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“Learn the Secret to Dressing Your Truth with Author Carol Tuttle” published by “All Things Girl | Created by Women for Women” highlights Carol and her Dressing Your Truth Beauty Profiling System.

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Ask Carol! Question of the Week: What about Dating Your Truth, what are the best matches for each Type?

This is a popular question, “What is the best Type for each Type in relationships?” Again, you might be surprised by my answer! Are you dating your truth? Are you aware of how to find the perfect Type for you? This little video may just change your dating life! How did my daughter Anne find the perfect Type of man for her? Watch and learn! Learn your Type and what Type of person you want to date by reading my book, “It’s Just My Nature!” or by visiting

Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile- Nathalie's Experience

Carol interviews Nathalie, a bright, animated woman, about how she discovered what Type of woman she is. Like too many women Nathalie was trying to be somebody she is not! Until she discovered her true nature. Ladies, watch and learn how to look more deeply in to yourself to discover what Type of woman you are so you too can begin to live your feminine truth and know the truth about YOUR beauty. Discover Your Beauty Profile with Carol’s new book at

Marrying Your Truth! The Type 3 man marries the Type 2 woman

My daughter Anne was the first of my 5 children to use Energy Profiling as a tool to find the right man for her. Tanner and Anne talk about how understanding each other’s tendencies has given them a HUGE advantage from day 1 of their marriage. All you older married folk, tune-in and learn from this younger couple! Learn you true nature at

Living Your Truth Radio Show – Create Your Own Angel Wall!

Carol is joined by “angel enthusiast” Shea, who will teach you how her “angel wall” has changed her life! Learn how to petition your angels to create more well-being and abundance in your life! Best-selling author, Carol Tuttle is an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, author of 4 books ad the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. We invite you to call in with your questions during the live broadcast to receive Carol’s expert advice along with a free copy of one of Carol’s products. Learn more about Carol and explore her life changing products at

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