The Dressing Your Truth 1-Year Anniversary Party is TONIGHT!

Today marks our 1-year Anniversary that Dressing Your Truth was launched to the women of the world through the internet.  Join us tonight for our 1-year Anniversary Party.  Learn from this video what is on SALE at the Dressing Your Truth website, what’s happening TONIGHT at our Anniversary Party that you can attend right here online, more details of our BIG Giveaway, and what my secret passion really is!

Live Your Truth Radio Show – Dressing Your Truth Celebrates Its 1 Year Online Anniversary!

Celebrate with us tonight! All callers will receive special gifts from our online store, call in and share how Dressing Your Truth has rocked your world and changed your life! Need help with your Beauty Profile? We will take those calls too! Best-selling author, Carol Tuttle is an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, author of 4 books ad the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. We invite you to call in with your questions during the live broadcast to receive Carol’s expert advice along with a free copy of one of Carol’s products. Click here learn more about Carol’s Anniversary Celebration

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Ask Carol! Question of the Week: How can I be heard without having to get aggressive?

Type 2 people have a calm, subdued nature. They often feel they can be overlooked and not heard. Carol is joined by her Type 2 daughter Anne in sharing some helpful advice on how to be seen, heard, and understood by others without going against your true nature. What Type are you? Find out in Carol’s book “It’s Just My Nature!”

The biggest lie nearly every woman tells herself and how to clear it!

Dressing Your Truth 1 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Join us ladies for a fun and entertaining evening learning more about Dressing Your Truth and how it demystifies the world of fashion and style for every woman. Give yourself the power of your own beauty and become your own beauty expert.

Carol will be on hand the first hour to meet and greet you. She will be signing books and be available to answer any of your fashion and style questions.

The second hour, we have some fun and games planned like our “4 Types Beauty Panel Gone Wrong!” Prizes for our “What’s My Type” game, and all the details about our BIG, BIG announcement.

Join us live or online and bring at least one or 2 friends with you and receive a special gift from us! Yummy treats, raffle prizes (even for our online audience) and of course shopping for everyone!

Here’s all the details:

Open to All Women
Date: Tues. Aug. 17
Time: Meet and Greet 5:30-7 pm, Intro Event 7-8 pm MST
Location: Live at The Center for Living Your Truth, 12200 S. 282 E. Draper, UT

Join us online via live broadcast from 7-8 pm by clicking here.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Nearly every woman carries a lie about herself that effects her sense of wholeness everyday.  What is that lie that I am helping women all over the world release? Watch the video above- I tell you towards the end of the video. I am also excited about our upcoming 1 year anniversary of Dressing Your Truth going online and we want you to celebrate with us. You are invited to a very special event right here on the internet. Watch to learn how you can attend to celebrate BIG with us- and also what our big announcement is!