Are You a Type 2…Who’s Not Really a Type 2?

Today I’m shedding light on a pattern we’ve been noticing lately: seeing several women—especially those over 40—mistakenly assess themselves as dominant Type 2’s in my Energy Profiling system.

Why do they make this mistake?

I asked my daughter Anne, a Type 2 and one of our Beauty Profiling experts, to join me in discussing why many women can mistakenly identify themselves a dominant Type 2.

There are several reasons for this confusion, which we explain in the video below.

Watch the video to learn some of the factors that contribute to mis-assessing yourself as a Type 2. And hear how each of the other Energy Types—Type 1’s, Type 3’s and Type 4’s—can mis-identify themselves as Type 2’s.

How did this information help you? Do you have a story of how you might have mis-identified your Type at first? Share your comments with me below.

And for all you true Type 2’s out there, embrace and live your truth! We need and love you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

Still not sure? Ask yourself one question.

If you’ve been uncertain about your Type, ask yourself: Is this the Type I think society, culture or my family expects/expected me to be?

This goes for both men and women. As we know in the world of Energy Profiling, none of the Types is characterized as being masculine or feminine. Energy is about the natural way you move through life. So no matter your Type or your gender, you can live true to your nature and be a man or a woman true to your Type.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Bonnie

    I don’t have adequate words to express how grateful I am for this video. I began my DYT journey about 2 months ago and automatically decided that I wasn’t a Type 3 or 4, because I have never seen myself as hot or striking, and definitely not bold. I identified very closely with the sensitive, comfortable, low movement of a Type 2. So I ordered the Type 2 course a month and a half ago, thinking I was a 2/1 and dove right in with makeup, clothing, and accessories. But it just didn’t feel right.

    So I (very thoroughly) listened to Carol’s blogtalkradio posts, re-read the books, and scoured the site for any video/post that could help me find my truth. And a few weeks ago I started asking my husband, parents, and close friends what they thought. (I know, I should have asked people sooner, but I guess I didn’t think they could know me as well as I know myself…)

    Since I was losing major sleep and not knowing my type was literally consuming my brain and free time, I decided to follow Carol’s advice in one of her videos and 1. Stop saying I don’t know, 2. Face the reasons why I want to know and don’t want to know my type, and 3. Pray to God that he would show me my truth on a silver platter.

    And he did. I have a hair appointment TODAY at the DYT salon that I booked over a month ago and it was really freaking me out that I still didn’t know my type. But I woke up today, said another prayer for help, and here is this video, posted today. If that isn’t a silver platter, I don’t know what is!!

    Thank you Carol, Anne, and the whole staff who so masterfully put these videos and resources together. I can confidently say for the first time today that I am a Type 4.(You probably guessed that just by reading my experience above!) Now I can begin to let you and your experts help me embrace my 4-ness and love myself again.

  • Marie R.

    Boy, this video hits home with me. I initially was sure I was a type 2, but the more I get into this, the less comfortable I am with that and the more convinced I’m a type 4 with a type 2 secondary. How do I get a photo confirmation and/or switch programs?


    • LYT Customer Support

      Hello Marie, please email and ask for their assistance with this. We are happy to help! Thank you!

  • Niloo

    GREAT GREAT VIDEO!!! Can you please do more like this one? It was really helpful to me. I have been very doubtful about my type so I thought “Well hey, I’m doubting…so isn’t that a Type 2 thing to do??” But I understand better now what a Type 2 really is and how it’s different from the Type 1 “wanting to make things lighter” and the Type 4 “being thorough and being sensitive to sounds and chaos.”

    This was awesome. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Robyn

    I am so happy you posted this video! My mom had at first profiled herself as a Type 2 because she loves comfort and is a pile-maker – and she also loves the T2 colors and clothes. I think she also mistook her deep and thorough thought process for a sensitive and detailed thought process. To me, it was always obvious that she was not soft and subtle. She has always been a strong Energy. It was hard to convince her to take a second look, and then it was a bit difficult for her to accept when she re-read your book and recognized so many of her traits in the Type 4 chapter. I have at least one other Type 4 friend who mistook herself for a Type 2 and just recently discovered her true nature and beauty. She looks so much better and feels liberated!

    Is it usually harder to convince Type 4s that they are not really Type 2? It sure seems to take a long time around here….

