how it impacts your energy. I would love to see these same outfits on women of the appropriate type.

  • actiasluna

    Funny and enlightening. In your type 1 getup you resembled a drag queen! In 2, you definitely looked drained. Your type 4 was not so bad … I guess that’s because it’s your secondary.

    I started the program a little while ago and am currently exploring the Type 4 energy that i believe I may be. I have been having a little trouble deciding because I’m completely convinced I subdued my Type 4 energy early on and don’t “recognize myself.” I do however find lots of synchronicities with the way I feel about clothing (am very picky and have settled for “good enough” (or not, for years) and with my hairstyle.) I also do a job where I am pretty much the perfector for what we do. So, so far I’m on board as a “coming out of the closet” type 4.

  • Catherine

    I agree, I’d like to see a type 1 and a type 4 in the other types 🙂

  • Catherine

    Artsy foreign woman, hahahaha!

  • Catherine

    I love the way everyone’s comments on this subject shows what type they are!

  • Mary Ellen Eckels

    Wow – what a great lesson in video!! I actually felt tired and exhausted by the end just seeing you in all those ‘wrong’ dressing types. I loved this. It took me about a year of DYT to really see and understand the mistakes I had made in my past- rather ‘feel’ the mistakes of my past. I knew from the course what was working and what wasn’t for me – but knowing intuitively – feeling it – it feels like I’ve developed a super power that was always within me. Thanks again Carol and Tech/Creative staff for making this possible – Loved it.

  • Chris

    Wow, that was awesome! Sorry I had to laugh seeing you in the other types. Especially the T1. Probably because that’s what I am. Oh my gosh that was good. Amazing to see what a difference it makes! I am definitely passing this on!!! So fun. 🙂

  • Judy

    I thought this was amazing and fun to see. Next time, a great idea would be to show someone of the right type wearing the same outfit, and see how different it looks on them. This is so confirming of how helpful it is to know who you are when you choose your clothing, hairstyle, color and makeup.

  • Janice

    It was shocking how when you dress your truth it took 20 years off. I would have thought that gray hair would age you, but none of the wigs were gray! Amazing! Thanks for taking the time to do it!

  • Brandy Stuttler

    I really liked this..Here is what I think –

    Your type 1 looked awful, but I have actually seen this look on many older women. You got it right when you said, “the grandma who tries to look cute.”
    Your type 2 didn’t even make sense. I’m like, “I can’t imagine anyone dressing like that with Carol’s features. I mean it looked like you were dressing for Halloween, and I can’t even imagine a real type 3 wearing anything close to that level of type 2, even without DYT because it would be so not right.
    The type 4 reminded me of a nightmare I had. I have seen women dress like that who should not, so I always thought that look was kind of spooky. Once I saw this program and saw actual type 4s wearing it, it wasn’t so bad any more. But, seeing you in it brought spooky back.
    Your type 3 was of course the best.
    Another interesting observation though – your arms and hands. In the type 1 and type 2, they look huge. They look more mannish than your face (no offense). You’ve got these, like, powerhouse arms in these delicate clothes – and I think that it should be pointed out that dressing right just doesn’t flatter your face, but the rest of your body too. I couldn’t see your arms in the type 4 jacket, but I bet anything once you took that off you would look like a body builder.
    I am type 1/3. and my sister always called me her “little line-backer” because I have broader shoulders for a girl. Sometimes because of this I can’t zip up dresses, wear petite jackets, etc. DYT isn’t just about our pretty faces, it’s about our bodies too!

