Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions – Try THIS Instead!

Let me make a New Year’s prediction…

People everywhere will make resolutions to lose weight and make money. They’ll write lists of things to do and places to go. But before the year’s up, they’ll forget or give up on at least half of them. New Year’s resolutions are a tradition that might not actually serve us very well.

So what if I suggested that you throw out your New Year’s resolutions and try something else?

Don’t get me wrong. I want you to do great things this year.

But I know you can accomplish them better by getting in touch with your true, authentic self first. Then your life will naturally manifest in harmony with the amazing person you already are!

Watch the video to see what I mean. And learn a technique that will help you get in touch with 14 energetic pathways in your body to activate the truth and power already inside you.

Ditch the New Year’s resolutions. And get ready to create your best year ever!

Instead of resolutions for the New Year, I hope you try affirmations. Change your year from the inside out!

If you need a reminder or some inspiration, come back to the affirmations I shared in the video.

Here some affirmations to help you create a great year:

  • I am loving myself exactly where I am.
  • I am grateful for all the lessons I learned last year. They are making a difference this year.
  • I am living my truth, and in that truth, I contribute to the whole.

What, specifically, do you want to focus on in this year? Write your own New Year’s affirmation! I’d love you to share it in a comment.

I want you to understand your nature better so you can offer your best self to your family and community. Make this year a truly pivotal one for you by discovering your Energy Profile. Get a copy of It’s Just My Nature and three other great resources to help you out in my Energy Profiling Bundle.

Let’s create an energy of hope and understanding in the world this year!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Cat

    I am a rich dynamic woman and this is the year I am living my truth out loud!

  • Trish

    Wow, I did this exercise with you and my body feels so different now…I’m in a different vibration than before for sure! I first want to say that DYT has definitely been a huge life makeover for me in such a wonderful way and finding myself after having lost myself for so long has been the best gift I could give myself! I just wish I could give it to every woman, and that all my friends could feel as secure and loved in their own skin as I do.

    Okay, now for the affirmation….
    I am experiencing support and love coming from others as I live true to my self.

    • Sylvia

      Wonderful affirmation!

    • Shawna

      This is a wonderful entry, Trish! I’m in total agreement.

      Thank you, Carol!


    I am experiencing ease, comfort, love and support with relationships with friends and family as I live my truth.

    As I am true to my nature wonderful things will manifest and I will be guided to situations that can help others recognize their true potential.

    Life is wonderful and I am living my full potential in all things.

    I love and forgive myself for my mistakes and forgive those around me for their mistakes as well. I am choosing to not be offended when others say things that might hurt my feelings.

  • Nikki Lorraine

    I am excited to experience 2012 as my best year yet!! 🙂 Here are some of my affirmations:

    *I am set free of my past beliefs & am living my truth

    * I am living and experiencing the life that I WANT to live

    * I am creating loving & supportive relationships

    Thank you Carol!!

  • Julia

    This is a great blogpost! For the past few years I have chosen a one-word-theme for each new year. Now that I know I’m a type 1 my word for 2012 is “Lebensfreude”, the German equivalent to joie de vivre.

    So, my affirmation is simple: I am joyful!

  • Martha

    I am living in comfort.

    I am joyful!

  • Cathie Soutas

    I am gratefully receiving all the abundance created in my life.

  • Katharina

    I will let go of all the things I used to believe about myself that were not true or in my best interest. I will begin to believe and function in my truth.

    • G.R.

      <3 this!

  • Kathryn Malovich

    I am loving myself more and loving my family more.

    I am greatful for all that I do have.

    I am abundance in life.

    I am joyful!

  • Bonnie

    Thank you Carol (and team) for all you do and are doing!!

    I am affirming …

    I accept and embrace my truth as I lovingly acknowledge my authentic self.

  • Bonnie

    The 10 most powerful 2-letter words …

    If It Is To Be – It Is Up To Me !

    … and … the 3 most powerful letters — “I AM”

    Happy New Year everyone !

  • Natasha

    I release the need to prove myself to anyone as I am my own self and I love it that way.

    I am enough
    I know enough
    I do enough
    I have enough
    I am OK

  • G.R.

    I am as kind to myself as I am to others.

    • Kat

      I love this affirmation! Thanks!

  • Kaylee Ririe

    At the beginning of Dec, my mom bought the CD “clearing the Issues that are Keeping You Fat”. Carol goes through a few very powerful exercises in this CD. I took those scripts and plugged in multiple core beliefs I intend to shift into truth. I’ve been listening to the CD’s I made at least at night while I sleep and as much through out the day as is reasonable. What a shift has occurred in my energy habits! I feel like I’m approaching life from an entirely new, confident place. The most powerful, liberating affirmation in this exercise is:
    + I am safe loving, accepting, and valuing myself in my authentic expression

    Thank you for the tools you have offered so many. You have shown me how to change my life.

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    I am moving forward with forgiveness and compassion.

    I am willing to see my own magnificence.

    • Melanie

      I love this comment Jennifer. Thank you

  • Maria

    The I AM THAT I AM is glowing in me!
    I am Light!
    I am hardwired to live, be, breath Love!
    I am in full alignment with what God desires for me!
    I am so blessed NOW!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    • Lori

      Great affirmations!

      Ditto to previous – I am in full alignment with what God desires for me!

      Happy New expressive YOU:)

  • Maria

    I am constantly vibrate from a state of Gratitude!

    Carol, I love your Zebra jacket, you look awesome!

  • Barb

    I am loving who I AM and I am letting go of the need to prove my worth!

    I am making a positive impact on my children’s lives as I live out my truth!

    I am honoring my husband for his truth!

