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Guides to Living Your Truth

Simple Steps to Lasting Happiness, Love, and Abundance

You already do so much. Why not achieve even more with less struggle and more confidence?
Created from the best Carol Blog content, these guides open your mind, shift your energy,
and tailor practical tips to your true nature. We can hardly wait to see what’s next for you!

The Unsaid Dynamics That Make Your Relationships Tick

That one thing that gets under your skin? That same fight you have over and over? It’s ancient history when you understand what’s happening beneath the surface. Learn what’s really going on and love your relationship more than you thought you could.

You’ve Tried Everything. Except This.

Feel like you’ve tried everything to release that excess weight? Look no further. It’s time to get the skinny on what’s really keeping your weight on and what’s sabotaging your efforts to lose weight and feel great about yourself. Plus, get Carol’s tips for pursuing health…not just a smaller size.  

Unveil the Amazing Person You Are At Your Core

Trust yourself to know who you really are. With the Energy Profiling personal assessment model, you’ll learn how to determine which of the 4 Types you express most dominantly. These resources will help you fine-tune your understanding if you’re not quite sure of your Type.

You’re Naturally Beautiful. Bring That Beauty Out.

If you take only one thing from this guide, please take this: A woman who doesn’t feel beautiful today is just a beautiful woman without the right tools. You’re beautiful. Own it. Use this guide to give yourself the tools you need.

Practical Techniques to Heal Your Life

Find out how to work with your own subtle energy system in a practical way. In 7 mini-healing sessions, Carol explains how your 7 primary energy centers, known as Chakras, influence your life. Learn to know when your Chakras are weak or out of balance…plus, see some of the techniques you can use to heal your life!

Have More Money So You Can Do What You Love

You don’t really want more money. You want more freedom… Freedom to do what matters most to you—and you think money will buy it. This guide will help you create that freedom NOW and open yourself up to receive more.

Being Smart With Money Has Nothing to Do With Numbers

Spending money is a highly charged emotional experience for most people. It doesn’t have to be. Overcome your money hangups and stop second-guessing yourself. Replace your buyer’s remorse with solid confidence that you spend money wisely every single time.

Open Yourself Up to Receiving What You Really Want

Ever feel that what you want in life is always out of reach? Find out how you can open yourself up to receiving the good things you want in life by learning how to manifest opportunities for more money, more fun and more joy!

Know What’s Really Going On and the Right Words Come Easily

It’s not what you say that matters. And it’s not even how you say it. What matters most? Knowing exactly how another person’s thought process works. These videos make it easy for you to communicate better with every person you know.