  • Maggie

    Hi, Carol and Anne…thanks for the video. One question for clarification: In the video, it was said that the quality of getting overstimulated by loud noises and movement is Type 4; but couldn’t that also be a Type 2 quality? I’m remembering that in a book called “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Elaine Aron, she talks about this same quality–it stuck with me, because I have always been very sensitive to noise, light, etc. (I don’t like too much of either!) I am a Type 2…so I’m just trying to get clarification that that quality isn’t exclusively Type 4, right? Thanks in advance for your response and for all you do…

    • Carol

      Hi Maggie, I looked you up on Facebook, and would invite you to consider that you are a Type 4. That is what I see in your facial features, so, this tendency would be true for a Type 4 which I see in you.

    • Carol

      To explain more about the energetic effect of movement and space for Type 2s it is draining, overwhelming, and tiring; wears you out. Type 4s find it irritating like nails on a chalkboard or rattling their cage.

      • Barb

        Thanks, Carol for clarifying this. Because I know I am a T2 and am very sensitive to noise, light… and the feeling is being “overwhelmed and drained”. (Though during PMS it was “irritating” as well!)
        My T2 is emotionally sensitive and my very strong secondary T4 is very sensitive to the environment. No wonder I struggle so hard being able to handle things. And then I beat myself up for being “weak”

      • Kim

        Yes, THANKS, Carol, for this clarification, and to Barb for sharing her experience! I’m a T2 who’s been struggling the past year to figure out if my secondary is T4 or T3. (I don’t see clear facial signs of either but relate to some traits of both… especially T4 since everyone calls me a “perfectionist.”) I’m extremely sensitive to noise and light, definitely overwhelmed/drained, but struggle so with handling my environment that Barb’s comments lead me to suspect I too am T2/4. I greatly appreciate the video exploring these questions. Keep ’em coming!

      • Pamela

        I also appreciate the clarification about being sensitive to sound and light. I have always been very sensitive to noise and it wears me out big time. As I listened to the video, however, I thought I might be a T4 who has mistaken myself for a T2, since I’m in my 60’s and relate to the cultural norms. But, I then went to the T4 store to look at the clothes to see if they were a “fit” for me. I found I AM NOT a T4. I could not and would not wear T4 clothes as, for me, they would feel like wearing a costume! I visited all four stores and the only other clothes that appealed to me (as something I would actually wear) were some of the T1 clothes, which are feminie, romantic and pretty. So, maybe, I’m a T2/T1, which never crossed my mind until now. I do have lots of ideas and I was always called cute. Hmmmm.

        Love the DYT series – I’m having great fun trying out new clothes and accessories. I feel wonderful in my T2 clothes – they make me very happy, confident and peaceful.

  • Jackie

    Wow!Just what I needed.I had trouble deciding between T2 and T4 but as soon as Carol defined the difference between the sensitive nature of a 2 and a 4 I knew I was definitely a 2.I am such an emotional woman but having 4 kids made me toughen up and be strong for them.Now they have flown the nest I can be my true self.

  • Lola

    Boy oh Boy! If I thought I was confused before, I’m even more so now. I’ve been reading and re-reading the course (isn’t that a type 2 trait?) and every time I read about the other types, I’m convinced I have those traits also (isn’t that a type 1 trait?). The only thing I’m sure of is I’m not a Type 3. Type 3 women have always intimidated me.
    I’m now leaning towards type 1 but the comments about being the life of the party just don’t apply to me. I also don’t come up with a lot of ideas. I also like to plan a project out and move from step to step.
    I’m a mis-mash. I’m really beginning to despair of ever finding my truth. 🙁

    • Angie

      Don’t worry, you’ll get it! I had the same problem deciding between a 2 and a 4. Go through your closet and separate type 2 clothes and type 4 clothes. Wear one type for a few days and then switch to the other type. You’ll notice a different feeling between the two. When you are in the right type, your day will seem to go smoother. It worked for me, I hope it helps you.

      • Joscelyn

        I am so glad I’m not alone.
        —I have been trying the Type 2 clothes for a few days. That comment somewhere above about “dressing up” hit home..I will move to TYPE 4 over the weekend to see if I feel any different. (purchased Type 2 course so…)
        Can’t believe I’ve NOT a type 2 due to the comfort factor & “PILES”, but I have been called a perfectionist(I have tried hard to get rid of that once I had kids cause it was too hard to keep up)
        A lot of type 1 resonates too except—LIFE of the PARTY.

