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Want support in knowing your Beauty Profile? Call in and let Carol help you learn our Face Profiling techniques. Best-selling author, Carol Tuttle is an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, author of 4 books and the creator of EnergyProfiling and Dressing Your Truth. We invite you to call in with your questions during the live broadcast to receive Carol’s expert advice along with a free copy of one of Carol’s products.

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Clearing the Issues That Are Keeping You Fat

Whatever you focus on expands. Whatever you believe, think, and speak about yourself, you create as your experience. Whatever you flow emotional energy to you manifest in abundance.

measuring waistIf you focus on being fat; if you believe you are fat, think you are fat, and speak about being fat, you can only experience more fat! If you are distressed, discouraged, angry and depressed because you are experiencing yourself as fat, you are manifesting more fat cells and providing them with a feeding frenzy of energy to thrive on.

People ask me, “How can I believe, think, and speak about being fit and slender when I know I am not? It feels like I am in denial.”

My response to them is “Good, deny yourself of creating more of what youdon’t want and start focusing on what you do want. BE in the energy of fit and slender, so you can create the experience of being fit and slender.”

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4 clothes shopping tips to make sure you still "love it" when you bring it home- Tip #1

Part 1 of a 4 part series!

Too often we make clothing purchases based on what others tell us or if it’s a “good deal” only to find out when we get it home, we don’t love it so much!  A lack of confidence and know-how when shopping for fashion that is “perfect for you” can turn your closet into a collection of a lot of things you are trying to like, but never actually wear. Here are some tips to avoid bringing home tomorrow’s consignment store donation:

Here is your first tip in this series:

1. How does it feel? I have found that women are either drawn to two features in how a garment feels in their body.  The first is comfort, how it feels next to your skin.  Is the fabrication and texture right for your comfort level? Does it feel bothersome next to your skin?  You won’t wear it if you don’t like how it feels.  The second is fit.  How does it fit?  For tops notice the fit of the armhole and the sleeve length and if they are too snug, you will not last long in it. Also notice how it fits across your bust and torso, is it too snug? Too loose? Learn your preferences so you know what fit you like.  For pants, the fit around the waist is the most important.  What rise waistband do you prefer, high, medium or low?  What length of pant are you most comfortable in?  If they are too long, you will feel fat and frumpy, the good news is you can always get the length shortened by a tailor for little cost if you love the way the top of the pant fits.

Your next tip has to do with who to ask for a second opinion and can you always trust it.

Until then, join our growing community of women who are becoming their own beauty and shopping experts and having a lot of fun sharing how they do it with a lifetime Dressing Your Truth Membership which includes hours and hours of online beauty and fashion training materials including access to a wide range of comprehensive videos, live-feed online events, and an online community of camaraderie and wealth of resources in your Members Resource Area.

Discover Your Beauty Profile- 12 yr. old Emma’s Experience!

One of my best interviews yet! Learn from the mouth of babes words of wisdom. Emma shares very clearly and profoundly how learning about her true nature has set her on a path of living her truth full on at the young age of 12! Ladies, what is your Beauty Profile?

Why Can Snooki and "The Hoff" Annoy Us?

This little video is going to give you some valuable insight as to why we can get annoyed by some people and why we can also annoy some people at times! As you learn to live true to your nature and allow yourself to BE who you truly are, you are a gift to yourself and others! Learning these valuable insights will free you from unnecessary judgment of yourself and others as you learn to live and manage your true nature! Learn more about Energy Profiling and create more success in your life- effortlessly by just being YOU!