Learn how to refashion your wardrobe true to your Type of beauty!

April’s Dressing Your Truth Club Night was a blast!  We covered one of my favorite topics- “Tips and Tricks to Refashion Your Wardrobe!”

We went to a lot of preparation for this fun night to show you ALL the things you can do to give your clothes a new look- to honor your Type of beauty!  Since the fashion world has not yet caught on to Dressing Your Truth (but believe me they will in time!) we taught you how to take matters of your style in to your own hands and taught you how to “tweak” your clothes using methods that are quick and inexpensive!

What was especially fun was seeing all the cool items women brought in to show off how they have been refashioning their wardrobe.  Who knew you could use spay paint to create a new pair of shoes!

Learning how to refashion your wardrobe takes Dressing Your Truth to a whole new level!  I know, hard to believe when it has already helped thousands of women take back their beauty, but believe me it does.

What I love about Dressing Your Truth is how much FUN woman are having with their bodies and appearance.  And as you know, that is not common!  Learning tips and tricks to refashion your wardrobe add even more FUN!  We just can’t have too much fun now can we?

Dressing Your Truth Club Nights are an exclusive event for Club Members only.  You can attend monthly Club Nights live in Utah or live online as we broadcast right here on the internet.  We also record and archive all Club Nights in our Dressing Your Truth Video Vault.  We have a growing list of fabulous topics that enhance your learning after you go through the 3 hour online course for your Type of beauty.  Some of our previous Club Night Topics include:

  • How to add your secondary energy to create your personal style
  • Dressing your professional truth
  • Tips and tricks with a flat iron to create curls, waves and even straight styles
  • Scarves for every Type
  • Colormania- colors you might not think you can wear!
  • And much, much more!

Come join the Dressing Your Truth Club and start celebrating your beauty as a woman.  Go to

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Rebecca Grace

    Hi Carol! 🙂

    As soon as I started listening to the four character types on Living Energy Secrets, I knew that Type 1 was me. 🙂 My energy is definitely upward and outward, I reach out, I am always brimming full of ideas yet often don’t finish them (sometimes never starting them), because other new and amazing ideas come up (this is also very Gemini, which I am). I have been told many times, “You are a breath of fresh air!” in various expressions and words. On the flip side of being bubbly and full of energy, at times I might be viewed as a bit airy. My ideas may be oohed and awed at, but maybe not taken as seriously as I mean it, even though I am intelligent and perceptive.
    I have apple cheeks (say some), my nose could be button-like (not too sure about that though), and I do love bright and loud colors and clothes. I love to experiment.
    I certainly say, “This is so fun!” many times during the weeks! I get excited really quickly: “How fun! Wow!” You know? People sometimes laugh as soon as I pick up the phone because my way of answering is so vivacious and buoyant. I got awards when I was in elementary school simply for being cheerful and enthusiastic! My teachers would always say, “She is a delight to have in my class.”

    Now, during 6-7 of your videos a few days ago I got a clearer idea about the other character types, I saw other parts of me in the other types…

    My question by telling this to you is I noticed when you described certain people, you would say they are a dominant Type 2. You were clearly defining them as a certain type, and no way could they be any other. Now, is there such thing as a person who is blended? Who is both type 1 and type 4, for example? They carry traits of both? To go even farther than that, is there such a person who has such variance within him/herself that s/he could even be all four? And these parts just come out in different situations or on different days?
    And so, while I still strongly feel I am more Type 1 than the other Types, I have a sense I have strong defining characteristics from all the other Types!


  • Rebecca

    Oh great! 🙂 Thanks

  • Pamela Kaakee

    Please help. I can’t get this video to work

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport

    Hi Pam, Please email you question in to Customer Support, they will be happy to assist you!