  • Bianca

    Hello from Germany, I’m a beginners. This was revealing. It was wonderful for understanding what energy profiling means. Thank you, I could feel how, hard that was for you. I’m a 2, secondary 3.
    My biggest old mistake was: too bright colour to cheer up my look, I go withes tones nows, but as a secondary 3 I absoluty can’t stand fringes or ruffles or, long scarfs, all that two much femmin and flowing stuff makes me nervous. The best and helpful example for me how to combine two first and secondary typ is Annes mother in laws, who manages wonderfully to make match 1 and 4. Love, I found you through Nick Ortners EFT summit, but I am convinced your True Nature Programmes are the rout and fondation and starting point for everything. All esoteric techniques one can apply only fully being one’s true self. Thank you, Carol a heatfelt hug and compliments for Anne and your huge family. Bianca

  • SweetPea

    What a great idea! I think I am going to take pictures of myself if I am unsure of an outfit or hairstyle. If it looks great I’ll know I hit the mark and look true to my T3 nature. If I don’t look great in it I can change before leaving the house looking “unnatural”. Thanks, Carol! And BTW, your new hairstyle looks fantasic!

  • Marina

    I agree. The wigs ruined it for me. They look so unnatural, I could not take the whole thing seriously. It didn’t help me form an impression about how Carol would look if she wasn’t dressing her truth. Anne’s experiment was much more telling.

    • Linda

      If they had stayed true to Carol’s Type 3 then it wouldn’t have worked as well. I think the whole point was to match the Type’s movement very obivously so you could see the dramatic difference. Just like not all Type 2’s have long hair, not all Type 3’s have short hair like Carol’s, but long or short Type 3 hair creates angles and movement, just as Type 2 hair creates softness. Long or short wig it would have had the same effect. I think they did a brilliant job.

  • Sylvia

    Hi Carol!
    So funny…<3

  • Emily27

    Oh, I really enjoyed this. I have to admit, Carol dressing other than her T3 style, almost hurt my eyes. What a huge difference. Thank you for doing this.

  • Getchen Hulett

    All I can say is I am glad you are walking a Type 3. Yikes!!!

  • TeaTrekkie

    I was excited to see this, but then, ugh…..the wigs. Kinda made it silly, but maybe that was the intention?

  • Type 2 in Sweden

    Thanks for the good laugh, Carol!! I really, really enjoyed watching you as all the types. You looked simply hilarious as a Type 1 and I thought it couldn’t be topped, but then I saw you as a Type 2…Dear Lord!

    By the way, you wore my own exact hair color and hair style as a Type 2! Thanks for sharing this with us, it was so much fun!

  • vikki

    That was pretty funny and yes you look so much younger in your T3 style. I am still flip flopping between T2 and T3. One of these days I will figure it out. Thanks for a funny blogspot.

  • Fiona

    Dear Carol~

    Sometimes I think we should call your program “Dressing your Youth” …when people dress and present themselves true to type they always look younger and have more youthful energy no matter the chronological age.

    I got a kick out of your type 4…. it brought back memories of Lily Tomlin as the telephone operator on Saturday night Live..(was her name Ernestine?) One ringy dingy, two ringy dingys…

  • Gwen

    When you put on the Type 2 I instantly saw a lot a women I am familiar with. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you Carol for your program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean Dixon

    Carol, your type 1 made me laugh out loud…I kept thinking of Phyllis Diller!! Type 4 looked very hard and cold. I used to know someone who was a 3-4 that dressed like a 4 and it was NOT easy to see you that way as I found her very, very difficult to be with and look at. Actually I did not find the type 2 as awful as you did but can completely understand the energy drain that took place for you. I actually enjoyed seeing you soft because that is what I miss with you. I’m sure that’s my personal issue haha. Thanks for the smiles this morning and hope you got a nap after that. 🙂 Jean

  • Beth

    A type 3 makes you look so young!!!! I’m so thrilled that I know my type!!!!!

  • Linda

    I’m a T2 and it made me exhausted watching you in those other types, so I can imagine how you felt. Someone else commented, it was like I could breathe again when you were back to ‘normal’… T1 reminded me of an aged hippy, T2 was just soooo tired and drab, T4 looked like the hard core office manager. T3 was back to the dynamic, powerful you. Good job.

  • Pamela

    Interesting. Please don’t make the music so deafeningly loud compared to the very quiet monologue. Thanks!

  • Carol H.

    Carol, thanks for being willing to be so out of alignment. T1, I felt annoyed by this woman trying to be cute. T2, I felt depressed and sedated (and I’m T2/1!). T4, I felt trapped and scared. What relief to feel you so at home as your rich, dynamic self!