    • Sylvia

      Sounds beautiful, every family mother should do this affirmation. Your children and husband are lucky to have you. Bless you and your family!

  • Melanie

    I am committed to spending 2012 working on my spiritual develeopment

  • Maureen

    Thank you Carol for this wonderful video.

    I thought about an affirmation of my own which would include health and wholeness for 2012.
    I make choices in my life to be healthy and whole in body, mind and spirit.

    Thank you Carol
    Kind Regards, Maureen

  • Louise

    Mine is:

    “Making money is super easy”

  • Mindy

    Today is the best day of my life.

  • Patti

    I am radiating joy, peace, bliss

  • Moreen Murray

    I am embracing my joyful abundant life as a soft, subtle, elegant Type 2 goddess!

  • Dianne

    I know and embrace my true, authentic self.

  • Nancylynn

    I am constantly learning and growing, I am becoming…

  • Bev

    I am a soft subtle woman living my truth with strength, joy and humour.

  • Noble

    I M I

  • Pat

    I am seeing the best and beauty in people.

    I am the best parent and grandparent I can possibly be.

  • Zora

    In every moment of every day, and in every way this year, I am getting better and better. 🙂

  • Colleen

    I am loving myself completely and in that loving embracing the whole universe and all of its possibility. I am communicating clearly and peacefully with love, grace and compassion in all my relationships especially with my whole-self and my family and spreading out through my community to support and create a community of wholeness and oneness mirroring these thoughts and affirmations. I am living in action and acting in living out these affirmations joyfully, peacefully, and respectfully. I am grateful to my whole-self, my partner, my son, my dog, my family, my teachers, my community, Carol’s energy & input & space, Mother Earth, Father Sun, and all in between space, the universe.

  • Melissa

    I wake up energized and motivated to exercise.

    Choosing clothes to wear, putting on makeup and styling my hair all comes together easily, beautifully and amazingly fast as I honor my truth everyday.

    It’s easy for me to find rich, dynamic, exotic type 3 items of clothing that are in my size, flatter my shape and are affordable.

  • Susie

    I am peaceful and radiate peace.

    Peace is my 2012 word.

    And already I keep forgetting it…I hope that by adding the tapping, it will stick.
    Thank you, Carol!

  • Tiffany

    I am perfect for my learning and growth.

  • Tiffany

    I CAN say, “Wow I had no idea the power of this program!”

  • Rachelle Hymas

    I am loving the abundant adventure I am having with my family this year! I am happy to afford all I need and want for myself and my family. I am patient and open to any job changes my husband has or doesn’t have, knowing that the universe is at work for me getting the details all ready for an amazing financial abundance this year! I am so grateful that my husband and I are choosing to let go of everything that didn’t serve us in 2011!! I love that we can happily take our lessons learned into 2012! What a blessing!!!

    I am grateful for the body I get to experience life in. I love shopping for my figure! I am finding beautiful flowing peices to add to my wardrobe and naturally graceful and flowing personality.

    I love and prefer to eat healthy fresh food everyday. Every month, I help myself and family eat healtheir than the month before. It is so natural. My husband and children love the food I prepare for them and their bodies are strong and healthy for it! I love that my husband is in tune with his body and shares an interest with me in taking care of it with all of the tools we have been given!

  • Colleen

    I am manifesting powerful positive growth in myself this year as I SEE myself as a teacher for others and as others teach me. Thanks so much Carol! I want you to know that finding you 5 years ago has made a HUGE improvement in my life and has put me on a path of learning that I feel so grateful for.

  • Jackie

    I always felt that I knew myself inside and out. I have learned so much more about who I really am. I was so sure I was a Type 2 because that’s the way I was brought up. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find out I really am a Type 1. Lucky me!!! Without the guidance I received from Carol thru DYT I never would have designed the perfect business cards and site that reflects who I am. I had no idea the true power in all of this. It really is a must have for everyone.

    I am truly living my dream life. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

  • http://------------------------------ Vivian

    Hi Carol,

    This exercise is a wonderful alternative to making New Years resolutions. ( I purposely did not make any this year. Somehow I knew that this year should be different. Here are my affirmations:
    ” I am allowing the truth that I am, that is within me flow freely, lovingly abundantly, to Bless all.

    I am living the truth that I am. I am Blessed in every way.

    Love and Joy

  • Katelon

    I now have all the money and opportunities to leave WA, and I am leaving now, moving forward to fulfill my true destiny! And I’m excited!

  • Sara

    I am relentlessly nurturing and accepting myself even if I don’t really feel worthy.

  • Alma

    Thanks Carol. Excellent idea. Thanks for everything.
    My daily affirmation: I am grateful that every day in every way my life gets better and better because every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

  • Marianne Schaefer

    I am taking time every day in 2012 to connect with the abundant healing energy of the universe, even if it is just stopping for a moment for a few deep breaths and visualizing the energy coming in.
    Thank you, Marianne

  • Rita

    I am living inJoy in 2012

  • http://hotmail spencer

    I have more than enough time to meet all my needs and desires.

  • http://hotmail Hannah

    I am living a life full of abundance, peace and joy. All things flow easily in my life as I live my truth everyday. I am experiencing profound healing releasing me from old patterns that no longer serve me as I attract naturally into my life all things that are for my highest good. I am happy and full of joy. I am slim and fit, with a very healthy relationship with food. I am grateful, so grateful for the many blessings in my life, I am grateful for my wonderful body. Thank you for all the adundance of love in my life, thank you for the loving way in which I hold myself. Thank you for the role I have to play in life which I can now show up for fully. Thank you God for making me, me. I am fully accepting myself and living my truth always x.

  • ginnyflynnigan

    I am a beautiful, strong, righteous and organized woman!