Oscars 2012 Best Dressed… in Their Truth (With Photos)

Maybe you’ve seen the Oscars Best Dressed lists. But have you considered which stars were best Dressing their Truth that night?

Take a look at our top Oscars 2012 picks for stars who really listened to their beauty sixth sense and dressed true to their Type in my Beauty Profiling system…

Bright, Animated Type 1 Stars

We chose Cameron Diaz’s after-party dress as our Type 1 winner. Her pop of color and the simple lines in her dress make her shine. Her cute, blonde bob captures her youthful, happy facial characteristics. Doesn’t she just look fun?

Meryl Streep just glowed at the Oscars in her bright gold ensemble—true to her Type 1 nature. Although I don’t love the “fit” of her dress, she still pulls it off with bright, shiny gold earrings, shoes, a sparkly clutch, and her light and wispy updo.

Subtle, Soft Type 2 Stars

Lara Spencer looked simply beautiful in a classic gray Type 2 piece. The shoulder strap, ruching in front, and the flowy drape behind all created S-curves. Her great choice of jewelry featured brushed silver teardrop earrings. And her subtle makeup and cool vanilla hair with a soft, flowy bang finished off her elegant look.

As a Type 2, Viola Davis didn’t dress her truth at the Oscars—although the dress was beautiful! Even though it featured some flow in the front, the green popped like a Type 1. So we’re going to look back at the Golden Globes where she was dressing her Type 2 truth to a tee! Take a look at her beautiful, soft red gown with gauzy material, and elegant makeup in a soft berry. Some silver jewelry and different shoes would have taken it to the top, but overall, she gets 5 stars!

Rich, Dynamic Type 3 Stars

Not a lot of Type 3 looks to choose from at the Oscars! So although Maya Rudolph isn’t completely Dressing her Truth, she comes in 2nd place in her rich, purple dress. Textured accents add flair and punch. And even though her hair’s a little soft in the curl, the warm auburn color and asymmetry created by being swept to one side create an angular movement that lights up her face.

Glenn Close looks dynamic and strong in her vibrant green dress. Naturally textured fabric adds to the asymmetrical form. Her hair was edgy and wild and her eye makeup captivating. Although some bronze jewelry would have really put the icing on the cake, she did a fabulous job Dressing her Truth!

Bold, Striking Type 4 Stars

Rooney Mara. WOW! She captures her stunning beauty in this breath-taking white dress. The straps create symmetry and parallel lines, and the flare at the bottom is a bold accent. The gown’s airy fabric contrasts highly with her solid hairstyle. She tops it all off with a bold burgundy lip! Notice she isn’t wearing jewelry—and she doesn’t need to! Her dress and bold bangs create just the right amount of movement.

People were split on Gwyneth Paltrow’s “cape,” but I think it’s perfectly stunning. It takes a Type 4 to push the norm! The tailored fit creates a still movement and the cape adds parallel lines. Her sleek hair is the perfect cool shade of blonde and she accented her eyes with deep black. Instead of wearing a necklace or earring, she draws the eye to her wrist with a bold bangle and large rings. Stunning!

What do you think of our Oscars Best Dressed list? Any others you would add? Share a comment!

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Carol Tuttle

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  • Genevieve Beck

    Love this! I’m always wondering about who is getting it. 🙂

  • RachelJL

    Was Michelle Williams dressing her truth? I thought she looked stunning, too.

  • Suzanna

    This is a fun post! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Niloo

    Great post!!! Please do more of these types of posts! I also second the question about Michelle Williams, who I thought looked just lovely.

  • Holly

    I like the cape too. It wasn’t to wide. simple

  • RachelJL

    I’m going to take a stab at Michelle Williams’ dress myself.
    First of all, “stunning” was probably the wrong word, since I don’t think she’s a T4. 😉 I’m going to guess that she’s a T1, and that the color was more of a T3 orange instead of a T1. So although she looked gorgeous, maybe she didn’t look completely her best because the dress wore her a little instead of the other way around? Also, obviously the silver bow and necklace were wrong, if she is a T1.

    Would love to hear someone else’s guesses.

    And why do so many people in the press keep calling her dress “red?” lol.

    • Brenda

      Here’s my 2 cents on Michelle William’s ‘Truth Type’…I think she’s a Type 1—very young looking, almost like a pixie! Her ‘red’ dress in the linked photo appears to be a Type 1 ‘red-orange’…(not a type 3 color) The color ‘pops’ in a very ‘one-like’ way. The fabric is light and the ruffle crisp. I think she dressed her truth very nicely.

  • Pamela

    Meryl’s dress looks earthy and rich to me and with those folds it would have suited Glenn Close much more than Meryl. I’d love to see her dress in truly, all the way T1 style as she is one of my favorite actresses and absolutely lovely to me.

  • Carol

    Hi Ladies,

    Michelle Williams is actually a Type 4/1. If you could imagine her dress being a more bold color of red/orange, you can see what I am talking about. Her hair is perfect for her 4/1 energy.

    Pamela, I agree with your comment about Meryl’s dress being a bit too dirty of a gold, but she was close! I love her too. Thanks for all your comments and reading my blog. Love, Carol

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