  • Carrie

    Carol you’re amazing!! I think you nailed it when you said, “if you’ve ever had a doubt about dressing your truth”.. You can see such a difference in how you dressed in each type. I was so happy for your sense of humor because I wasn’t expecting to laugh out loud with each look change, but did. You’re a gorgeous woman and I do think you proved you are truly dressing for your type. Thank you for all you have to offer, you have helped me more than you know. Every program you offer has touched me & helped to improve me in some way. I notice myself being more aware of my energy and how if affects me when around others that haven’t the blessing of this program..

  • Dr. Ann

    I have 3 words for how you looked in your 3 non-types: silly, sad, and severe. As a T1, you looked silly: like you were a middle aged woman dressed up for a movie role as a teenager in the 1980s. As a T2, you looked sad; not manly, but matronly. As a T4, you looked severe; slightly sexy, but mostly strict and restricted.

    I learned something: you said you felt manly when you were dressed as a T2. There was a time in my life when I felt manly. I think it was because among church people, the T2 type seems most valued, so that is what I tried to be. When I tried to behave and dress like a soft, ultra-feminine, romantic woman, I was waging a serious war against my own nature as a true T3. Now I accept myself as a sexy, edgy, ruggedly feminine dynamo– and I don’t feel masculine at all!

  • Dr. Ann

    I enjoyed this so much, but I feel that I am a little predisposed to like a certain type on you and Anne, because I already know which type ya’ll are. To take it one step further– and to serve as a better experiment– I would love to see several women whose type we DO NOT KNOW, dressed in each type– and see if it is obvious which is their real type when we have no prior knowledge or predisposition!

  • Connie Robinson

    Wow! I really loved this. What an eye opener. More of these would be great. Really hits home when you get a visual like this.

  • peggy

    it looks to me that you deliberately picked the most extreme look in each Type. when ann did it it was actually more “respectful” to each type. the clothes and wigs were all ridiculous! almost no one would wear those extreme things. you of course always look great in your type 3 it seems you would want to do the best to at least try to pull off each look instead of making a cross dresser or ET impersonation of the looks. love you lots carol but did not really see this as valuable or even all that accurate. i know a lot of type 2s & i can’t see any of them wearing what you chose to wear, look to your daughter as a wonderful example. why don’t you put on the exact same clothes she wore minus the wigs or at least less extreme wigs and see if this whole comparison comes off better. sorry if i sound that i crab but sometimes it just feels necessary and right to tell it like you see it. i am a T1/3.

    • Rebecca

      Carol, I had a hard time with yours as well. They seemed like a spoof on the other parts. I also agree that Ann’s were more tactful to the other types. I’m fairly new to DYT. I had never seen Ann before the four pictures together. She was smiling in each and seemed to be sincerely trying on each look, like one would when first trying to learn her type. Even still, I had her pegged as a type two almost instantly. Something almost indistinguishable in her face said she was comfortable there. She didn’t have to overplay anything for me to see it. Carol, in yours it seemed as though you made a face that would imply your discomfort in the other type’s clothes. Even in the T1 outfit where you were “smiling”, it was still obviously not a sincere smile, or even an attempt at one. It looked like you were about to start skipping like a six year old.

  • Jen Sanders

    Carol, thank you so much for doing this! I love it! I am such a visual person, this really helped me! I’m very new to DYT, just finished my first 30 days of dressing my truth! LOVE it so much! I am so grateful to you for creating this outstanding program. I am especially grateful for learning my truth and living it everyday! I’m now learning my children’s types and our family dynamic has never been better.

  • Roxanne

    Wow! I’m a type 1 and I loved the colors but on Carol it looked like a circus clown! Her type 2 outfit was something a friend would wear (her nickname is deep water!) and it would be beautiful on her exactly as Carol wore it — but I thought Carol looked OLD!!! For the type 4 outfit, I swear my friend MJ has that outfit and it looks great on her — but on Carol I thought it was too harsh… though oddly not as off as I thought type 1 and 2 — (Right now I’m wearing jean capris, a bright multicolor top with a purple sweater so those bright colors definitely appeal to me — just not on Carol!!!!)

