How has Energy Profiling helped this family of 10?

I love to hear from mom’s and dad’s  who have used Energy Profiling to improve their family relationships.  Nathalie is the mother of 7 ( soon to be 8 ) children.  She is joined by her only 2 daughters as they share with me how Energy Profiling has made all the difference in creating lasting family harmony in this very big family!  Learn your true nature at

Anne and Tanner Brown’s Type 2 Wedding

Anne and Tanner Brown’s Type 2 Wedding

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of my daughter Anne’s Type 2 wedding!  Notice the detail she went to with choosing her beautiful Type 2 wedding dress and long, flowy  veil.  Her cake shape was an oval, their wedding rings were custom made true to Anne’s Type 2 nature and Tanner’s Type 3 nature.  The decor and flowers at the reception were all Type 2!  It was probably the first Dressing Your Truth wedding where everyone in the wedding party was Dressing Their Truth!  Anne chose the color purple as her theme and everyone wore “their” color of purple true to their Type!  We even had bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, in the flowers of our Type!  It truly was one of the most beautiful and harmonious weddings I have ever experienced!  Enjoy!  (Wedding Photo’s taken by Jessie Shurtleff 801-699-8313)

Ask Carol! Question of the Week: What is the difference between a Type 3's directness and a Type 4's straightforwardness?

Carol explains the difference between the often confused tendencies of a Type 3′s direct, to the point manner and a Type 4′s blunt, straightforward manner in how they express themselves.  Energy Profiling not only helps you better understand yourself, but puts to rest your frustration of not understanding others!  Give yourself this huge advantage in life!  How has Energy Profiling helped you? Share your comments.

Mom and Daughters Dressing Their Truth

Nathalie, the mom of 12 yr-old Emma and 16 yr-old Victoria, shares with me how there was no way she was every going to wear Type 1 clothes!  What happened? What changed her mind? And how in the world did she convince her daughters to dress their truth? I love this interview! Watch and learn.

BIG Surprise at last week's Dressing Your Truth Club Night!

If you thought it was already better than you had ever hoped for, we announced a big surprise for all our Dressing Your Truth Club Members at last week’s Club Night!  New pocket size color guides that will easily slip in to your wallet!

These handy guides will help you as you continue to train your eye to see your color group or harmony of colors that look best on your Type of beauty!  How do you get a pocket size color guide?  If you are not a member yet, join the Club at our Dressing Your Truth online learning portal.

Just one of the amazing bonuses to becoming a member is attendance at our exclusive monthly Club Nights that you can attend live or online!  We also record them to watch whenever you want. This month’s topic was: “Foundation and Skin Care for Every Type of Beauty!”

The fashion world fails to show us the beauty of 3 of the 4 Types of skin that women have.  We consistently see images of Type 4 skin which is very porcelain and refined.  If you do not have that Type of skin anything unlike it can be perceived as a flaw, when in actuality it is a feature of your beauty.

True to her nature, Carol showed us how to change our perception of seeing flaws to seeing features of our beauty and taught us how to care for our skin to enhance it’s natural expression and bring out our true beauty.

We also enjoyed a few other surprises as Carol “blew the whistle” on her latest fashion faux pas!  We also announced our Dressing Your Truth Best Dressed honorees for May, and shared them with everyone watching online.

Start your Dressing Your Truth experience by first discovering your Beauty Profile in Carol’s new book, then take the important next step and become a member of Dressing Your Truth so you too can access the many hours of personal beauty training we offer at our starte of the art online learning portal on our Dressing Your Truth website.

We hope to have you join us soon!