  • Mary Ellen

    Well, I’m another fan of this wonderful video! And I had to laugh when you both talked about the pit in the stomach – “Oh no. Do they mean me? Could I not be a Type2?” I did – I laughed out loud because that’s what I was doing exactly as I began to watch. “What if this is for me??” lol It’s hard for a 2 to say “I’m absolutely a 2”. We want to say I think I am . . . But I’ve been living my truth as a T2 heading on a year in October. What I am discovering in all that time is not just how to honor true type 2 self, but my own type 2 self. And it’s true, as you say, that over time, your secondary and tertiary become more apparent. I tried to see it right away and worried that I’d be that one who couldn’t tell – but it does – if you forget about it and just let it happen – it does! Thank you, thank you Anne and Carol. I love your videos.

  • Leslie

    I know this can’t be me because I still kind of wish I were a Type 3 with a secondary 2, rather than the other way around. I’d be so much quicker and more productive! (Luckily, my secondary 3 always kicks in when a deadline’s approaching.) 🙂

  • Amy

    I’m a Type 4 that has struggled with it. I have had a really hard time between determining 2 or 4 and I still question it. I know that 4 is lower movement but I do find myself lightly swaying when standing, moving my foot (like tapping) when sitting. Oddly enough, I love Black Friday shopping and the thrill of the crowds. I’m still newer to DYT and wore brown to church the other day and I got compliments on how great I looked in brown which messes with me even more. I will say my husband likes the bold colors I wear as a T4.

  • Erin

    Well, I am one of those women who lived as a T2 for about a year and a half, but I am actually a T4. Accepting being a T4 did bring up some really unpleasant feelings, but I chose to work through it. It took about one week, and all of a sudden I felt so settled in my skin. I always had little questions in my mind when I was a T2, and I always wanted to tell Carol she was mistaken about T2s. When I thought about being a T4, I never felt I would be perfect enough as a T4.

    The unpleasant feelings is what kept me from moving forward as a T4. Don’t let that stop you. I am SO much happier now. Everything seems to have fallen into place and makes so much more sense.

    I do not regret my foray into the T2 world, because I think it did give me a safe place to finally understand myself, but I do wish I had made the T4 choice from the beginning.

    Also, as I T2, I kind of felt like a T2 with this high animation, and it felt off. I knew I was a lower energy type (my need for alone time is high), so I kept saying it was my secondary. Turns out it was the Boldness of my T4 showing itself. Also the way I got angry or passionate about something never made sense to me in a T2 way. It makes perfect sense as a T4…

  • Kathryn

    Carol, I LOVE that color on you!

    • Chris

      Seconding Kathryn’s remark: Carol, that vibrant yellow-gold is gorgeous on you!

  • Kathy

    Yes, you’re right. I’m one of those self diagnosed T2’s and still wondering. I definitely like some of the T2 clothing and some others just make me want to be sick. I love the jewelry and some of it feels great; some don’t. Others like the clothes in your store, why not me.? I get compliments when wearing clear, not toned colors, expecially turquose and blues, once in awhile bright pink. So where do I go from here? Health probs may be subverting me also right now. It’s still a mystery.

  • Kamber

    I felt the exact same way, trying to decide between type 1 and 2. I feel my personality is more type 2, but my facial features were more of a type 1. I’m not the life of the party etc. I decided to go to a store and find several different items that seemed to be type 2, from what I could glean from the free videos. I took them to a dressing room and tried them all on. It didn’t take long at all to see that it seemed to drain the color from my face and made my whole appearance seem droopy, instead of elegant. Feeling disappointed, I wanted to be “beautiful” and “romantic”, I did the same with type 1 clothes. Almost immediately I knew that I had to be a type 1. My face lit up, I felt better and more alive, and liked the way I looked much more. I consider myself a type 1 with type 2 coming in a very close second. I didn’t want to be a type 1. “Cute” was something I didn’t want to be, but I recalled that I’d been called that all my life. I even remember looking in the mirror one day, before ever hearing of DYT and saying, “the best I can ever do is “cute”, but I want to be “beautiful!” Now I realize cute is my kind of “beautiful”. I am still striving to embrace this fully and love my cute self, just as I am. I hope this helps you. I remember how hard that feels to be unsure. Best of luck to you!

    • Carol C

      Kamber & Lola, I went through the same dilemma as you ~ my personality was like type 2 but my face seemed type 1. I was able to solve it by going to DYT on a big detour from Canada and learning that even though I liked the greys, brighter colours looked better on me. Like you, I’m no life of the party nor do I think outside the box, but I focus on my optimism and light-heartedness. Let’s hear it for cute!