  • Jene Conklin

    WOW, Carol. You definitely look younger in your type 3 truth. I love your look as a type 3! Keep up the good work and don’t look back.

  • Amy Louise

    Carol. Anyone would look like a clown in the type 1 wig you chose.

  • Mahima

    Carol, I’ve been noticing how ‘great’ you look most recently in all of your videos! Your skin looks so radiant … and you seem to look ‘younger’. So before I ‘comment’ on this video of you and the other 3 non-types for you … just wanted to let you know the above, before I forget ‘again’ 🙂

    As for the April Fool’s … for me it did feel more like a joke, couldn’t take it seriously. I know you had to do different hair, but I do feel that all of us in every type often look better in longer or shorter hair. As a T-2 (2ndary T-1) I don’t look good at all with long hair … and so IF you it were a ‘true test’ …. I think it would be better (as some of the others have commented) to have the wigs/hair be shorter for you …. regardless of your type, I feel you would always look better in ‘shorter’ hair. I also would say that as we ‘mature’ …. about 60% or more women look better with hair that is not long, and dragging …. even some type 2’s … as I feel the long hair adds to GRAVITY in pulling us down even more 🙂

    As for which one looked the worse ?? Type 4 made you look the oldest and most serious … Type 2 the hair pulled you way down, and the clothing just the colors were sad and depressing but your skin glowed thru it !! 🙂 Type one … without the flowers and business probably looked the best of the worst 🙂 …. more ENERGY could come thru … ! Thanks for PLAYING with us …. but do think the HAIR is a major element and this PROVES it !!


    I am type 1 and have a type 3 friend who tries to be more feminine and dress in her secondary type 2. The sweet soft look and her big deep voice just won’t cut it. She can even drive a dump truck and runs her own business. Her type 2 husband wants her to look like this and I always try to tell
    her how great she looks when she dresses in her edgier way. She has longer hair like you did and wears it soft and droopy. /

  • Jasmine

    Sorry, but Those photos were just plain scary. Everyone of them are overly accessorized.

  • Michelle

    What a fun comparison! I thought you’d make a great Lilly Tomlin look-alike in your type 4 getup, though. lol Obvious how each style that wasn’t your own was just not working. Each style that wasn’t your own made me feel on edge. I think the type 2 was possibly the worst – although type 1 was a very close “hideous!” lol Great demonstration, Carol!

  • Dian George

    OMG! ROFL!! Still laughing.. Mostly the T1 Drag Queen look.. And with all those flowere too.. LoL! T2 was awful and painfully funny, and almost surreal as it so didn’t fit.. And T4 was just plain harsh, but an adjustment to your own hair and different T4 clothing would’ve made the look fit better for you.. However, I feel that had you made your point by just adjusting your look to fit the other three “a la Ann” we would’ve had a better perspective on what you in the other 3 types might’ve looked like. But still, I totally ‘get it’ and I had a good laugh!

    Thanks Carol for being such a good sport about it all by putting yourself out there! BTW: When you did the “all black”, but still keept your T3 hair and makeup, the look didn’t look bad on you except for aging you a little.. Hmm.. Which none of us want!

  • Melissa

    I was waiting for this all week! I LOVED it! I think this could be a new ad campaign! You could say something along the lines of: “Think your hair and clothes don’t matter? Think again!” And then have at the bottom. Carol in the four types CLEARLY illustrates how important Dressing Your Truth is! It would also be fun to see the other experts (like Marcy and Michelle, etc.) also dressed in all the types. The whole thing was a great idea!

  • Pat

    This is SO instructive. PLEASE follow up with a Type 1 dressed up in all four types so I can see if I can recognize style of dressing. Thank you.

