How different Types of people have their own "Pity Party"-The silent Type!

Every person has their emotional buttons pushed and gets upset at other people. We all have our pity party’s in response to feeling we are not being honored for who we are! Which Type of the 4 Types in Carol’s Energy Profiling system has the “silent” pity party?” Watch and learn how to not let this get the best of you!  Does this sound like you? What’s your Type? Learn in my books what Type you are!

Boutique Cafe Reviews Dressing Your Truth

Emily, of Boutique Cafe discovers that she’s a Type 3 and gives an in-depth review of Carol’s book, “Dressing Your Truth”.   CLICK HERE to read what Emily had to say.

10 Ways to Improve Your Family Life

Wondering how to improve family life? You can do some simple things to help your family be happier. Try out these ideas to strengthen your family:

1. Pray together as a family once each day.

In our family of seven people, we each took a day of the week to say all the prayers for that day: family prayer, prayer at meals, and any other prayers. “Whose day is it to pray?” was heard often at our house.


2. Eat together at a sit-down meal at least three times a week.

More often is even better. With busy schedules, family members can end up just communicating logistics—who is going where and when? But a sit-down meal provides an opportunity for everyone to slow down, reconnect, and just enjoy one another’s company.


3. Tell each of your children this individually:

“If there is anything I say or do that makes you feel worthless or not good enough, stop me and tell me. I love you and want to treat you with respect and honor.” And then listen carefully to what they have to say. The best way to teach your children to respect themselves and others is to offer respect to them yourself.

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Meet @GreenSmoothieGirl as she shares her experience with Fashion and Beauty!

I recently contacted @GreenSmoothieGirl who happens to only live about 20 min. from me! I was intrigued to meet another successful woman who was helping people via the internet. Robyn candidly shares with me her not so successful experience with fashion and beauty that is too often the story for most women! Before you watch the video, take a guess what Type you think Robyn is! What’s your Type of beauty? Learn your Beauty Profile in my new book at

Learn more about @GreenSmoothieGirl here

Ask Carol! Question of the Week: How do I flirt true to my Type?

“Carol, how does each Type flirt?” I love this question and my answer might surprise you! If you are single and dating and looking for a partner that will support you true to who you are, you will want to watch this! What Type are you? Read my book, “It’s Just My Nature” get your copy at