      • Monica

        Carol, Kamber and Lola I am in the same boat. I’d love to be able to email or fb you all. I haven’t done anything to my hair or wardrobe because I can’t determine if I’m a 2/1 or a 1/2.

    • Chris

      Kamber! Thanks for the story you shared about not wanting to be a “cute” Type 1…but wanting to be a “beautiful” Type 2. I’m not sure what my energy types are yet [working through the course for a second time], but what you described resonates with me.

  • Sarah

    Do you have one of these videos for those who think they are a type 4 but might not be? I have struggled with getting my type right for over a year now. And what Anne said about facial features in this video has really got me turned around. If that’s the most important, then I am not a 4, but I don’t know what I am. My features are not symmetrical, my eyes are not type 4, etc. I think my secondary is 2, but I don’t really know. It’s so much easier to see on other people!!

    • LYT Customer Support

      Not yet, Sarah, but we will! If you need additional guidance we do have an Expert Service available called Confirm Your Type for our Dressing Your Truth club members. Email for more information or visit the Expert Services link in the Dressing Your Truth folder of the members’ area. Thank you!

  • Tracie Callihan

    Oh my!! I have really, really been struggling. I have your books, bought the courses etc… and have been trying to live my type 2 and hate it.
    The clothes are depressing me and I have been thinking that there is something really wrong with me. I feel invisible, weak and un-empowered in the clothes but the energy traits of T2 seem to fit perfect right down to the doodling. I’m not sure what to think now.
    Thanks for everything.. It’s worked for my best friend and my daughters!

    • Lanam

      Right with ya. I hate the type 2 colors, they actually make me mad when I look at them
      How limiting 🙁

  • Katherine

    I am another type 4 who thought I was a type 2. I’m not sure I ever would have known if I hadn’t gone into the store and Anne told me I am a type 4. I am still struggling with it, probably because I have a strong secondary type 2. So many of the type 2 characteristics I identify with more than the type 4. I am moving forward with it, hoping it gets more comfortable.

  • Catherine C

    Wow! I have long wanted to be a writer and when I’ve taken writing classes have always received positive feedback. BUT I’ve never published anything, never even really finished anything. Why – because it isn’t good enough, isn’t unique, isn’t valuable. Or so I thought. Recently I read essays I wrote several years ago. They were good. I asked myself, “Why don’t I trust in my desires and talents?” Now I know.

    Being a Type 4, I continue to question the basis for this system because I don’t understand how it could be true. But over and over again I’m seeing that it is true at a deeper level for me and it works. Thank you.

  • rachael

    I thought I was a T2, dressed that way for over a year and realized at the end of the year that I felt like an ugly, droopy dog! The DYT team had kindly exchanged my T2 program for a T4 a few months into the program but then it sat there for almost a year because I thought that surely I couldn’t be a T4. For over a year I thought of nothing else, the question kept me up at night and I was overwhelmed. One night at about 3 am. I was fed up with this lingering question so I went in the bathroom and completely bleached out my very blended T2 hair to a platinum blonde. I stepped out a couple hours later feeling like a stunning bombshell! I began wearing black again and it felt so good! I started getting complements again on my appearance like I did before I mis-typed myself. I think my secondary energy is T1 and that may have clouded my perspective of myself because I really struggle to be structured and my facial features seem very T2 to me. But, my nickname has always been the “ice queen” because I give off a definite still, cold energy even when I’m relaxed and having fun. Realizing I am a T4 has been a relief and a burden as I learn to accept myself for who I really am.

  • Ninah

    My mother was a type 2. My father wanted me to be just like my mother, so I did my best to be a type 2. However, I am and will forever be a type 4. So when I dressed in my flowing gowns and came out with my “statements” of a type 4. Everyone was always shocked. Now I know why.

    I also think that in the 1960’s being a type 2 was almost a requirement for being feminine. Now we’re in an era, where being yourself is more supported.

    Now that I’m in my 60’s, and dressing my trust, I have men flocking around me and everyone telling me how stunning I am. What a switch! No on is shocked by my statements, actually, they expect them. What a RELIEF!

    Thank you Carol for helping me be myself again!

  • Anne

    Dear Anne and Carol, thank you for this clarifying conversation. I knew I was a Type 4 from the moment in the intro video where you show the noble firs in the moonlight. I burst into tears because something so “me” was acknowledged as beautiful. I started dressing my T4 truth a few months ago, and have never once looked back.

    But I do struggle with my secondary, and you’ve helped me understand why: it’s easy to confuse the yin side of T4 with the yin-yin of T2. But you will never catch me in a soft, drapey style again, in ANY color. My secondary is probably T3–but barely. Mostly, with other DYT-ers, I just laugh and say I’m a T4 with a secondary T4.

