Can a Name Change Really Lead to Better Health?

“You are a Jennifer—not a Jenny.”

That’s what this fabulous, fun-loving woman had been told to remember about her name throughout her entire childhood.

It sounds like something so simple that you might not think it would matter. But it did.

It’s actually just one example of a limiting message that Jenny received and believed.

And that message caused her some ongoing health problems.

So Jenny came to me to see which limiting beliefs we could energetically clear away. And it turns out, she needed a name change! Watch the video to see why and how this helps…

Wow. Who knew a change in name could do so much? Doesn’t she seem like a Jenny to you after that video? Was that exercise healing for you, too?

Please share your own experience or your words of support for Jenny in a comment. Let’s turn this experience into a true Jenny party!

Like Jenny discovered, a name change is also a story change.

You hold the story you’ve told yourself about your life in your energy. And you can rewrite it energetically to affect a change in your here and now.

Which painful memories never seem to go away? What are you most afraid of?

Adapt the exercise that Jenny and I did with her name to fit your situation. Rewrite the script that’s important to you. And then let that painful energy go! You may need to do it regularly for a while, just to make that energetic pattern stick.

Thank you for watching. I truly count it a blessing that I have the opportunity to help so many people change their scripts and create the life they want.

If you want additional help like today’s video, visit the Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Trish

    Have you heard of Kabalarians? They have this service that they offer a “balanced name” to support you- they’ll also analyze your current name and send you a free report! I did it once, it was interesting but I don’t think I want to change my name because I’m afraid of how my parents would react or feel about that.

  • Holly

    We are having a party… A BIG party!!!!!

    I LOVED how she changed it to a BIG party.

    That is so right on!

  • Tracey Crawford

    This is really interesting Carol! Like Trish, I also had a ‘balanced name’ report done by the Kabalarians. I have wanted to change my name for a few years now (I don’t have the issue of upsetting my parents as I grew up in abusive home, and we have been estranged for a lot of years). The Kabalarian Society base their ‘name anaysis reports’ on numerology and they sent me a list of new, possible names to choose from but I keep changing my mind about which one I like best! Carol, what are your thoughts about someone wanting to change their name completely because they have never liked their name and it just never felt right?

  • Alexandra

    As a type 1 also, I burst into tears watching this video as I think about the wisdom of my grandparents in honoring my type 1 nature through my name(s). At various times in my life I have loved my first name, which rarely anyone calls me, hated my nick name (a shortened version of my name), and wished I went by my middle name. When I was very young I complained to my maternal grandparents that no one called me by my real name. From that point on they always introduced me to new people as my full name “Alexandra.” My great-grandfather, who passed away before I could hold onto memories of him, insisted on referring to me as my middle name, Camille, before the whole family. To him I was Camille. And after living with my paternal grandparents in college, my grandfather and I now have an inside joke that sometimes I’m Alex, or Alexandra, or Camille on any given day. These are precious memories for me to hold on to, especially as a type 1 who is random. I realize that I honor this ability to choose a name among my Spanish students, who I allow to peruse a list of Spanish names and their meanings at the beginning of each class and allow them to choose their own names. When other teachers complain about students who are no problem in my class, I wonder if it is because the name-change allows them to write a new academic story for themselves, setting a positive tone for the atmosphere of the class. Even students I’ve never taught beg for a Spanish name that I can greet them with in the hallway. By choosing their name they become validated each semester. I love energy profiling because it helps me to counsel and honor my students for who they are.

  • Anya

    This was great.
    Some other things I just thought of as well.
    First for me, my mother always used my name to yell at me.
    NICOLE is like the worst name and I still cringe if I hear people say it, but I could feel that release from me today when I watched this and prayed. I usually go by a nickname.
    Our names are VERY important. If we’ve been named after negative beings or people, this can affect us. Can you imagine what would happen if someone would name their son Hitler? He probably would have a lot of negativity in his life.
    The same is true if we are named the same name as an ancestor. This name could carry some energies of our ancestors. Our names should be something we like and can be a representation of our own dislike for ourselves as well.
    I could hear m mothers voice release from my mind… FINALLY. NO MORE NICOLE!! yay!

