A Mother Daughter Makeover! Dressing Your Truth Before and After

Here at Dressing Your Truth, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with a mother-daughter makeover.

Three daughters, actually!

We received these amazing photos just one year ago. And I love to see how Dressing Your Truth took Kimberly from an obviously beautiful and put-together mother to expressing her totally amazing bright, animated self.

Even better, I am touched that this program empowered even Kimberly’s young daughters to understand their natural beauty and embrace it. Take a look…

Family Before



Family After DYT


Here’s what they had to say…

Kimberly, Type 1/4, Bright & animated MOM!

“Oh Carol, I am thankful everyday for the wonderful gift of DYT! It is the best parenting advice I have ever been given! I have 3 gorgeous girls and I love that we appreciate each others’ gifts and beauty so much more since learning our truths. I am a happier mom and wife and I can dance around and have a party every day with my darlings and it is OK!!!!! Shopping is so fun for us! We redo old clothes and shoes together and we love every moment! Thank you, Thank you!”

Makayla, Type 2/1, Soft & subtle daughter

“DYT has helped me overcome embarrassing moments. One of them is when I am not dressing my truth and people stare at me! My mom dressed me in a bright purple shirt with a tutu at the bottom. It was terrible! DYT has really been helpful. I feel beautiful and wonderful to be dressing my truth. Thank you for spreading your idea Carol!”

Charity, Type 3/2, Rich & dynamic daughter

“I love DYT! And I am Type 3! I love DYT because I look awesome! It is the best thing, I look like a Hot Lion when I look in the mirror! Best of all I get to wear a belt everyday and it is HOT. I am beautiful! Thank you Carol, you are type 3 too! Bye!”

Liberty May, Type 1/4, Bright & animated daughter

“I was crying in my before picture, because I was wearing gray! But now that dress is cut up and made into a beautiful bow for my Type 2 Sis! I love DYT!”

We’re so grateful that Kimberly shared her family’s amazing Dressing Your Truth transformation with us. What do you think of their makeovers? Please share a positive comment for this beautiful mother and her daughters.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Mary Ellen

    Kimberly, Makayla, Charity, and Liberty!!!!! You all look so beautiful and FABULOUS! You were all beautiful before, but NOW?? WOW!!!
    Kimberly you look like the most fun, spontaneous Mom in the world. So fun! Beautiful and fun – great combination 🙂
    Makayla – I’m a 2/1 as well. You are beautiful and isn’t it a wonderful feeling to be understood as well as to look great!? I’m so happy for you and your sisters.
    Charity – You DO look like a “Hot Lion”! Beautiful! Go tackle the world for us 🙂
    Liberty May – Beautiful little one – what a blessing that not only Mommy, but you and your sisters get to grow up free to be exactly as God meant you to be! And therefore – all of us are blessed by you all being here! Thank you lovely family! You blessed this DYT sister’s day 🙂

  • Kathy

    They are Living their Truth and it shows! Great share ladies! You all rock your types! Your family and the people’s lives that you touch will be forever blessed by it!

  • Jennifer

    Love the changes! When I first started looking into a DYT, I thought I was a 3. But after doing more reading and studying, I am pretty sure I am a 1/4. I love this mom’s look and think it could work for me 🙂 I used to have a shirt almost identical to the one she is wearing in the picture…before it fell apart from me wearing it so much. And I have a similar skirt too, I never thought of putting them together. I hope to be off to the salon soon for a hair update.

  • Gail

    Huge difference, from blend in to stand out (and not in a bad way). Beautiful family.

  • Nancy

    This story absolutely warms my heart. Sure wish my Mom, sister and I had known about DYT at the same age. What a difference it would have made for all of us. Nevertheless, we did have a lot of fun just being “girls” together.

  • Carol H.

    Beautiful, powerful! How great to grow up Living Your Truth, knowing who you are from the get go. Blessings to you all.

  • Kathleen

    You all were beautiful before, but you all look so much happier in the after picture. I am wondering about the husband/father… is he living his truth in the outfit in the before picture? He’s not mentioned and not shown in the after picture. Handsome fellow, regardless.

  • Christine

    Am very intrigued by this makeover…what a beautiful family! I would like more examples regarding clothing, hair and makeup choices if you are a 1/4? Based on the “Your Beauty Profile” video series & book, plus the Dressing Your Truth course, I believe 1/4 is my Type as well. I suffered two decades of depression, living as a cold Type 4 who was incredibly observant but hard to know…and cut everyone off at the knees when I opened my mouth to speak. Thanks to Carole’s work, I have pulled out old photo albums and revisited the bright-eyed, bouyant child I was…before my mother had other children and needed me to “be good” which meant “being still.” Every year I lived in that stillness, my depression grew. As a 1/4, do I follow the Type 1 information completely, or does the Type 4 play into the process as well. Thank you for any light you can share on this subject.

  • Cheryl

    Wow, this photo still blows me away! They were all so extremely beautiful before! -But in the after, they all look AMAZINGLY beautiful and so at peace with knowing who they are and dressing their truth!!! Kimberly is actually my step cousin who I’ve lost touch with, and I had no idea that she was doing Dressing Your Truth too, until I saw their photos and story featured in that online DYT Club Night last year! Fun, fun, fun! 🙂