  • Melissa

    Even though I was born in 1961 I never felt that the culture was telling me I should be like a T2. I just thought I was. Everyone always said I was sensitive, romantic, elegant, feminine. And yet, when I purchased DYT I realized the only type my facial features had no trace of was T2. What? How could that be? I was the sensitive one, the romantic one, the elegant one, the feminine one. But as I learned more I began to understand the deeper truth behind the energies and now I appreciate my T2 friends in a whole new way. Now I understand why their incessant questioning used to drive me batty and that T2 was never my true nature. Somehow, I found that freeing. Carol said she saw T4 in my face a few days ago. I am extremely sensitive to noise, chaos and clutter. I need LOTS of alone time and definitely have a lower movement. It all sounds like T4, but black drains me. I am totally confused now.

    • Sarah Tzipporah

      I would recommend you check out the work of Dr. Elaine Aron. You may very well be a Highly Sensitive Person. You can do a self assessment here:

      • NancyElizabeth

        Hi Sarah, I took the test you linked in your post and yes, absolutely that’s me. No doubt. But what I’m wondering is if most or even all of these people are type 2? I’m pretty sure I am but now I’m confused because what I’m just sensitive and I’m some other type? Ugh.

        • Sarah Tzipporah

          Hi Nancy,
          As far as I have experienced it, HSP can be combined with any type. I am highly sensitive (HSP), but I am a Type 1/3. I have a friend who is a Type 4 HSP. My mother is a Type 2 HSP. I also have another friend who is an Type 3 HSP. I hope that helps! 🙂

          • NancyElizabeth

            Oh no now I’m really confused. I relate to a lot of the type 2 traits but I also feel quite drawn to type 3… Hmm.

          • Sarah Tzipporah

            Go with your gut, if you feel you are a type 2/3 then you probably are. It might take a little while to pin it down. Your face does look more angular, which to me says 3, but I am no expert! 🙂 You are the expert for you. Go through the qualities again and see which ones you most identify with. Are you goal oriented/driven or are you more concerned with relationships being connected to others?

          • NancyElizabeth

            Hi Sarah, that’s what I’m having a hard time with because I do have drive and some edge for sure but have had Fibromyalgia for 25 years so I don’t have the energy I used to have. As a child I was active and loved my friends and have always been sensitive and just naturally make other people feel comfortable so I have both 2 and 3 in me pretty strongly. I am more concerned with comfort than anything but that may be because of the illness. It’s frustrating because I just don’t know. I do have a You Tube channel called FibroFancyNancy if you would want to check out a video and see me talk/move..I know you’re not an expert but I would appreciate some input– thanks so much! <3

          • Sarah Tzipporah

            First of all, I LOVE your channel; what a wonderful way to help other people and be an encouragement to them! Okay, so this is what I see–your bone structure, the fact that you like and wear “substantial” jewelry, and your channel itself screams Type 3. You are clearly driven, goal oriented, and determined to help others who find themselves with the same condition as yourself. I see your sensitive nature as having influenced your decisions for what to go after, which is a very good thing! If I had to peg you, I would say Type 3 is your primary, with secondary 2. Besides all this, looking at your other posts on Carol’s blog, you seem to be going toward type 3. Our first instincts are usually correct. 🙂

  • Chris

    This video was so helpful. I tried the Type 2 “soft” clothing and colors for two weeks – because I really wanted to feel more traditionally feminine – and learned very quickly I was not a 2. Wearing those clothes made me feel incredibly sad. I think I actually cried 3 days out of 5 after work, before I could get home and change my clothes.

    So now the question is am I a dominant 1, 3 or 4? I am continually told I am too brash in my current work environment…but I’m not jumping on the 4 bandwagon just yet. This is the only environment where I’ve worked in which my frank communication and independent action have been branded as “brash” rather than described as reliable and self-motivated. Love wearing black and rocked variations on a blunt cut for years…but it was more that I worked in the arts and have baby fine hair, than trying to create an icy, exacting fashion statement.

    Originally thought I was a Type 3 [because I grasp the big picture quickly and then want to do things my way, without dealing with hierarchy, bureacracy, and passive-aggressive people], but my facial features are not “exotic” or heavily textured.

    Am re-reading the “Your Beauty Profile” book and working through the online course a second time, in an attempt to figure out where my dominant and secondary energy types fall.

