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Due to popular demand and the fact that I want every woman who’s reading  this to know her Beauty Profile so she can start Dressing Her Truth, we are Face Profiling again! Join Carol and learn more about what your facial features say about what Type of woman you are. Best-selling author, Carol Tuttle is an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, author of 4 books and the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. We invite you to call in with your questions during the live broadcast to receive Carol’s expert advice along with a free copy of one of Carol’s products. Learn more about Carol and all of her life changing products at

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Mommy, Please Don’t Wear That!

Carol is featured on Hybrid Mom and shares her fashion insights with Moms everywhere!  Mothers, stay in style and Dress Your Truth!

You can read what Carol had to say HERE!

Our little secret that helps us create a profitable, expanding, successful family business!

Over the last year we have experienced more growth than ever in our company. Even in a time of economic challenge we are beating the odds and changing the story to create what we want as a business. My son Chris, who is our CEO, and I  want to share with you our little secret! Also learn about a competition Carol is competing in and how you can support her and her family business!

Ask Carol! Question of the Week: Which of the 4 Types is most likely to have autistic tendencies?

Energy Profiling teaches a system of 4 Types that we each have a dominant expression with.  Quite often these expressions can be misunderstood when they are personified to an extreme in a person and as a result given labels that can also be inhibiting and limiting to a child.  Carol shines more light on which of the 4 Types is most likely to have autistic tendencies and how understanding the nature of this Type of child can open up more awareness for both parent and child, which naturally creates more balance and harmony.  Learn more about your Type and your child’s in Carol’s book, “It’s Just My Nature” at

Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile: Cindy’s Experience

Cindy, a Subtle, Soft woman, shares how she discovered what Type of woman she is. Carol teaches Cindy more details about how her body language and facial features are the most telling about our true nature. Watch and learn how Cindy came to rediscover her true feminine nature and why she no longer apologizes or feels bad about herself. What’s your Beauty Profile, learn now at