How different Types of people throw their own "Pity Party"- The pouty Type!

Every person has their emotional buttons pushed and gets upset at other people. We all have our pity party’s in response to feeling we are not being honored for who we are! Which Type of the 4 Types in Carol’s Energy and Beauty Profiling systems has the “pouty” pity party?” Watch and learn how to not let this get the best of you!  Does this sound like you? What’s your Type? Learn in my books what Type you are! and 

Live Your Truth Radio Show – Announcing the Winner of Our 1-Year Anniversary Grand Prize Giveaway!

This is the biggest and best giveaway we have ever created. Tune-in to learn who the winner is! Also taking calls to help you live your truth. Best-selling author, Carol Tuttle is an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, author of 4 books ad the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. We invite you to call in with your questions during the live broadcast to receive Carol’s expert advice along with a free copy of one of Carol’s products. Learn more about Carol and all of her life changing products at

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Daily Script to Have a Better Day

Do you want to have a better day…every day?

Read the following script daily and watch your life change:

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Ask Carol! Question of the Week: What do I say to women who trash talk their bodies?

How many times a day or week to you think to yourself “I’m too fat!” WELL YOU NEED TO STOP IT. I have some pretty strong opinions about women trash talking their bodies. We learn early in our teens that to fit in we need to put down our bodies! “I’m too fat!” becomes the popular thing to say early in our lives as women. What can we say to women who trash talk their bodies? Do you trash talk your body? Watch and learn how to stop and why it’s not serving you to do this anymore. Support yourself by learning your Beauty Profile and start loving yourself and your body right now!

Dressing Your Truth Tip- Listen to Your Beauty Sixth Sense!

What’s your Beauty Sixth Sense? Are you listening to it and letting it guide you in knowing what is the best fashion and style for your Type of beauty? Learn this one important tip to start listening to your Beauty Sixth Sense! Become your own beauty expert with the help of Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth at our Dressing Your Truth website.