    If I can’t figure it out the second time through, I’ll consider the option to have a consultation w/Carol via the web. Appreciate all the resources available online and the helpful responses of your great customer service staff.

  • http://yahoo Leah

    I am glad for the video because I typed myself at a 2 but only doing this for a couple weeks and kind of unsure if that is correct. I keep watching some of the videos over and all the types to see where I am and I keep gravitating to 2 as my dominate–I just turned 50 so would also fall into the age where I might mistpe myself. I am very calm natured and everyone always tells me–lots of patience, I am emotional but not overly, I do like people to feel comfortable, I don’t see myself as introverted at all but do like my alone time but also social. I am an idea peson,creative,I do take my time making decisions, I am caring and giving, like comfort, and make piles. As a child I was called “shy” and even a little older but that is the first impression people used to sometimes have of me and then they changed their mind after getting to know me. I think when you are labeled as a child by an adult you tend to think that is what you are and live up to it. I am still trying to figure out my true type. More than anything I think I probably repressed myself as I lacked self condidence which may have made me look shy or that my T1 younger sister got all the attention because she always had to be the center of attention and demanded it. I felt pushed to the side being the good girl. I will keep digging until I fingure it out!

    • Joscelyn

      WOW–I could have written that same post!!!!
      Only I have 2 T1 sisters!

  • Kathleen

    Hmmm. Now I’m not sure which type I am. I first thought I must be a T4, but then I realized that didn’t fit. I knew I wasn’t T3; I still feel quite certain of that. T3 women intimidate me to some degree. I’m pretty sure I’m not T1 as I’m definitely not “cute”. I don’t think I have the “star points” of a 1, either, although, maybe… When I really started looking at T2, I began to feel that must be right. I think I will read the book, again, more thoroughly this time. Hopefully I will find that I really am a T2! Yeah, I think I am a 2.

  • Cindy P

    @Chris, I had to laugh, because your description about why you thought you were T3…is so T4! Grasping the big picture, being your own authority, etc. And could your “brashness” actually be misunderstood “BOLDNESS”? Obviously I haven’t met you or seen your picture, but you SOUND very T4.

    And @Traci Callihan, you sound just like me! I thought at first that I MUST be a T2, and was pretty disappointed about that, because I had lived all of my life as a T2 and it obviously DIDN’T feel like I was in a healthy emotional place. I also do the T2 doodling. I even did a side by side list of my T2 traits and T4 traits, and T2 came out ahead. NEVERTHELESS…I am a T4!! With a VERY strong secondary T2. The moment I recognized and accepted that I am a T4, I felt such freedom and relief.

    I’m still working on breaking free from my self-built T2 cage, and this video really clarified some more T4 specifics for me! Thanks Carol and Anne!!

  • Chris

    Please PUH-LEASE do a video “Who’s Not a Type 4?” The videos clarifying type 3 and type 2 energy have been very helpful.

  • Julie W

    Thank you so much for this video!!! I am feeling like I might actually be able to FINALLY FIND myself..This course has practically given me a mid-life crisis because I just couldn’t figure out for sure what type I was. I felt like I had strong parts of each EXCEPT for type 4 🙂 I barely even read that section of the book because I thought it was so NOT me but after a recent video Brunch Chat with Carol she took one look at me and told me I was a 4…That really floored me as I thought I was a two and yet it really didn’t feel right. I just kept thinking ‘I am too loud to possibly be a 2.’ I am starting the process of updating my wardrobe and I feel completely inspired and a 4 feels really comfortable…I can’t believe how long I have repressed my type 4…I can’t wait to start trying on type 4 clothes and living to my fullest!!!

  • kath

    After watching this great video discussion about being a T2 or not, I, too, am beginning to wonder. I chose T2 because the descriptions technically sounded correct, but I feel like a T4, and I believe people perceive me as a T3(the only thing I know is I am not a T1!). I just received the T2 color chart and hardly any colors look right for me.
    Can I submit photos for someone to analyze my face to help me?

    Along with everyone else, thanks for putting all this out here for us!

    • LYT Customer Support

      Hello Kath, Thank you for your interest in discovering your Type of beauty. We do not offer a photo-face-profiling service. We do have two Confirm Your Type services and one, Confirm Your Type Coaching with Carol, is available online via video Skype. Please email support@dressingyourtruth for more help in determining your Type. Thank you!

