Stop Taking on Other People’s Negative Energy!

Do you take on others’ negative energy? As energetic, vibrating beings, we interact with each other on an energetic plane. Your energy interacts with other people’s energy.

This one simple exercise will help you experience more energetic presence and protection to be yourself.

Feeling energy drained?

You are most energetic and vibrant when you’re in touch with your own energy, experiencing your own subtle energies and feelings—not everyone else’s.

But because you’re always interacting with others, you can sometimes take on their negative stuff. You might take responsibility for feelings that aren’t yours. You may even get yourself stuck in codependent energy patterns that sabotage your energetic system.

How to Prevent This

You have energetic pathways in your body called meridians.

One of your main pathways is called the central meridian. It runs from your pubic bone to just above your chin.

If this meridian is healthy and vibrant, it supports your entire subtle energy system in being more healthy and vibrant.

But if your central meridian is weak, you’re vulnerable to taking on other people’s negative energy.

That’s why I’m sharing this quick, easy-to-use energy healing technique to support you. Do this before you enter an energetically chaotic situation. Practice it every day to strengthen your central meridian. Stop being a conduit for everyone else’s stuff. And experience YOU, not everyone else!

Watch the video and follow along with this simple energy healing exercise:

How does that exercise feel to you? Do you feel more energized and free to experience your own energy, instead of others’?

What tips do YOU have? What do you do to keep your subtle energy system healthy and vibrant? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Cat

    Thank you, Carol! I have been following your advice about attracting good things and threading my chakras every day, and I have been so blessed! Some wonderful opportunities have just been rolling my way since I began doing so!

    My husband is a real mess (depression, addictions plural, yet refuses to own it or seek healing). His rants and tantrums and negative speech has been so toxic for us. I am beginning this new practice today and am going to teach it to my kids.

  • Carol McMullin

    I just followed along with you on a video a simple Energy Healing exercise.

    The tingling in my body as I zipped up three times was so strange. Like a something surrounded my body and nothing could touch me. Strange.

  • sangita

    Thank you Carol, I love this easy to do exercise daily to keep my own energy and not be a sponge of others energy as I was used to.I learned a lot from your and Sly’s 7Chakra system. Thank you so much and I am blessed and grateful to you and Sly for coming in my life.God bless you and Sly.

  • Pamela

    It is amazing how much this helps. My son and I do this and we need to do it more often. There are a lot of toxic people who feel empowered by their own rants and dark clouds and I can be me without being disgusted with them when I do this exercise; it’s like it dials down my awareness of them and I can move away without judgment. That in itself is a big blessing.

  • Rachel

    I do the Wayne Cook posture, also known as Cook’s hookup, where you cross one leg over the other and your hands some other way. I learnt it from Donna Eden (Energy Medicine for Women) and Brain Gym. When my energy has been scrambled it helps me feel normal again. I don’t know what “scrambled” energy means, but I sure know what it feels like. Discombobulated. Wierd. Exhausted.

    Another thing I do is ask someone else for EFT tapping guidance. Either a practitioner or a friend, or I listen to a recording. Their neutrality helps me feel normal again. Sometimes it takes a while and I have to do a bunch of different things until I feel better. I shall try focusing on the central meridian.

    Cal, as you get your energy level better and find a way to stop reacting, even internally, I hope you’ll gradually also find a convincing way to express to your husband that you don’t like this way of speaking, and rage. And if you get to a really great state, perhaps you’ll be open to working towards a solution to whatever is causing him to feel so awful. I really feel for you (I don’t know if this is healthy or not, I better work on my central meridian )!, and I know it’s hard, but whatever happens, strengthening and loving yourself is a great way forwards, IMO, so keep up the good work!


  • Michelle

    I am so thankful to be learning all of these ideas to help me be the best I can be. This exercise is one that will help me, I’m sure, as I have a tendency to take on way too much stuff from others. Thank you Carol for sharing this! Your work has enriched my life so much.

  • Rochelle

    How does one thread thier chakras

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  • Tara

    Thanks for this exercise Carol. I’ve been doing it all week before going to work, as it is quite a negative environment there. Up until this week I had been telling myself that I was being negative about my situation and that I needed to try to stay positive. At the end of the week I realised that I had been taking on other people’s negativity in the workplace and was able to sit back and observe the energy without taking it on. It was a great breakthrough and one I’ve shared on my blog because I found your video so helpful. Thanks!

  • Laura Marie

    Onyx from Gemisphere really helps me with these kinds of problems. Thank you for the zip-up solution, one more great tool in my “tool-box”!

  • Anushka

    Any more stuff like this? – what is the most powerful protection method you know of that actually works?

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport

    Hi Anuska,
    Thank you for the question. Carol’s Chakra7 course at is a great resource to assist you. Also, Carol’s book, ‘Remembering Wholeness’ empowers you to own your own stuff and let others own theirs.

  • Lauren :)

    I have been struggling with having my energy messed up by other peoples negative energy; (particularly someone I live with) and it throws me off and leaves me feeling chaotic inside and anxious. I am a radiant being and love to be around love and light, doing this exercise has already helped me and I love how it feels. I also enjoyed your small, but so easy to understand piece on meridians, makes so much sense! You are beautiful and very inspirational 🙂 Thanks!

    • Carol Tuttle

      Thank you for sharing, Lauren!

  • Pam

    Thank you so much Carol for sharing this blog. All my life I have been taking on other people’s negative energy but I did not understand how I was doing that until now. Before, I would walk in a room and immediately my heart started fluttering and I would feel these waves bouncing off my body. I was taking on so much negative energy. It is amazing how only one Zipper exercise blocked those negative waves. Now when I walk in a room I no longer feel afraid. I hold my head up high and I look people in the eye. Also, I am no longer afraid to speak in a stern tone to let others know that I demand to be heard. AMAZING! 🙂

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  • kathleen

    most of us think our mind generates thoughts that “run” our lives. However, it is our CONSCIOUSNESS that truly runs our lives. Our mind is the SERVANT of our consciousness, and if we use that power, we can have a clearer and more potent mind. An example is,,,,,, if you find your mind has negative or frightening thoughts, then simply say to yourself ” THAT THOUGHT IS UNACCEPTABLE”. ( and , if stated with authority, it REALLY cancels out the negative thought ). That way you, as a CONSCIOUS BEING, are directing your mind, which is the servant of your consciousness, to stay true to your deep awareness ( which we so easily overlook ).