Mini-Healing Session with Carol: Opening Your Heart Chakra to True Love!

Is your heart open? Do you feel safe letting others connect with you at the heart?

Do you feel heartbroken and sad at times?

Are you still waiting for true love to manifest even though you may already be in a relationship?

Your heart center is powerful and strong; you may just have it closed due to unnecessary fears. This session will open your heart chakra and clear those fears.

Watch out world! Your love and the love of others is only going to keep growing and growing!

Take this free 3-minute quiz to see which of our chakras are out of balance. 

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Renée Lisonbee

    Wow! What a powerful exercise! Thanks yet again, Carol, for sharing your talents, care and self with others. And to Mandi, you’re too sweet. I always enjoy our conversations. I appreciate where you’re coming from. I’ve been there. And I know that everything can turn around for you and it will. You are more than deserving of a committed, loving relationship.

    Another point: I appreciate how Carol describes the T4 tendency to drape an energetic “cloak” around ourselves when we feel uncomfortable with others. I find that at times I opt to do that to preserve my own energetic “sanity” when pressed upon heavily by others’ energy in large group settings. Hmmm… something else to look into. But, again, thanks for the insights and tools to exact positive change! You, ladies, are fabulous!

  • Diane

    Yet another (millionth) validation of my type 4-ness! I love the emerald crystalline breathing blossoming flower visualization! It makes the process feel more “real” than my usual visualizations of light and color. THANKS Carol and Mandy! Mandy, is your cami from Express? I generally order my cami’s from and HOPE that the colors are type 4! : D And, yes, you are drop-dead gorgeous! : )

  • Sabine

    Hello Carol,
    Thanks a lot for the mini healing sessions – what a great idea !!
    You mentioned Type 4 Energy to become more rigid. I would like to know what other Type’s Energy tends to do, esp. Type 3, when they feel uncomfortable in certain situations such as dating.

    Thanks again,

  • Sherwood

    Is this AA for type 4’s?! Awesome teaching. I have lived your and my fears, Mandi. My father a type 3 seldom affirmed what I thought or wanted. He would get angry when I disagreed. I felt that he controlled everything I did. I married at 30 for the wrong reasons, which I know you won’t do. After a while I realized I had “married my father”. She filed for divorce when I started to stand up for myself. I married again too soon a woman who declared I was an answer to her prayers. I thought it was forever. After a few years, she told me exactly what she prayed for and I agree that God gave her exactly that in me. Then she decided she needed more. She also told me what was acceptable for me to think and even told me she knew what I thought even if I told her it wasn’t. She also filed for divorce which I granted. It wasn’t until I read “It’s Just My Nature” that I really started to understand. I could see parts of me in the first 3 energies, but when I got to type 4 I repeatedly had to stop and dry my eyes so I could see the page. Finally! Someone gets me!
    I swore I would never be stupid enough to attempt marriage again. As we open our chakras, Mandi, I believe the power of the Almighty also expands within us and through us for the benefit of all around us, not with us as superior beings (even tho we may be, haha) but with His insight to see what others don’t. We bless you in your quest. I’m not as stunning as I used to be, in my humble opinion, but if I were 35 instead of 55, hmmmm.

  • kate

    I’m curious…I’m a strong type 2 with a secondary 1, but I feel like i have a lot of type 4 tendencies that feel natural and true to who I am. I’ve experienced almost everything Carol described above but am not a type 4. Any ideas on how I can get clear on whether or not i’m expressing my true nature in this experience or have maybe taken on a different personality? (thanks so much by the way for this video! It was very validating and helpful :))

    • Carol

      Dear Kate, thanks for your question. You can be any Type and be experiencing what Mandi is, it is not Type specific but more universal in many human’s experience, I was just helping her specific to her Type in my approach. Trust your inner voice. Love, Carol