  • Claudia

    Thank you for this, it really helped me clarify somethings. I am a Type 1, but sometimes am not sure of my secondary… It help me to understand the other types much better. It is interesting how at first when I was evaluating I did lean towards the Type 2, but then realized that I had gone that way to please everyone else, and to be calm and quiet for those Type 2 and Type 4s in my life. I really like the Type 1 colors and fun things that are there for us. I still have a tendency to allow my type 2 and 4 to dominate sometimes, but I still have fun. Thank you again, this was really helpful and fun to hear and learn more.

  • Cindy

    This video was helpful but I’m still very confused… when I was 19, I had oral surgery to correct a terrible ‘open’ bite. That surgery changed the shape of my nose and cheek bones slightly and so I feel lost when I look in the mirror to assess my facial features. I took to looking at photos of when I was young to get a better/truer idea but even that perplexed me. I identify with the type 2 strongly but boy is there a lot of type 4 in my personality. I also can identify with type 1 but on a smaller level. I have always felt ‘weird’ in certain styles & colors and hope ‘dressing your truth’ would help me be confident in knowing who I am.

    • LYT Customer Support

      Cindy, please email and request the additional resources for determining your Type. We are happy to help!

      • Cindy

        I have! Looking forward to discovering my truth.

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  • Gigi

    Thank you for this video. I did actually exchange my T2 materials for T4 and I’ve had good success with that. Even convinced my hair stylist to let me have one solid dark hair color….instead of bleaching on top of bleaching that I’d been doing for years. I love it! My mom didn’t even recognize me at first! This is what makes me “feel right in my own skin.” I’ve even taken up the violin, something I thought I’d never have the guts to do!

  • Andrea

    I have a question: Can a 4/1 energy be mistaken for a Type 2 energy? I am mostly certain I am a 4/1, but identify a lot with the Type 2, and originally thought I was a 2. Culturally, I wasn’t brought up to be a Type 2 (I grew up in the 80s and 90s when they were trying to get girls to be “tough”–haha), plus I have a very independent Type 4 mother, so it’s not that. As a child, I was very quiet, but also playful and quirky. But I am wondering if a more peaceful 4/1 can “look like” a Type 2 in behavior, etc.

    • Kathryn

      I saw a video where Carol talks about 4/1 looking like a Type 2. Type 4 is also a low energy like Type 2, and some Type 4’s can be more quiet like Type 2. I’m not a pro by any means, but you just sound like what she stated so I thought I’d throw that out there. Good luck!

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  • Janet

    I am so glad I saw this. Last night I was dead certain I was a 3, and nothing but. Then today I started reading the book, got to Type 2, and thought maybe that is what I am. Now I realize it is what I have tried to be all my life, and worked toward, but am not. thanks a bunch; I will keep reading!

  • Jehanne

    Hi Carol

    In the modern day culture of high-octane social and recreational activity, how do other type 2s deal with over-stimulation of the senses and sensitivity to alcohol?

    • Festie

      Is sensory overstimulation a problem for others too? I carry earplugs and make sure I have some quiet time every day after a lot of stimulation.

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  • Diana Clifft-Bramblett

    This video was the tipping point for me. I was sure I was a type 2 for the last almost three years. I chose type 4 for my secondary. I could see that clearly. I questioned it a lot in the beginning and then just gave in. It was nice and there are things that look so similar. I did not want to be type 4. I remember having a conversation with Anne and telling her how much I HATE the details unless it’s personal to me … then I’m all about it. She suggested that was a very t4. I have felt so disconnected from my soul and especially over the last few years I was being a type 2. I was begging the Universe to reconnect me and I was prompted to reread the books. I am so type 4. I bought some t4 stuff from DYT, and I love it. I feel so free and reconnect to who I was when I was a kid before some abuse by t4 family. I heard Carol say “Be a t4 that’s different than your Mom” and I realized I could be different. I am not my family. I am me and through my experience I know how to be a little more sensitive to others. I love being type 4. I love the freedom of being me. I sit up straighter, I have found my voice, my intuition feels stronger and I feel very much more grounded. I love the colors … I was kind of being absorbed by the grey. I still looked nice, now I look stunning. I never got one complement as a type2, I get at least one every day now. Yay! The 4/1 video helped too. I am that. No wonder I picked type2.

  • Anna Weakley

    I thought I was a type 2 or a four and i went to talk with a friend and she said she thought I was a type 1 so I signed up as a type I and have been dressing my truth for about 5 weeks now but I don’t fill right dressing as a type one I fill worn out at the end of the day but if i wear black then i fill more energy what should i do

  • Wendy J. D.

