How to Understand the Inner Workings of a Type 2/4 or 4/2 Energy Combination

You’ll notice the blanket of calm and stillness on the set of today’s video. As we continue our Energy Profiling series looking at all of the unique combinations, today we focus on TYPE 2/4 and 4/2 Energy.

Find out what introversion really means and how you can let go of false expectations so you can accept your true nature for who you really are—and the gifts you have to offer!

Inner calm, inner stillness

When a person leads with a TYPE 2/4 or TYPE 4/2SM Energy, they express more Yin energy, which is an inward directed movement. Those inward qualities show up in their thoughts, feelings, relationships, and more.

Meet Mallory (2/4) and Cindy (4/2). In the video, you’ll find out:

  • What inaccurate phobia label Cindy was given—that all went away once she understood what was reasonable for being a 4/2.
  • How Mallory works with her secondary TYPE 4SM Energy to to help customers and how she’s learned to let go of perfecting every detail she notices.

How has knowing your Energy Type helped you manage your expectations? Share what has supported you in the comments below. 

Processing emotions in privacy

To varying degrees, people who express TYPE 4/2 or  2/4 ENERGY will be aware and sensitive to their emotions and feelings—but their inward nature is drawn to process and express those emotions in a place of privacy and respect.

That’s also why people of either of these energy expressions may feel uncomfortable at first in new social situations—so their anxiety about dealing with emotions public is a very reasonable response, not a social phobia!

The difference between the gifts of TYPE 2 Energy and TYPE 4 Energy

Some people mistake the innate gifts of TYPE 2 and TYPE 4 people since their eye for details and thoroughness, respectively, can appear similar at time—especially if you express a combination TYPE 2/4 or a 4/2 Energy. To clear up any confusion, watch this video to understand a TYPE 2 person’s gift for details and a TYPE 4 person’s gift for thoroughness.

Curious about the other Energy Types? Catch up with the TYPE 3/2 and 2/3 combos and also TYPE  1/4 and 4/1 Energy combos.

Be at peace with your true self

Find out your Energy Type right now for free! Once you know your Energy Profile combination, you’re able to embrace your natural gifts—which means you get the amazing benefit of being more at peace with yourself.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Catherine

    This is a very, very helpful video to me, as I am wondering if I’m a 4/2. I am rather extroverted on the internet and chat with my friends happily, but… not so much in real life. I’d be as nervous as Mallory and Cindy in person. I need lots of time alone and get it as I work from home, I am very introverted.

  • Amy

    I loved this. Thanks so much for posting this! I am a 4/2. I relate very much to the first paragraph: (2/4 and 4/2 people are) “sensitive to their emotions and feelings—but their inward nature is drawn to process and express those emotions in a place of privacy and respect.” I definitely have a world of thoughts and feelings inside and I have learned over the years of my life how to share them better. The “social phobia” in new situations was probably something I dealt with when younger but I see it a lot less now.

  • Amy

    I’m so grateful to hear this! I identify with the 2/4 combination, and it helps to hear others’ experiences. In my career as a pianist and recording artist, I’m asked to be on television and perform quite often. Even though this might not be my preferred circumstance, if I feel prepared and comfortable in all the details, then I am very confident in my abilities and have successful outcomes. I have a link to a show that I did on KSL (can I share??) and hopefully it shows how a 2/4 can still be true to themselves in those kind of situations. &

    • Susan

      Wow! Watched your link. Way to Go! Thanks for sharing from another type2/4.

  • Rachel

    Another wonderful video. Thank you so much to both of these wonderful women for being willing to share in a very real and authentic way. I loved the reminder that it is perfectly reasonable to be a little nervous or have some anxiety sometimes.

  • Gabrielle

    This is one blog that I make sure never to miss. This is a great video! It is so validating to hear that the way each type naturally processes things is OK. My mother who is a T1 would always tell me, a T4/2, to “just let things roll off my back”. That strategy was definitely true to her nature, but completely contrary to mine. It’s nice to know that my way of working things out for myself is also appropriate for my type.

    • nkaneko

      Gabrielle, one of my father’s favorite pieces of advice when I let “life” upset me was, “Just let it roll off, like water off a duck’s back.” As much as I tried, I never felt successful with this strategy.

  • nkaneko

    I am a dominant Type 2 who has been going back and forth between a Type 3 and a Type 4 secondary. So many of the comments in this video really resonated with me – I don’t seek out the public eye, …lots of feelings that I then have to think about, …needing every little detail to be perfect, …close to emotions with a need for privacy, … Thank you Carol, Mallory, and Cindy for sharing your insights of these inward moving natures.

