10 Movies That Helped Me Awaken to my True Self!

I really don’t watch much television. But I do enjoy going to the movie theater!

The movies I enjoy most are the ones that have helped me awaken to a higher state of consciousness—and even a Disney movie can do that!

Check out my top 10 movies below.

Plus, I invite you to reflect on and share which movies have most impacted you!

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Is This Centuries-Old Belief About Women Keeping You Stuck?

Are you whole and complete without a man?

Of course! you might say. But before you answer that, consider this.

For many centuries women have believed that they are not fully whole without a man in their lives.

We can trace the origins of this back to the time when women were often viewed as property and had no rights without being married to a man.

During this period, women had less power to create a lifestyle equal to a male, as they were dependent on their marital status to provide them with certain resources and experiences.

Over the years this has changed and women were given the same rights as men.

But the deeper belief did not magically clear on its own.

So we’re still carrying a version of that original belief in society today—and it actually objectifies women and keeps them stuck.

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3 Ways to Quiet Your Mind & Connect With Your Inner Wholeness

We all have a lot going on these days!

So when was the last time you took time for yourself, in quiet solitude, just to connect with yourself?

Most likely you won’t be flying off to India any time soon to spend 21 days in a retreat center and take a vow of silence, like I once did.

So here are a few tips that any person can do to start connecting to your inner wholeness:

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We’re Hiring an Online Copywriter & Blog Editor – Is This You?

Do you want to help shape and edit the content on a blog that is read by tens of thousands each week?

Are you a skilled copywriter who enjoys using the power of words to inspire others to take action and change their lives?

Are you a proactive self-starter who can manage deadlines and keep projects moving forward on time?

My company, Live Your Truth, has an opening for an Online Copywriter/Blog Editor to work with our Director of Content, our Editorial Team and of course, me, here on The Carol Blog and for other Dressing Your Truth copywriting projects.

If this position sounds like you, please read the job opening here for the position responsibilities and requirements and how to apply.

Bonus consideration for current Carol Blog subscribers and/or applicants who know their Energy Type or Type of beauty!


Answering Your Questions: 7 Resources That Healed My Depression

After my previous post about Robin Williams and my own challenges with depression, I got several questions from you about what resources I used to heal.

Having dealt with depression most of my adult life, I am grateful to say that in the last few years these 7 resources have helped me successfully heal this condition.

I hope that in my sharing what supported me, it will help you or a loved one experience healing, too.

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