    At first I realized I was Type 1. It was until after reading the book and talking with other relatives that I showed the program to that I realized Type 1 was my secondary type.. It took some time to reflect and think about it before I chose what my primary energy was when I started the course. I avoided reading about Type 4 because I was so sure I was not that. I always associated Type 4 in a negative light…then it occurred to me that it doesn’t have to be viewed like that and it’s OK to have Type 4 as a natural movement. I finally realized that I was a Type 4/1. I love the lighter, playful social side of Type 1 but I get tired and desire alone time afterwards. Solitude and alone time to reflect and work on my art projects… I love that side of the Type 4 best..

  • Nancy

    Just starting my journey with DYT and originally typed myself as a 2, but the silver jewelry bothers me. I saw different personal traits that fit into all 4 categories. The silver jewelry threw me off though. I had my colors done years ago, like 20 years..LOL, and I believe it was gold tone, bright, was told to stay away from the “bluish” tinge colors. At the time, the colors were WAY too forward for me and and and…all the usual excuses, I just went back to dressing down to avoid being noticed. So, I am still struggling with my type. I don’t want to invest in anything to just find that I went in the wrong direction and won’t have the money to repurchase the correct clothing, accessories, make-up, etc. I enjoy helping people, and I very much enjoy being the “go-to” person to figure out a problem and help. Anyhow, I just thought that I would post my thoughts and struggles because I know I’m not the only one having these issues. I’m hoping, that someone may recognize this and having moved forward, will have some helpful advice. I am continuing to search and try and get straight the pluthera of info and how to tackle it so that I don’t get more confused. I know that this has to be easy and I’m just not seeing the answers.
    I also just wanted to thank you, Carol….so much of what you say about your own journey rings so familiar to me.

  • Lisa Maxwell Emanuel

    Lol! I started crying watching this! What is that about! Haha 😀

  • Karolina

    I am as confused as I have never been before! I believed I was T2 as I think my facial features represent T2, and I am very sensitive to noise and crowds and even if my kids play loudly I want to cry and lock myself in the bathroom, it makes me very tired. I do however love throwing things away and tidying up, but I would wait till is bad to get bigger results if that makes sense. I like finishing projects quickly and then starting new ones. I walk fast without a reason. I just went over types again and I am lost..

  • Kayla

    I thought I was a 2. But my facial features are saying 1 (I think). I have thought I was a 1 a few times from re-reading the book, but have NOT wanted to be! I have always struggled with social situations, but have so much randomness (in my movement and skin) and high movement. I also like to research the details. I could do this for ever!

  • Sarah Tzipporah

    I was told by a close friend that I was a type 2, and though I could see I was sensitive, I also identified more with the type 1. I recently discovered that the reason I exhibit type 2 is because I am, along with being a Type 1/3, also a Highly Sensitive Person. The work of Carol Tuttle and Dr. Elaine Aron has been so beneficial in my journey of self-discovery.

  • Stc5074

    Great video. I don’t think most women ages 40-45 have much of a reference point for Ozzie and Harriet though, as role models. We grew up with characters like Roseanne, Murphy Brown, and the mother from Family Ties, along with some more traditional TV characters, like Mrs Cunningham on Happy Days. But I would say Gen X-ers really did see a stronger role model than their parents had. Additionally, I think Type 2s, while seen as sensitive and gentle, can also be very assertive, even aggressive when getting in to their shadow side.

  • Debbie Mayes

    I have purchased the course, and have typed myself as a T2. I have some T2 facial features, such as the drooping, downturned eyes and mouth. I have been dressing as a T2 for a few weeks now, and have enjoyed it. It’s actually pretty close to the way I have dressed previously. And the few clothes that weren’t T2 were ones that I rarely or never wore anyway.

    My problem is that I see so many T4 traits in myself, and I don’t think it’s just learned behavior. I have T4 traits that are just naturally comfortable to me. I’m definitely low movement, and I need quiet time. The problem is that I absolutely HATE everything about dressing as a T4. I hate the colors, the hairstyles, the makeup, all of it. The thought of wearing black is almost more than I can bear. I guess it’s possible that I’m a T2/S4. But the T4 traits describe me more, I think. I’m so confused. 🙂

    Could you please look at my Facebook profile (, and give me your thoughts? (Don’t let the eyebrows throw you off. I have permanent eyebrows tattooed on, because my natural brows have thinned out, and I asked her to give me a more defined arch than my natural arch. Also, they are a little darker than natural.

    • Debbie Mayes

      If you look through my profile pics, you should see a variety of poses and clothing choices over many years.