  • Connie

    I thought that was a very interesting exercise. You looked like Mary Tyler Moore as a t2 and Carol Burnett as a t4 and like a cartoonish characer as a t1. Funny how dressing against your nature can be so draining and disconcerting, but I’ve been in enneagram groups where a person tried to be an opposite style and that had the same kind of cartoonish effect. Very interesting exercise. Even more dramatic than Anne in the other styles. Thanks for trying this for us.

  • JenniferF

    O My! That was histerical!

  • john ryan

    This was an awesome and interesting example. I am a man who follows your information with my daughter. Thanks, john ryan

  • Meredith

    Lets just say, you look best as a type 3

  • Heather T1

    These are my first impressions when I watched the clip of Carol.
    Type 1 – Over the top, more masculine
    Type 2 – drab, boring
    Type 4 – harsh, older

  • jeanne

    I get the overall message and I love dressing my truth. But this experiment didn’t seem very real because of the ugly wigs. If you wanted to compare apples to apples Carol should have worn and ugly type 3 wig or better yet, styled her own hair as the different types.

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport

    Thank you for the suggestion, Jeanne.

  • Sandy

    Brilliant Carol! Thanks for this! My only problem is the criticism coming from your fans. You don’t like the wigs??? Look around you – you’ll see hair just like that on every type, no matter the age. You think it is ridiculous – it is on Carol but not on the right type. Bravo Carol for your demonstration and for all you have given to us.

  • Yvette

    This was wonderful! Excellent work! Seeing Carol at the beginning of the video I felt a strong reassuring energy. Interestingly as Carol moved through the other types, as she came into view visually each time I found it very amusing, until she spoke.. When she spoke suddenly the whole thing shifted from comical to concerning. The overall feeling was a sense of distrust. My mind clicked to alert and warning. Fascinating stuff!

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport

    Thank you, Sandy! Excellent point!

  • ella

    Gail, you’re a T4 indeed, :-).Personally I didn’t feel Carol were making fun of the other types, on contrary, she even said it a couple of times and pointed it out. Carol had to use wigs because it is more difficult to style short hair cut like the one she has as the other types, methinks.

  • Anna

    Carol, I think this is amazing and you should do it with other people, perhaps in the same outfits! That would be so cool!!!

    Anyway, I wanted to say something that I didn’t see others say. While you were wearing the other types, my attention was drawn to how your body language/expressions didn’t match the style you were wearing. I could see it confirm the type 3 features in my daughter that I didn’t link to being 3 before. The way you spoke and the shape of your mouth as you spoke in type 1 was like gritting your teeth and getting through it, the hand and arm movements in type 2 were jerky and decisive, and in the type 4 my attention was drawn to how your facial features move a lot as you spoke.

    Thank you for this amazing comparission!

  • Suchele

    I’d like to see 4 different types switching the same outfits so I can tell how the outfit changes on the person as well as how the person changes in the type clothing.

  • Marnie Pehrson

    I laughed so hard I cried. Carol, you have to be one of the most brilliant marketers on the planet. I love just sitting back and watching the way you operate your business, the way you share your message. I use you as the “poster child” for phenomenal marketing with my clients. I predict this goes viral. I did my part. I’m sharing it all over social media. 🙂 Keep it up, girl, you’re amazing!

  • spree

    That’s funny! But yes a little over the top (I’m a 4/2 hence the sensitive critic – lol)
    It is really hard realising you have to empty out half of your wardrobe because you’ve spent so much time trying to be someone you’re not!

  • Emily Anderson

    Wow! That was very interesting! One thing to make the point come across even more would be to show women of the other Types wearing those same outfits, and to be able to see that the outfits really can look awesome on the right Type of person.
    Thanks, Carol!

  • Robin Donnelly

    You’re definitely a Type 3! I’m a Type 1 and have been Dressing My Truth more and more lately; embracing my natural wavy hair, adding colors I normally wouldn’t wear, wearing color on my eyes, etc… and my husband definitely notices and compliments me on it. It’s funny that every time I let my hair go natural and wear color he’ll say “Wow! You look amazing!” I don’t think I could do the flowers in my hair thing, but I’m a secondary Type 4 so I just don’t think that’s me. But you look great Carol!