  • Cindy

    Thank you guys for sharing. Cindy reminded me of myself. I’m a type 4, but I’m sometimes torn between a 2 & a 3 as my secondary. I definitely relate though. This video brought several things up for me. I was very shy as a child & had a horrible time in school because it was hard to make friends. I remember one time being in a group of kids in high school & a boy walked up to me & wanted to know why I would never talk. That just made me shrink into myself even more. Now I know why I was like that. And then another time as an adult I remember a friend telling me that when she first met me she thought I was very stuck up because I would never talk to anyone. I understand myself so much more now that I know I’m a type 4. I do have to force myself to join in conversations, but I don’t feel as bad anymore when I just stand there & listen.

    • Robin Schwindt Smith

      Cindy, I was always told I was stuck up and conceited as a teenager, and I never knew how to combat that even though that was not what I was feeling on the inside. I didn’t even KNOW these people let alone think I was better than they were. I was just having all my conversations internally!

    • Emily

      Cindy, I was shy as a child too. A childhood classmate who has become a close friend in adulthood recently told me he thought I was stuck up because I never talked to anyone on the school bus when we were kids. Funny how as a T4 I had it backwards and thought everyone else was stuck up because they wouldn’t talk to me! It ties back to what Carol says about the luxury of being a T4 — we get to approach people on our own terms, but we have to step into our power. Also, recently an aunt told me that she finds me “kind of intimidating.” Um, what? I am usually so intimidated by other people that I find it hard to imagine that someone would find be intimidated by me, especially a family member. I guess it’s disconcerting for some other energy types to encounter a T4 that is so still on the surface and not know what’s going on underneath. I think we all need to give ourselves more credit for being as kick-a** as we really are.

  • Mandy Armstrong Sorensen

    k–I am loving the energy combo interviews!….BUT you should have known better than to do

    the other types before 3!!! You are killin’ me here! I keep scouring youtube and your blog to see whether I have somehow missed the 3/1 combo’s but it’s not done yet. I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the 3’s when I say…”3’s next please!!” More specifically 3/1, lol. THANK YOU!!!

  • Shiree

    A 2/4 here. It was so validating to hear about needing to process emotions in private. I am glad to have a T4 husband that understands and respects my need for privacy. I also love to hear that we have a rich inner world. That’s for sure!

  • knitzz

    I ran into a customer today (who I had mentally typed as a 2) and she looked FABulous dressed as half 2 and half 4. It shocked me to suddenly understand her. I couldn’t stop telling her how wonderful she looked … and the funniest part (she who used to wear sensible beige shoes) … she was wearing super fashionable summer heels … she said she had broken her back and the heels were more comfortable. Cracked me up – I always look at heels as a form of suffering for beauty 🙂

    She was a perfect hybrid – love learning about people!

  • Robin Schwindt Smith

    As a 4/2, this was very helpful. I was talking just the other day with my daughter about how hard it can get on me when I can’t withdraw to process emotions, and they seem to always be there. And I also appreciated the idea of introversion as movement rather than a personality style. I feel like an extrovert at times. I can reach out to individuals or teach a class to strangers with joy and composure. But a PARTY with strangers paralyzes me. One on one, or me doing the teaching, that’s EASY. That’s ME. But general socializing in a big group is so hard! At those times I do feel myself closing in. It doesn’t feel like fear; it feels like a lot of processing going on lol!

    • Joy

      Socializing in a group is hard for me, too. I’ve always felt that I’ve gotten to know someone after a party or meeting and that that person will feel they know me too, but all too often it seems that, because I wasn’t outgoing on others’ level I wasn’t even there at all in some people’s eyes or memories. They may not remember me next time I see them, or at least not in the context of having interacted before. That gives me something to think about and work on and makes discussions like this so valuable.

  • Carol H.

    Great series! I’m struck by the stillness of these two ladies, and how Carol reflected back how they successfully live their introvert natures. Beautiful!

  • Dee

    I love the quote from Carol that, “You are perfectly you”. I was waiting for a video of these combinations. Thank you for helping me to feel better about myself.

  • Kreine

    Thank you so much for this video! I am a T1 (thought I was a 1/3, but now I’m thinking the 3 is my mother’s influence (-; ), and this has helped me “get” my 4/2 husband so much more.

