Is It Possible To Have Different Types For Personality and Physical Appearance ?

Dear Carol,

I really love all the work you are doing with Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. I bought all four Dressing Your Truth courses and hope to get certified as soon as you offer it again. After going through all the materials, the Energy Type that resonates the most with me is TYPE 2SM. I sent in a picture to have the body profiling done and according to my physical features, I am a TYPE 3SM. I can see the 3 in my physical features but I also feel like my personality is much more a 2. So I was wondering if it is possible to have different Types for personality and physical appearance and if so which Type should we dress according to. Thanks so much for all your wonderful work!  Thanks, Donna Farren

Dear Donna,

To date I have profiled thousands of people and hands-down I say the body is the most telling of who we truly are.  It is common for people to repress their true nature for various reasons of conforming to people and environments of their past.  I do not believe it is possible to have a different Type expressing for personality and physical features.

That is why I LOVE Energy Profiling to help people live their truth, the benefits of the body profiling have helped people get clear on who they really are.  For most people it is so revealing and freeing it is like being born again, for others it can be shocking and take some time to process, but in the end everyone is loving themselves more.

The most common feedback I receive from fans of Energy Profiling is “Carol, you have given me permission to be me!”  That is huge!

So, Donna, possibly you have repressed your Type 3 nature and Dressing Your Truth as a Type 3 is going to help bring it alive.  When all is said and done, you are the final judge of who you are!

God Bless You,
Carol Tuttle

It’s time to start living the truth of who you are full on and stop messing around living a lie!  Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth will set you free!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Tara

    I too am struggling with what I perceive as a conflict between my personality and appearance.

    I am a type 4, which I know to be true in my mind and heart. It was also confirmed to me by my body profiling. However, as I watched the Dressing Your Truth presentation for Type 4s I was nearly in shock. I don’t connect with any of the clothing or jewelery for a Type 4. I have very little clothing in my closet that fits this type. I can’t even see my self wearing Type 4 clothes. I’m still in a state of conflict and confusion.

    I’m a little disappointed that I’m not having the same great results and success that I read about in the emails and on the website. But I’ll keep trying to figure this out. I agree that it is possible I am living so far away from my truth that I can’t see who I really am.

    I’m a red head with lots of freckles and “warmer” skin tones. Wearing true hues (as are recommended for type 4s) feels like such a clash against my face and hair. I wonder if Energy Draping would help me see better that I should be dressing my truth as a 4.

    • shelley

      just wondering if you ever found your true type?

  • G

    Hi Everyone,

    Wow, what has this Dressing Your Truth revealed to us. I too am struggling through this process. I always had a unique sense of style, when it came to clothing, classic with a twist of artistic. Here I am now profiled as a Type 3 and I feel lost. The color brown seems to resonate with me the most, but brown??? I can’t wear brown every day. I feel like I have lost my sense of style. I would appreciate any ideas, or thoughts. I am not sure where to go from here? Thanks, have a beautiful day.

    • Carol

      It is important that you do the Dressing Your Truth online course and learn the “whole” system. Dressing Your Truth is so much more than just the color of your clothes. Onewithself, you just have to be true to your Type 3 nature and jump in and do it! You will be amazed how much you discover the truth of who you truly are. PS – There is soooo many colors in the Type 3 chroma palette beyond brown! Go to my Facebook page at and search my photo’s where you will see a picture of my very dynamic, rich, amazing closet of clothes! Carol

  • DiAnne

    Dear Donna and Carol,

    Learning to Dress My Truth has been the easy part for me. Figuring out what My dominant Energy Type was has been excruciating. I resonated with type 2. I felt so connected and have always been the peacemaker but as I learned more I realized that I feel very quiet and still and I had 4 skin. Porcelain, white, soft and not a pore until in my 40’s. Over the years I had also learned that I looked better in warm, deeper shades. So as I started this process I identified with a 2, felt still and had the skin of a 4 but dressed in the colors of a 3. I used to joke that if it looks like mud, it looks good on me. The one thing I did know is that I wasn’t a 1.

    I struggled with this. Read and did everything that Carol put out that was close enough to my area to do. I almost felt obsessed with trying to figure it out. I know I’m not dumb but this at time seemed to elude me. I discussed it with 4 of my friends that were discovering their true nature. One particularly difficult day I came home from seeing one of my children, sat down and said out loud, “I can’t do this any more!” I realized that being this connected was killing me. I wasn’t responsible for other people’s choices and if I really understood, then they needed to go through this so they could learn what they needed to! My attempts to help weren’t good for either of us! Something in me disconnected. It was one of the most freeing moments of my life. Amazing.

    Not long after that I was able to send in my picture and get it profiled. You guessed it, I turned out to be a 3. As well as two of my friends that were both blown away by the information. Very little in our upbringing or society has prepared us to comprehend let alone value the gifts of being a three. I attempted explaining to some women, after a church meeting, where I had taught, that I had just begun to really perceive that others saw me much differently than I saw myself. They asked what I meant, and the only thing I could think to tell them was that my energy, even sitting still, was much more—dynamic, (It was the only word I could think of on the spot) than I ever thought of myself. Their response; ‘Duh. Your DiAnne.”

    As I search for how this information fits in with the life I have I am continually amazed at how freeing it is to give myself permission to be me. To realize, that often others get a glimpse of the me that is really there before I try and hide it behind what ever limiting belief isn’t supporting my true nature. I still pull from the connectedness of my less dominant type 2 and the stillness of my type 4 natures, when I need them, but now they are there to support my 3’ness. Amazing, fulfilling, journey and even my very dominant Type 3 husband likes me being happy.

  • G

    I know that the color palette has a lot more colors than brown, there are beautiful rich colors and I am trying some of these colors for the firt time. I just find these colors so foreign to what I usually wear. Carol, I am jumping right, in I have ordered new colors for Fall in cords, I have always loved the look of a tunic and a wide belt so I am looking for clothing with the right characteristics for type 3. by the way I loved the golden jacket you showed on the video, the one with the triangular buttons…I would love to have this in my new wardrobe, do you know where I could find this item. Thank you and your team fo all the support. I am excited to join the online party nights.

  • Silvia

    I am very confused rigth now. I was not sure about my true nature ( I have doubts between 1 or 4). so I send my picture and I was profiled as type 4 with a strong secondary Type 1. It was a litle shock but after a while I make peace with myself and give myself permision to be a type 4.
    Later on I amke a trip to USA (I live in spain) and I was in a meeting and share my room with your type to woman in the video! there where a lot of woman that know your work and every single one told me I was a type 1.
    6 month later It happen the same in another meeting!
    I feel confused rigth know. Do you have any suggerstion? I am afraid I am not able to fly to USA for a while

    • LYT Customer Support

      Hi Silvia,
      We offer two online Skype options that you may be interested in. Confirm Your Type Coaching with Carol which is a 20-30 minute session or a Live Your Truth Coaching with Carol which is an hour session. Visit the Expert Service link in the Dressing Your Truth members’ area for more information or email
      Thank you!

  • Caty

    I have many T3 facial features, but I am a quiet and introverted person. Is it possible to be a T3 with a quiet and introverted personality?