Announcing the winner of the "post a comment" contest!

First I want to thank all who took the time to vote for me and my family in the StartupNations Leading Moms in Business Contest. Wow, we had over 4,000 votes and over 200 blow-me-away comments posted.

Everyone that posted a comment was entered in to a drawing to win a $100 gift card that can be used on any Carol Tuttle product of service.

The lucky winner is…………..(long pause like Nick does on America’s Got Talent!)

AnnaLee Tillman

Here is AnnaLee’s wonderful comment:

I am a mother of seven and have been searching. A friend introduced me to DYT last year. It took me a while to get started with the Dressing Your Truth  as I was out helping my daughter in AL who had just had her first baby. I did the Beauty Profiling test once I arrived back home, however being the Type 4 person that I am it has taken me a while to accept the fact that I am a Type 4. I retook the test last month and saw that it was right on. . . I have been searching for who I am and found that this has helped me take the beginning steps to truly be “Me”; that I can Love myself and others, and gain a greater understanding of those around me. I feel so empowered when I have had the time to go to Carol’s blog and the Dressing Your Truth website. I still have so much I need to apply with the tools that are out there. I want to do the total makeover! You have truly been inspired Carol and words cannot express how excited I am to continue to find the positive that this program offers in attitude, dress and appearance. “As my seven year old says, “You are totally awesome”!!!

Thank you sooo much AnnaLee, now go and buy yourself some amazing makeup and jewelry to bring out your stunning Type 4 beauty!

Seriously, there were SO many great comments.  If I am having a downer day I just need to read a few of them to pick me right up!  Take a moment and read all the great things people had to say about us, our company, and our products.  Just Click Here!

AnnaLee to claim your prize please email and one of our amazing customer support gals will help you out!

With all your votes and comments I hope the people at StartUpNation are saying right now “who the heck is Carol Tuttle! A lot of people really like her and her family- I think we should pick her as the winning mom!!”

God Bless You
Carol Tuttle

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