What Twins Can Teach Us About Labeling Children

Kristine - Type 3Kristine’s a twin.

While she grew up, people always tried to define her personality from her sister’s. Teachers, parents, kids at school all tried to tell them apart. Here are the labels they got…

Kristine was labeled the smart one. And her twin sister was labeled the athletic one.

And those labels backfired.

Both the school and her parents demanded that Kristine take the big final calculus exam at the end of the school year. And she wouldn’t do it. She was tired of the label and so she refused to live by it. You can hear the whole story here.

Which labels are bad

Labels are the way we make sense of this world. We give names to things so that we can understand and talk about them. There’s only a problem with labeling when it limits children, like it did Kristine.

The attitude of the people who labeled her kept her from believe that she was capable of athletic success. I’m so proud of her for living her truth and deciding to overcome that limiting belief as an adult!

Which labels are useful

Kristine has changed her life by finding an empowering way to understand and support her true nature. She has identified herself as a Type 3 in my Energy Profiling system. And if you’re familiar with the system, you know that it’s so unfortunate that Kristine would ever think of herself as not being active or athletic!

Some people express worry about labeling children through Energy Profiling. But we’re already labeling anyway. Why not do it in a way that empowers and frees them?

If you haven’t discovered how your child moves through life, it’s time to discover their Energy Profile.

What about twins?

In my experience with twins, I often find that even identical twins have different Energy Profiles.

When they discover their Energy Profiles, twins get to break out of their label as “the twins” and step into their own unique beauty. To see a makeover of identical twins (who don’t look so identical anymore!), click here.

I am grateful to Kristine for sharing her rich, dynamic nature with the women of this world. She is truly beautiful—and that’s a label I hope you’ll agree with!

Become a better parent… Create a better world. Look forward to Carol Tuttle’s new parenting book, due for release in Fall 2012.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Amy

    I have identical twin daughters, age 5, and yes they are different energy types. I believe they are 2/1 and 4/1. They have always been different but my understanding of them has improved even more since learning about energy profiling. I even like dressing them according to their types sometimes. Honestly they are naturally drawn to those things anyway when they choose outfits. I have always wanted them to develop their own sense of identity apart from being twins and they are doing so. They love being twins and love each other but each can hold her own. As for labels, that may happen someday in school unfortunately and many people still say they can’t tell them apart. Having a twin I’m sure has tons of benefits and challenges too.
    I’m glad for Kristine for how identifying her energy type helped her and it is interesting to hear her story.

  • Mary Ellen

    Yeah Kristine!!! It must have been your type 3 energy showing up to rebel against taking that test 🙂 How wonderful that you were able to stand up for yourself during your teen years – in a way that was helpful and productive for you. My sister, Michele (Type 3/1) has fraternal twins (girl and boy) and was determined to raise them regardless of gender. That theory went out the window immediately following birth lol. She allowed them to be themselves and celebrated that. And it was lovely, as a younger sister, to learn by her example. 🙂

  • Rabbi Wendy

    Thanks for being brave and sharing your story. Fabulous!

  • Virginia

    Way to go, Kristine! Glad you were brave enough to stand up for yourself. Many times children are afraid to buck their parents and teachers. This was a very good interview, thanks for sharing a part of yourself. Carol, I have not been able to hear the new show except through the recordings so I didn’t try to hard since my children are grown. I tuned in because I know Kristine and was very happy I did. I will be listening to more recordings as I am able, I learned a lot I could use with myself, grands, and even my kids, thanks for your show.

  • Jolene

    I love Kristine! She is the BEST! She is so beautiful! I am grateful for her sharing her amazing gifts and talents with the Dressing Your Truth Community!

  • Kristine

    Thank you all for your encouragement. It is very thoughtful of you to post and I really appreciate it. Embracing my Type 3 energy and understanding the four different energies has blessed me and my family in so many ways. I love to hear how energy profiling blesses others as well. I know this parenting book is going to be amazing – I can hardly wait!

  • Kay

    I have a label for Kristine. It’s AMAZING!

  • Kathy

    Kristine is amazing! She is the wisest of us twins, as labeled the smart one, but truly is wise in being able to embrace her type-3ness and run with it thanks to the DYT program!

    Her inspiration is for everyone, young or old. Parent or not parent. Male or female. Labeling is like putting someone in a box and not recognizing the valuable qualities that are in us.

    Some may question that that is what DYT does by having “types”. This allow may ‘sound’ like it, is far from it. It is the discernment that we have all been looking for in order to enhance and embrace our authentic selves!

    Thank you for sharing!