    Hopefully, with this knowledge I can be more honoring to who he is instead of trying to get him to lighten up. Although with 5 kids, a dog, & a distractible T1 wife, the house will never be as clean as his standards of detail & thoroughness would like! 😀

  • Susan

    I loved this video! It validated my feelings of accepting and loving myself. I am a 2/4. I love my soft subtle side and my refective side. I teach a dance exercise class at my church 3 days a week. But I do it my Type 2/4 style. I’m consistantly always there, I monitor the music, lyrics, and dance so everyone is comfortable including myself. We have a good time and we get to connect and support each other too. I like seeing these women because I haven’t seen any women before who express both these types together. I feel less alone. The reasonable amount of anxiety talked about was liberating! Thank you!!!!!

  • Anita

    I was so happy to finally find some info on my 4/2 energy combo! My heart went out to Cindy because I can see my younger self in her. After many years of desperately trying to understand what was ‘wrong with me’, I found some books on social anxiety disorder and felt a little relieved that I could at least identify with some people. Over the years I have pushed myself to learn how to be more social, but it’s so great to now understand that my anxiety in certain social situations is a reasonable response and not a disorder. Just curious — do other 4/2 combos have my deep-seated need to please and fulfill others’ expectations? Thanks for the video!

    • Emily

      “Just curious — do other 4/2 combos have my deep-seated need to please and fulfill others’ expectations?” >> Yes!

    • Anna

      Yes, LOL! I am a 4/2 and lived for so long as a _very_ shy 2.

      One of the best things I found for helping me get out of my introvert movement was something I read in a really old parenting book. It said “parrot” things when communicating helps you understand others and it actually draws them out to say what they want better. It fills in gaps and I don’t have to work as hard at the conversation 😀
      (I hate XYZ…Oh, you really don’t like xyz?…Ya, it drives me crazy because of ____…and so on)

    • Nancy

      I, too, have struggles to meet other’s needs with a perfectionist’s bent and I have been known to get physically ill when too many differing needs are presented at the same time……. all the while having my own intense need for a still quiet recluse…. this profile clarifies many of my own habits/energy nature…. I also have a rare and occasional peek of a type 1 nature when I am really comfortable with people … but only in small numbers… the larger the group the harder to come out of my shell. I feel like I am in a bee hive in large crowds as my sensitivity to energy gets amplified. Thank you for creating this video and thank you to both Cindy and Mallory for putting themselves out there for all of us….. 😉

  • Elaine duree

    I’m looking forward to the men’s dissing your truth, I’d love to see this done with men, a 2/4 and a 4/2 my father is a 4/2 I’m a 2/4 women but, I wish he could understand his own nature and know he’s perfectly perfect being him.
    This was comforting to watch thanks so much, I resignated with much of what was said, I feel my anxiety manifests a bit differently then hers, as of course it would, I could work in your store approaching people is not my first anxiety it’s going forth with using my gifts when with them, I often feel rejection and then struggle to put myself out again, but I’m complelled to do it again and again, then my thought or over thought dissects it all and I am hard on myself. A process I want to turn positive to allow myself to use my gifts openly knowing when that I might be recived well but what to do when I am not? Thanks again I love all you do and am grateful for the support you are to me forever more.

  • Linda

    thank you so much, I’m a 2/4 and this is so reaffirming for my whole life.

  • Jeanne

    As a 2/4 with a master’s degree, doctorate in counseling and highly developed social skills, I’ve often been perplexed by my anxiety when meeting new people, networking and, worst, making cold calls. I grew up in a harsh and violent environment, and have done decades of meaningful, healing work. Nevertheless, it was easy for me to ascribe my inner social struggles to things yet unhealed. It has been wonderful to have additional support to separate my needs for healing work from that which is my true nature. I encourage us all to not turn beautiful truth into pathology. Greater clarity regarding what needs “fixing” and what deserves compassionate respect is a gift.

  • Jeannie Barker

    Love this video. I am a type 4/2, have struggled with shyness / social phobia most of my life and have come to accept this is simply who I am and how I relate to people, and it is OK.

    I do regularly go outside my comfort zone to present talks and workshops, but when I am confident of my topic it isn’t such a big issue for me now… years ago it would have been paralysing!

    I also wanted to say how fabulous Cindy looks. I’d like to embrace that bold fashion style more myself.

  • Charlotte

    I didn’t watch this video for myself (a 3/2) but I watched it because I work closely with different kinds of people. This series is really helping me to understand different personalities and movements on a new level so that I can better serve my clients. By understanding them I can validate that they are “reasonably reacting” (loved that!) and perfectly ok to be who they are!! So powerful! I wanted to say thank you for doing this because it really is helping me to help others on a deeper level!