  • Brandy

    I have another take on this. My name is Brandy, and I was named after the song by “The Looking Glass”.
    If anyone has ever heard that song, all the way through, it does not end happily. Her love chooses his livelihood instead of her. There was no doing both. Not only could it not occur that way, but the man chose that instead of her. And it is so interesting that all of my romances of the past reflected the theme of that song. I listed to it a lot as a child, and felt a love connection with the song because it was given to me by my parents, who also love the song.
    Later on, when I recognized what was really happening and the law of attraction, I decided that I would write “miss Brandy” in the song a new script. I identified with this girl’s good qualities – her loyalty, and the fact that everyone was comfortable talking with her, etc. I re-wrote the ending of the song in my mind so that she was rewarded for this, with her true love coming back to her. Because real love is special. Sometimes, it’s not always the way we plan, but if we ourselves choose to love anyway, love will return to us, because of the light we are giving to the world. So, instead of “loving a man whose not around” I love a man who I love who I love who I love. Period. And, now I love my name!

  • Syllviea Hagen

    Jenny ~ Simply beautiful! Deep ties to Numerology, for sure!

    Best from Las Vegas,
    Syllviea Hagen

  • Susiejo

    I am Susan, I have been using “Susie” off and on now since discovering my true energy type, yes Type 1.
    I am a Susie, this is so right on!

  • Ronda

    Interesting. Over the past few months I have seriously considered a name change before I start my business. Originally I wanted to use my first and middle name (no last) for privacy, I am a type 4. I heard a name change can help if you have had an abusive childhood. I had an analysis done and a name recommended. That name felt so right, light, and fresh and represented new beginnings. A heaviness came off from my shoulders. I love it, my husband is encouraging it and I’m almost there. I will be giving up my married name also.

    I had to process my concern with what “family” would think. In the middle of all of my “processing” another horrible family event took place which just reinforced the need to put this behind me with a name change.

    Thanks Carol and Jenny the timing was perfect and a God send. I have researched, prayed and journaled about this huge, but important step
    in being true to myself. HUGE!!!

    PS: My name analyst higly recommended not splitting up your energies by using 2 different names. You must insist that ALL recognize and use your new name everywhere…family, credit cards, banking, legal, driver’s license, etc.

  • Christi

    Thank you Carol and Jenny! Jenny- I love how your hair is so cute and fun! I enjoyed watching this today. I have a Jennifer that we call Jenny as a child and through 12 grade. After graduating she told our immediate family that she was no longer going by Jenny and she was now going to be call Jen and she didn’t want to be called Jenny any more. It took us awhile to change over- for me that went better to Jennifer for awhile and now I can call her Jen. People she knew from the past haven’t changed but she now goes by what she feels honored by. By the way she is a type 2 with a stong secondary 1.

  • Melissa

    I’ve studied numerology for 33 years and do the charts for all my friends and family. I am always amazed by it’s accuracy. The most important thing is for your name to harmonize with your date of birth, but seeing how happy the name Jenny makes her I’d say it probably does harmonize whereas Jennifer probably doesn’t.

  • Jenny G

    I’m a Jenny and a type 1/2. I have always been called Jenny as a child but when I was about 12 and filling in forms to go to secondary school I discovered that the name on my birth certificate was actually Jennifer!! I couldn’t believe it! Why on earth would my parents call me that! I’m just not a Jennifer. I also have lots of nicknames and I like it. It makes me feel loved, to have all these cute names. It’s people showing affection for me.

    interesting about your name being in your energy field.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Pamela

    I loved this. My name was shortened to ‘Pam’ by my family growing up and I never liked it. It doesn’t resonate with me; I’m Pamela, not Pam.

    When I finally spoke up and insisted (instead of asking yet again) to call me Pamela, I was viciously attacked for it by my eldest sister and youngest sister, who still refuse to use my name in referring to me and who for 12 years now (as soon as our father died) have cut me and my two young sons and DH dead. They continue to have communications with my eldest son, who knows they have active hatred for me and it really feels so incredibly hurtful and disloyal.

    This video is absolutely true. My healing journey began with my own name change to what I love; Pamela.

    I appreciate that the people on the live your truth forums honor my name and so do the T-Tappers (with the very noted exception of the moderators there, who won’t use my name).

    Thank you so much, Carol. This video may seem silly to some, but it is so very intrinsic to healing.

  • Dian B

    Jenny, I know how you feel. I am so happy for you!

    I also “changed” my name at about 40. My given name is Dianatha, pronounced Diana-tha. I was named after my Grandmother, Diantha, who died when my father was 6 months old. My mother put the axtra a in for a little difference. Then proceeded to use Diane as my name. It just never felt right. So at about 40, I decided to use the “real” shortened version of my given name, Dian. Some members of my family thought I was crazy.
    But now I have the name to match who I am.
    Type 1/4
    Thanks for letting me share.