  • Kathy Jacobsen

    T1 looked like a man in drag! T2 was a actress cast in the wrong role. T4 was the boss you can’t please no matter how hard you try! Thanks

  • April Marie Vaughan

    In the Type 1 and 2 outfits she looks larger the other outfits T3 and 4 thinner

  • Kristin

    I loved this!!! Hilarious really – it was so so in-conflict with who you are and how quintissentially DYT you are. I know you won’t mind me saying this, Carol, but you even looked overweight when not dressed as a T1. I thought T2 was the most this way. Your T3 photo looks the fittest by FAR!

  • Kristin

    Btw, I would have loved to see you with lighter hair as a T1. Like a blond wig or a wog with highlights. I think it’s also so interesting that you felt so drained of energy. Most of us are not aware enough or our energy to feel quite that significant a difference but you are!

  • Jennifer Hestand Vassilaros

    You ought to have other woman of each type wear the same outfit to show that it REALLY would look good on the right person. I have a hard time visualizing it looking good on the right person because it is so against your flow. This was fantastic!

  • Helen McConnell

    It took a lot outta ME to watch it! I felt tired just seeing you in those T2 clothes. This was fun and revealing! Thanks!

  • Isabelle

    Hysterical!!!! I just had the best laugh today. I just can’t stop laughing as I think about those photos! If you were a professional comedian those outfits would make the skits so funny…like Carol Burnett! Thank you for being so brave. I have not missed the point here though. The following comments do express how silly, smothered, outrageous or or invisible any of us would feel creating a style that does not suit our energy type. Thank you so much…you certainly drove your point home. Laughing for the rest of the night………..

  • xania

    hummmm… some of those looks on you, I felt it in my stomach – really not right for you at all! [SMILE]… I liked this video, although it made me curious about myself… :/

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  • Beverlilly

    I agree with indiegold! My first impression of Carol as a Type 1 was that I thought she looked like a drag queen!!! Sorry Carol! I was not prepared for that reaction at all. It is really amazing what a difference this makes to the overall presence of a person. I thought the T4 less scary but still so unauthentic. Wow!!! I actually felt, and still feel, very anxious watching it but I think this is because, being very new to DYT, I have had some revelations about my Type 1/4 self that I need to work through. I agree with other posts…. Marcy’s video is much more realistic along with Anne’s. Please do it again Carol like they did and we will get the message without the theatrical distractions. You are awesome for putting this whole system together. Thank you so much!

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  • Su

    These are awesome!! I watched all 4 of the videos, and it sooo shows how we are affected! Great way to show everyone, because sometimes we don’t see it in the mirror because we aren’t really looking!! Wow what a difference…..Carol is so not a 1, 2 or 4!! The only one who might be able to pull off another type would be Anne and then she just looked good, not beautiful as she does in her type 2!!

  • Becky Desborough

    That was great! Made me feel even more sure of what I have always felt about clothing & hair, colors & styles. Through the years I have tried many “looks” but have ALWAYS come back to my comfortable, flowing, soft look. Thanks for making this video.

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  • Aleta

    My impression of you was:
    T1-A drag queen looking silly.
    T2- frumpy old woman
    T4- Very old matron trying to look like a young businesswoman and failing miserably.
    I projected myself in these styles and saw myself exactly the same way. I felt uncomfortable and tense looking at you in these 3 foreign styles.
    T3- wonderful. I was never so relieved and happy to see you dressed normally.
    You clearly demonstrated the importance of knowing and dressing our type. Thank you.

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  • Sharon Moonbeam

    I am going nuts because I still cannot figure out what type I am! My first inclination is type 2, and I am drawn to purples and lots of grey, but I feel weird wearing drapey and ruffled clothes. I mostly like form fitting without being tight, and I also like black…although I have been getting away from it lately since I’m older. I know my hair is wrong, cuz when I look in the mirror I say, blah! But I curled and made my hair flowy for Christmas, and I also didnt think it was attractive. I’m 52, and my face is aging way too much! Those shots of you in the wrong type of look were so glaringly obvious. Now if only I could get a fabulous makeover!

