Make Money, Lose Weight, Be Happier Than Ever

Your money and your weight issues are connected. Most people feel they have TOO MUCH weight and NOT ENOUGH money.

Money, Weight, and Your True Nature

How often do you feel like you have too much weight and not enough money?

Your struggle with these issues has nothing to do with the number on the scale or the actual amount of money in your account. It’s all about what you believe and how you feel.

Your body and your bank account are just two ways that your life reflects the beliefs you have about yourself back to you.

If you’re experiencing frustration with your money or your weight, there’s something about yourself that you haven’t yet accepted and loved. When you understand and love your true nature, good things start showing up for you.

What Keith’s Story Can Teach You

I’d like you to meet Keith, an upward, light, fun-loving guy.

Contrary to his social, animated nature, he chose a job that kept him isolated at a computer all day. He’s moving toward another occupation that really engages his true nature, but still feels stuck when it comes to money and weight.

Keith and I talk about a pattern created in his life around age 12 that involved his parents, his friends, and food. We also release this false belief that has shown up in his life: “You can’t live true to your nature and make money.”

Watch the video to see Keith embrace his true nature (and let his childhood self live at Disneyland!). Follow along to clear up your own money and weight issues:

I am grateful for Keith, generously sharing his experience with all of us. Please leave a positive comment to express your appreciation. And if you have a tip or a story, share it!

Continue to Support Yourself

Limiting beliefs create habits. You need to re-pattern them to create a new energetic template for yourself—no matter what Type of person you are.

Do some of the visual exercises Keith and I did in the video, and return to these affirmations for a reminder whenever you need. Put your hand over your heart and say:

  • Even though I have the belief that I can’t live true to my nature and make money, I love myself.
  • Even though my dad (or someone else) actually lived this out and modeled this for me and I took it on, I love myself and I love my dad.
  • I forgive myself. I have done the best that I know how.
  • Releasing and letting go: I can’t live true to myself and make money, I have to do something contrary to my nature, something I don’t like.
  • I am now living true to my nature and making boatloads of money.
  • I am having fun being me and the money just shows up.
  • I am engaging the right people to help me manage all this money.
  • I am true to myself and I make money. I am having fun.

You are amazing! Believe it. Live true to your nature and love it! You will naturally think about and treat your body differently and you will free up energy in your life to express itself as money.

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If you would also like to learn more about your true nature, I recommend you read my book, It’s Just My Nature! which you can find by clicking here.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Laura Marie

    WOW- I have been using Carol´s positive money affirmations for about 6 weeks now, among others “I am receiving money from expected and unexpected places”. Last week at the Dubrovnik marina, I even found cash on the bottom of a swimming pool! It was just enough to cover my manicure for my wedding. All of my resources seem to be lasting longer and stretching further, not just my money.

    • Kelly

      Thank you for that affirmation I love it and I am going to say it myself. How does it get better than that?

  • Katie

    Thank you Keith! I am so grateful for Type 1s who bring so many new ideas and so much fun into the world. I am sure your seminars are very engaging because of this!

  • Stephanie

    This is me! I’m so happy you did this. I am a secretary right now and I’m unhappy so I’m trying to find a job that helps me live true to my nature, but whenever I try to branch out and get a type 1 job I freeze up and go broke. Thank you Keith for sharing with us type 1’s!!

  • veronica

    I’d like to see follow ups with him later on. See how he’s doing and see what changes he’s made to live true to himself. Good luck to him!!

  • Melissa

    Wow, do I relate to Keith and his experience and this really helped dislodge some stuck stuff in me. I’m a 1/4 who has been alone most of my life. When I was 11 my brother went to live with my father after my parents divorced, then my sister went to live with my sister and my mother started to get a social life so I was left all alone for long periods of time not knowing what to do with myself. Like Keith, I turned to food for fun and comfort. I’ve tried to make it as a writer which in one way is fun–thinking up ideas–but the solitary nature of it is killing me. And, to further continue the “I’m not allowed to have fun” theme I’ve lately been thinking about going back to school to be an accountant, yet dreading it and feeling depressed. I’ve reasoned that if I could just work all day doing something to make money I can have fun after work, but watching this video I’m realizing I need to honor myself all day. Not just after work. I need to find some kind of people oriented Type 1 career.

  • http://ww Cynthia Stringer

    What a great tapping sequence! Thank you. I noticed that I had allowed my business focus to be generated by old pictures from my childhood and around role modeling from my Dad. Thank you!

  • Christy

    I had several “aha” moments for myself with the comments about food as a source of entertainment when I felt isolated. It gives me a new perspective to think about. Thank you!