  • Shalece Christiansen

    Thank you for this video. I’m a 2/4 and have had more “social anxiety” lately. I have many type 1 friends and family members and I often feel frustrated with myself that I can’t be more like them socially. I’ve been very hard on myself about it. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just not in my nature to respond like type 1s in social settings and that that’s okay. It’s not something I have to fix or feel bad about myself for. It’s a good reminder that there are others like me! Thanks!

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  • Sweeterrace

    I’m a 4/2 and around a lot of 3s in my family. Ones and threes wear me out! Lol
    My family is great and is really good about making sure there is a back door to every big event in case I need a moment to go regain my stillness. It’s great to know this is ok and that I’m not alone.

  • gsdgroomer

    Thank you for this video! Thank you ladies for putting yourselves out there for all to see. No small feat. What really hit home for me was hearing the lovely 4/2 lady and the lovely Carol discussing processing your feelings in private. I am just coming to terms with being a 4/2 instead of a dominant 2. I have never wanted to process my feelings in public. I wonder if any others out there have found that people think you don’t get upset or even have feelings just because you are not shouting them to the world. No offense if that is how your energy type behaves. I think people do not realize just how deeply we do feel emotions, especially when we are hurt by those we let into our inner circles.

    When someone hurts me, I would rather die than let them see me cry. I also don’t get into someone’s face. Here’s a chuckle for you 4s. Have you ever decided it’s not worth “fighting with an idiot?” You can’t win because “they don’t realize just how stupid they are.” Of course, they think they have you beat because they can yell the loudest. But, we 4s know better, don’t we. We don’t argue with idiots! LOL

    Thank you again Carol for showing women we are beautiful no matter how we are energetically wired.

  • Natalie Glaus

    I have watched this before and forgot that I needed to tell myself “it’s a reasonable response.” I’m a 2/4 and still fight against it, not because I don’t want to be a 2/4; I’ve just done it soooo long that I need to keep reminding myself that I am okay being a 2/4. I am soft and subtle and sensitive and it’s okay! Thank you ladies for helping support the rest of us by participating in this video clip.

  • kelfro

    So, how would a 4/2 dress? Would we focus on type 4 clothes and add type 2 pieces at the same time or some days dress type 2 and other days type 4?

  • Robbie

    I love this! A few years ago, while I was waiting for breast cancer results, I just needed to be at home alone while I processed everything. (It did turn out to be the most aggressive form of stage 2 cancer, now in remission.) Everyone wanted to talk it out with me, which exhausted me! The most helpful thing anyone said to me was, “Take all the time you need to come to terms with this.” Now I understand why I needed so much emotional space. THANK YOU!!!

  • Marni Gallerneault

    This was so healing to watch. Ty so much for this video! First off, it’s so lovely to see others ‘like me’ (I’m a 2/4), and second, that phrase ‘this is a reasonable’ response is going to stay with me. Ty Ty TY!

  • Sehruh

    I’m a 2/4. I really struggle with social settings, but the issue is when they are over, not when I am in them. I’ve found that once I warm up to a group of people in a social setting, I really enjoy myself. However, I usually need someone to approach me first. The problem is that after I’m alone again, I analyze everything I said, every person’s responses, every facial expression, etc. If I feel I may have made anyone uncomfortable in any way, it eats & eats at me. I always think that I have to find a way to fix it or apologize. Often if I do, the person is either already over it or wasn’t concerned about it when it happened. Earlier today, I was at a meeting for planning a party. Someone volunteered to do something, & I offered to do it also, thinking we’d need more than one person. The first volunteer had a trace of hurt or confusion cross her face, & the meeting organizer put me down for the item instead of her. I’ve been stressing out about it ever since & wondering how to make it right. I find myself being so concerned about saying something wrong or hurting someone’s feelings that I actually plan out everything I want to say to someone before I know I am going to be talking to them. I rehearse it over and over again until I think I have the perfect words. Does anyone have ideas for helping me not be so critical of myself when it isn’t a big deal to the other person? Do you have ideas for helping me figure out when I might be imagining a problem or when there really is one? Thanks!

  • Susan

    Hmmm. I think I am 4/2. I’ve always been focused on perfecting the details and I am a very sensitive/emotional person, especially then I haven’t had enough alone time. As a child I was very shy and quiet but now that I am an adult I put myself out there a lot more (ex: volunteering in class/work, speaking up quite a bit in group environments, etc). I would still identify as an introvert but is it possible to be a little more outgoing as a 4/2?