  • T-the 2/3 girl

    Wow! What a difference! I see how a change can really be eye-opening! I’m so glad I learned so much from this website and I’m on my way to being me!

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  • Jennie

    Wow. That really showed how the system works. Thank you, Carol.

  • Andrea Gerak

    Oh my, it was indeed fun to watch – and sometimes even a little bit shocking… 🙂

    It was very interesting what you said Carol at 4:16 about that you wouldn’t be a good model, if you would need to wear outfits that don’t match your energy type.

    A few weeks ago I did a smaller acting job where they dressed me (a Type 1/most probably 4) in a combination of Type 2 and 4, in colors that I would never, ever would wear together (black trousers, beige jacket with black patterns, navy blue blouse shirt), a huge jacket for a boring business day in an office, my great, curly hair tucked away like of an innocent teenager in the 19th century, my face colorless, showing almost nothing of my features, no any jewelry – I looked like a 65-year-old, sour, virgin office clerk lady…

    And let me add that I played a guest at a modern art exhibition opening, I am an artist, and normally I look 15 years younger than my real age!

    It was such a horrific experience, this outfit sucking all my energy out of me the whole day, that I am starting to appreciate how difficult the acting and modeling professions really are.

  • 2cvgirl

    I’m new to your system and have enjoyed the online course of Dressing your Truth, and have discovered that i am a Type 2. Having seen your above photos of the 4 different types of outfits it all looks like some sort of comedy act and drag act – not at all complimentary to any of the clothes you are selling on your online store. Obviously you were trying to make a point, but it just doesn’t work. Nevertheless I shall have a good look at other ideas you present through your blogs.

    I’m still trying to get my head around wearing silver jewelry after 50 years of wearing gold – certainly will not be exchanging certain important wedding jewels! Will have to mix up with silver.

  • Linda De Miller

    I think the type 1 look was the worst. It looked very masculine and was a complete juxtaposition of your energy, to me and it made me feel scared of you. It seemed to be pushing happiness and joy instead of naturally expressing it. Next was the type 2 which seemed exhausting for me to watch. You kind of looked sick, like you needed to go to bed and sleep it off. Next was the type 4, which just looked way too up tight for your energy, Carol and in your type, they type 3, you looked balanced, happy, and at peace. I was forcing myself to dress and act like a type 1 for so many years because my parents were off-put by my orneriness and tendency to boredom and so I would push the envelope and they really didn’t want the work of helping me become myself. I just realized that my favorite great aunt was a type 3 and she scared me a little, but she was always in my corner, telling my parents to lay off me and just let me be me. Interesting! I even worked to become unallergic (my created word) to cats so I could go to her house, but by then she had gotten rid of all of them. Darn! Thanks for the reminder that we need to be who we were meant to be <3

  • Yvonne Cleveland


    Interesting comment about the wrong clothes making you
    feel sick. I was ill last week, and I had read in a feng shui book that
    you should wear green when you are sick. I went shopping for a green
    sweater and the Christmas greens were totally wrong, but i found a nice
    lime green striped sweater that was perfect, so I bought that one.

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  • Cathy Hodder

    Wow, what an eye opener! I had no idea it would make that much difference, and of course I realize now how important it is for all of us, and the effect we have on others. I am in a network marketing company with what I believe are the best products in the world, yet if I’m sending a contradictory message, no wonder people sometimes don’t take me seriously! Seeing you dressed as type 1 exhausts me and I would rather push you away than buy from you. Dressed as a type 2 you suck the energy out of me, and I would be afraid of feeling more depressed than healthy if I bought products from you. As type 4 you look ridiculous and old and I want to laugh at you. As a 3 you are awesome, and I’m comfortable and respect you. Thanks for showing me I have more work to do on me.

  • Lucy Chen

    OMG! It just looks like you’re deliberately making yourself look ugly. But I know you’re totally genuine. It’s amazing!