Discover Lucille Ball's Energy Type

Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday celebration wasn’t too long ago.

To commemorate her, it’s time for another episode of, What Type Is…?

Can you guess what Type Lucille Ball is in my Energy Profiling system? You’re familiar with her character on “I Love Lucy.” But make sure to look at her face!

She has so many facial features of two different Energy Types that it actually took us a second to decide. Have you ever paid attention to the shape of Lucille Ball’s eyes, nose, cheeks or skin?

Lucky for us, facial features are just one part of Energy Profiling. Think about Lucille Ball’s body language and physical expression, and I’m sure you’ll guess pretty quickly. What about her secondary Energy Type?

Make your guess in the comments and watch the video to find out:

Were you right? And did you guess the Energy Type of our bonus celebrity today: Desi Arnaz?

We’d like to acknowledge Lucille Ball and her great talent. She left an important mark on this world. And she’s still making us laugh—so true to her nature!

Do you live true to your nature? I love Energy Profiling because it gives insight into your natural gifts to help you create a life that honors you.

If you haven’t learned your Energy Profile yet, it’s easy. And it’s one of the most important things you can know to help you navigate your relationships, your career, and your life!

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • heynonnynonnyjen

    Thanks for this post! Even though it was made long before I was born, “I Love Lucy” has been one of my favorite TV shows of all time since I was a kid. As a 1/4 who also loves to entertain people, I just really appreciate her! My type 4 husband often calls me “Lucy” for my many antics. 😉

  • Kat Laurents

    If you look closely at her photos, you will notice her eyebrows and lips are drawn on and do not follow her natural line. Her natural line is fairly straight. In fact her lips look like a straight line. In one photo of her, she has a very short, boxy forehead. Also, clear skin and symetrical look. Also, she has that box-ish body. I guess she is a 4.

    • Carol

      Hi Kat, thanks for your comment, my son Mario is a Type 1/4, and he has the straightest eyebrows I have every seen! He also has a very boxy head and very broad straight shoulders. He also has apple cheeks, big circle eyes and the top of his head looks like a ball! He has many similar features to Lucille. There is no question Mario is a Type 1 due to his animated nature in his behavior and body language as well as hist natural gifts and talents. I stand by our assessment that Lucille leads with a Type 1 with a strong secondary 4, I believe her natural gift for animation and fun was the core expression in her being such a successful comedian long before it was even acceptable for a woman to be a comedian. I hope this helps explain how we can have features that are for some people very expressive in their face of the dominant and secondary energies.

      • Kat Laurents

        HI, Carol. Thanks for the info. So, her 4 must be very strong. Through the 50-plus years I have been a fan of hers, I have never once thought of her as “cute.” What I see is bold and outrageous. And not just on camera. She made some very bold moves in her personal and professional life. Plus, to me she is stunningly beautiful. —-Thanks, Carol for all you do. I think you are AWESOME! Kat

  • Kelly

    Yay! I was right on both of them!! 🙂 I love watching these clips you do!

  • Maren McLean

    My birthday is the same day as Lucille Ball. I am also a type 1. Is that just a coincidence? Probably.

  • Kellie

    I don’t understand how Lucille can be a Type 1 and not a Type 4. Because in the facial profiling videos all the Type 1’s have high and rounded foreheads. Even if in club nights it’s only mentioned that someone is a secondary 1, they have the high rounded forehead. But Lucille has a low forehead that in profile pictures looks flat from the side.
    I don’t understand, could you please explain that?

  • Nathalie

    Kellie, not every T1 has a high round forehead. Check out the recent parenting club night where I am the T1 mom featured on the panel. I do not have a high round forehead. In fact, for as long as I can remember, I’ve hated my long, straight face. I felt like it had no shape at all with my rectangular and more structured face. One of my hairstylists even told me once that I would never look good with short hair because my face is too long and straight. My secondary is a 4, and that’s where it shows up for me. Maybe that’s why it looks so out of place-because I’m a 1! lol I don’t have circle cheeks, either, but I do have smiling eyes, star points when I smile, random shaped eyebrows, and an upturned nose. I’m also very animated-go figure. 😉

    It’s kinda funny, because when we pick a facial feature and say “everyone with this feature is for sure this type”, sometimes we’re wrong. A couple of ladies were surprised that I’m not a T3 because I have some extra smile lines. That’s the only T3 feature on my face, and 3 is my least dominant type, so I just have to laugh that they’re judging the ONE feature they see. 🙂