  • Michelle

    What a great video! Good for you Jenny!
    I can totally relate. As a child I was called Shelly, and my name is Michelle. I hated it! It did not fit me! I was not a Shelly! My parents stopped calling me Shelly by the time I went to kindergarten because they wanted me to be able to respond when the teacher called out my name (Michelle). But my cousins and aunts and uncles all continued to call me Shelly until my late teens, and the cousins even kind of teased me when I told them to call me Michelle. It really helped when one of my cousins married a Shelly. I think they didn’t want two Shellys then, so they began to call me Michelle.
    Type 2/3

  • Angela

    I think one of the best things my mother did for me was naming me Angela Dawn —–. She always said it was because I was like an Angel born at Dawn. I’ve never wanted to change it. A very few people call me Angie, but they are usually type 1’s. Most people ask which I prefer. Type 2/4

  • Angela

    I had never heard of the Kabalarians, so I just did a free analysis of all the first names of people in my immediate family. The results were scary accurate, except for one of my brothers. Even my first and middle names fit my 2/4 type. Which leads me to wonder how much our names affect who we become.

  • Andrea

    I have to tell you Carol, thank you so much for this video. I was led here and knew that this was the time to change my name. I am in the process now of changing it and feel more and more confident about this decision.

  • Missy

    Hi there! Wow, this was amazing. I quickly looked up the nicknames for my previous name (Melissa) and wow, I found my new name!! When I was younger, people in my extended family shortened my name to Lissy and my mother hated it. She told me I was Melissa and made fun of the shortened version.

    So now, I’m re-writing that experience into the fabric of my energy, and from now on I’m gonna call myself Missy! I LOVE it! I always felt I had to edit myself to fit my name, fit the way my mum wanted me to be, be more serious!! not any more…he he he! Missy is WAY more type one! Thanks so much Carol! And thanks Jenny!

    • Melissa

      That’s interesting. My name is Melissa. I always experienced it as a soft name, which is perfect for me because I’m a type 2. My mom said she named me Melissa because there was a sweet, soft girl in her 6th grade class that she always admired. I like that. The only one who is allowed to call me Missy is one of my brothers. When he was little, he would call me Amwissa when he was mad at me, and Missy when he was happy. I always insist that others call me Melissa.

  • Gail

    This is interesting. I have always disliked my name and still do, telling someone my name is like I am talking about someone else. I wanted as a kid, about 5th grade, to change the spelling of my name to Gayle, but my dad of course said NO. I was named after Gail Storm (actress), my middle name is Lynn, which I love and even named my favorite doll (which I still have). I do use Galynn online alot. I also associate my name with discipline and cringe when my husband calls me by my first name, instead of Dear. I wonder if felling disconnected and a sense of fear with my name could explain how I feel about myself sometimes. Hummmm.

  • Ally W

    It’s funny that this came up today because I have been honestly thinking of changing my name legally to Ally (It’s legally Alice). It was my dad’s mother’s name and it has been basically a revered name. As a kid, I was bullied. When I hear it now, my heart sinks and I feel like I’m in trouble. Every.Single.Time. My dad hated that I wanted to go by Ally. He was very cruel about it. There are a lot of my family members who don’t understand it either. Well, now I’m thinking that I’m more like “Jenny” in this clip and it’s time to permanently make the change. smile emoticon Way cool when things work out in the Lord’s timing and with different things. Plus, I may just have determined I’m a type one, because I act just like “Jenny” when I am myself (which this week, I’ve finally cleared enough to realize I finally am back to me!) Thank you Carol for providing this so I could then solidify my own thoughts! 🙂

  • Cat Carter

    I was christened Kathleen….I hated being called it or Kathy…as a child I insisted on Katie/Katy (I wrote it both ways) and later when I was a teen it was Kate. Then I saw my name written in Irish by my gma: Caitlin…pronounced something like Cat-lin not Kate-lin….I loved it! I loved the exotic look of the name (this was in the late 70’s before it was popular here in the US) and as a total cat lover I adored hearing it in the name cus I always felt like a cat…..when I was 18 I changed my name to Caitlin and asked most to call me Cat…my fam resisted for the longest time…..but now no one would ever have called me Kathleen or Kathy!
    I did use Kate a lot professionally cus it went over the phone more clearly (and it felt like me too…I always liked the edge it had to it, like Kate Hepburn did!!! or Kate Jackson)

  • Michelle Marie

    This is similar to me. I am a type 1. My mom always said, she is not a Shelly, she is a Michelle. But some would call me Shelly. But then I married my husband and gained a sister-in-law named Shelly, and my husband expressed how much he didn’t like it when some of my family members called me Shelly so I still do not feel safe using Shelly:( And I just don’t like any of the other nicknames for Michelle. LOL