This Is For Every Woman Who Was Teased As a Girl

Carol Barrel. 

Thunder Thighs. 

We’re going to have to pay someone to marry you.

I grew up in a home where teasing was allowed—and those are just a few of the “funny” words I heard as a girl.

But looking back, I don’t see that kind of teasing as funny. It’s actually hostile humor.

Hostile humor is any negative judgment or derogatory message said in a funny way that is hurtful to someone’s sense of personal value.

If you were the victim of hostile humor in your childhood, I guarantee those words are still affecting how you see yourself today if you haven’t cleared them.

So today I’m going to help you clear those “humorous” insults with this simple process.

But first, I invite you to watch this amazing video to begin the process. I got emotional watching it as it brought up the stuff I needed to heal.

Even if you’ve already seen this video, it’s definitely worth the 3 minutes to re-watch it. And this time, watch it with your own emotional healing in mind!

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If My Life Had A Soundtrack, These 10 Songs Would Be On It

If your life had a soundtrack, what songs would be on it?

Throughout my life, many different songs have supported and inspired me in my journey of finding and living my truth.

This top 10 list represents some of my favorite music: the music of my youth, music that got me through tough times, music that inspires me, and music that reminds me of my true nature.

Starting with three of my favorite bands that I was drawn to as a young girl:

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Declare Your Independence From Family Patterns Of Lack & Struggle With Money


That’s how much my husband Jon and I owed in credit card debt 20 years ago. We had no income at the time.

That year, 1994, was a low point in our financial lives as a couple.

But it was also that same year that we got serious about changing our dysfunctional patterns with money.

To do that, we had to look back at our family’s patterns with money.

And we were both surprised by what we found out!

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3 Primary Reasons Why We Become (or Stay) Overweight

If you are overweight (as I once was), you can become obsessed with food, losing weight and that number on the scale.

But it’s almost impossible to get fit until you consider the underlying factors that are creating your body to become (or stay) overweight, because putting on weight isn’t just something that “happens” to us.

It often follows certain beliefs that we can so easily believe.

In this video, consider which of these 3 reasons may be true for you. (And find out which 2 of the 3 I dealt with.)

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Without These 10 People, I Would Not Be the Same Person I Am Today

If I were to ask you to name some of the people who have influenced your life for the better, who would they be?

For most of us, many would be the people close to us and people we’ve met and interacted with.

But I’m sure we can all name some people whose lives and work have contributed to our lives in positive ways, even though we may have never met them personally.

Here is my top 10 list of influential people who have made my life better—including 3 people I’ve never met.

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