Radiant in Romania – Dressing Your Truth Before and After

Dressing Your Truth is a makeover program for every woman, anywhere in the world.

And guess what? Women in 52 countries are now Dressing their Truth!

Daniella sent us her makeover photos all the way from Romania. I love her story.

She found Dressing Your Truth after praying to understand her true self and improve her relationships. This is what she has to say about her own makeover:

“I can honestly say this step changed my life in a beautiful way… Now I look at myself in the mirror and see how beautiful I really am. And I wonder where have I been all these years. It’s like I see myself for the first time… I feel feminine more than ever.”

Isn’t that a wonderful transformation? The makeover she gave herself through Dressing Your Truth meant so much more than earrings and a new hairdo. The experience changed the way she saw and accepted herself. Just look at her… she is absolutely beautiful.

What do you think of her makeover? Please share a positive comment.

T2 Before & After

Just like Daniella was, women all over the world are living disconnected from their true selves. It’s exhausting to live that way. And they don’t have to anymore!

If you have already had a life-changing Dressing Your Truth makeover, you know exactly what a relief it is to discover your true beauty. It’s not vain—it’s vital to your existence as a woman!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share Dressing Your Truth with the world.

Thank you to you beautiful women who honor yourselves by Dressing Your Truth!

Haven’t had this experience for yourself yet? You can. Start your Dressing Your Truth makeover today and discover your true beauty. Wherever you are in the world, you can look and feel more amazing than you ever have before

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Tia

    Beautiful woman! I love seeing the before and after pictures of beautiful women who are so confident in themselves!

  • Kerrie


  • Amy

    Foarte frumoasa! Imi pare bine sa vad cineva din Romania unde am fost o misionara in trecut. Ce minunata arati!

    • Daniela

      I am the one in the picture :))) and I am actually surprised to see myself there :)) .
      thank you for choosing me :).

      for Amy : iti multumesc pentru comentariu ; chiar e placut sa citesc in romana aici 🙂 ; esti si tu in DYT ?

      • Amy

        Daniela: da sunt 4/2 🙂 Imi place DYT foarte mult.

  • Lucy

    Radiant says it all! Her spirit just shines through!

  • Moyne

    What a great example of how the details make the difference! She was wearing a T2 color in the “before” pic, but there’s still a significant change reflected in the “after”. Beautiful!

  • Mary Ellen

    Absolutely beautiful! And as she says, the outer transformation is only the beginning. The inner change and growth and beauty is always breathtaking.

  • Leah

    Lovely, one of the absolute best before and after changes l’ve seen since being a member. I’m so happy for you, Daniella, such a graceful change!

  • Robin

    Daniella’s transformation is profound.To me this is an example of an already beautiful woman who has allowed her true self to shine through

  • Bellinda

    Wow. Daniella, you look about half your age from the original photo. Could be mother and daughter. Absolutely beautiful with the paler and more unusual delicate almost Victorian look, much more interesting. Your eyes stand out, your skin looks amazing and the soft clothes and slightly more contrasting hair really set off your face so much better.

  • Vicki Mowery

    Definitely softer and more subtle, and her eyes now serve as the “windows to her soul.” Bellisima!

  • Christy Peterson


  • Suzanna

    Oh wow! She looks fabulous! She reminds me of the lead character in a romantic movie! Absolutely gorgeous! That’s a lot of exclamation for a make over, she is deserving of every one of those exclamations.

  • Carol H.

    Wow! Daniella, you look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

  • http://yahoo jackie

    Daniella how beautiful you are. What a gorgeous makeover.

  • Daniela

    dear unknown DYT friends , thank you so much for your beautiful words !:)
    when I first took my after picture I wasn’t well impressed because I think I look even better in reality :)but seeing your comments made me feel more aware about my T2 beauty.
    thank you all !

  • Alexandra

    Ten years younger and truly a breathtaking beauty!

  • Cheryl Worsley

    Daniela is a truly beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing with us your discovery of the true YOU. And thank you for the before and after pictures. You are beautiful in both pictures but the after picture captures the real confident YOU. I feel very connected to your homeland Romanian. My husband and I have traveled from the USA to Romania several times since 1990. As you are beautiful, so is your country.

  • Daniela

    thank you Cheryl ! did you visit Romania ? how small the world is 🙂 ! I am glad you liked it :). are you DYT ?

  • Christina

    felicitari!maare diferenta mare !ma bucur pentru tine,arati super T2!

  • ella

    Interesting, Daniella had the right color and even some details on her shirt but when all other details were added, it created the right “whole”look. The change in hairstyle was defining. Daniella, you look beautiful.

  • Bonnie

    Daniella, you are gorgeous! You just radiate “who you are”, as if you are actually saying
    ‘Here I AM! This is me! And just who are you?” to the whole world. You go girl! WOW!

  • Jeanne-MarieKavanagh

    Wow! This is one of the most beautiful makeovers I’ve ever seen! So lovely! Your soft loveliness shines through! I love your after hair especially!

  • Jeanne-MarieKavanagh

    Wow! This is one of the most beautiful makeovers I’ve ever seen! So lovely! Your soft loveliness shines through! I love your after hair especially!