3 Thoughtful Ways to Show Love

Anne and I are back with more expert tips on how to show love to every Type of person.

Two weeks ago, we shared some fun ideas to show love to upward, light Type 1’s in my Energy Profiling System. Today, we suggest some ideas that are a little more subtle.

We’re talking about the fluid, flowing Type 2’s in your life!

If you want to show love in a way that really honors them, you should remember a few things…

How to Show Love to a Fluid, Flowing Type 2 person

Type 2 Energy has a naturally subdued and connected quality. Make the effort to express your love in thoughtful ways that show how connected you are.

Watch the video for 3 excellent ideas to express love to the softer, subtler person in your life. Plus, I think you will love to hear about the perfect (Type 2!) gift Anne received from her husband…

What have you learned about love from the Type 2’s in your life? What other suggestions can you add to ours? Share your ideas in a comment.

(And those of you who express Type 2 energy as your primary Energy Type, you’re the expert on what helps you feel loved. Do you have more suggestions?)

If you feel inspired to do something thoughtful for a fluid, flowing Type 2 loved one in your life today—go do it! They will appreciate your thoughtfulness more than you probably realize.

And if you don’t know your Energy Type yet, it’s time…

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Anna C.

    This was a really supportive video to me. I particularly liked it when Anne said that type 2’s need extra reassurance and validation. I used to think that it was a flaw in me that I needed that extra reassurance. But now I know that it is part of my nature and it is okay. My husband’s secondary is a 2 and this video really helped me see that I need to reassure him at times when he needs it as well. Thank you Anne and Carol.

  • Mary Ellen

    I love this series.Thank you! Totally right on target! I sent it to my Type 4 DH 🙂 and we watched it together. Can’t wait for the Type 4 one – although I think I’m on the right track lol. Thank you for all you do.

  • Moyne

    Wow, when Anne said T2’s need extra reassurance and validation, my head said, “no, I don’t” — but at the same time, my body started feeling like I wanted to cry. Thanks for the insight! I think this was a key realization I needed to acknowledge today.

  • Claire

    As a type 2 myself,Anne’s words rang true for me. The reassurance and validation we seek. We can reassure and validate ourselves. Say to ourselves” that was a good thing you did,or job well done!”.
    Thanks Carol and Anne!

  • Kathryn

    I appreciated your comments about DYT helping older children. It has especially been helpful for my college-age son in dating situations–he is learning to recognize the different energy types of the girls he dates and can understand them better. It helps my married children understand their spouses and children. We discuss/think/laugh about it (in a good way) when we get together as an extended family. It makes for lively family fun! Thanks, Carol.

  • Drue

    Aww I loved Tanner’s gift, it’s so sweet 8) With my secondary 1, I am definitely that publicly cuddly person 🙂 I love hugs!! I really enjoyed this video. Thanks!

  • Lori Thayer

    I do this for my T2 husband all the time (I’m a T4). I send him texts several times a week, give him hugs and use our “couple code words” for how much we care about each other.

    I find it interesting that I don’t think he expresses like that as much as I do but I know he loves receiving it. I think this is an example of how a type may need to receive in one way but that doesn’t mean that is the way they give as well.

  • Lisa

    Wow, thx for this. I love the reassurance part. I’m a type 1 with a secondary 4, but I have a very soft, sensitive, questioning side as well. As I live more true to my type 1, I have thankfully begun to question myself less and less, and I am grateful, but it’s still nice to receive reassurance:)) also, I just wanted to validate and ditto what Carol said toward parents with older children and how it’s never too late. It is SO true that if u know your kids they get the message that u love them. Also, it is VERY validating when u know someone’s type. The first time I met Carol was in an airport, and she immediately said, “Type 1, right?” It was a strange, but good moment for me. It was like she knew me on a deep level, and that’s all she said. Get to know your kids and they will LOVE YOU for it;)

  • Michele Lewis

    Way cool. I still get a little of the ‘Am I sure I’m a 2?’ going on. Then I hear that other people need validation and I don’t feel quite so bad needing it too.

    I sorta relate to the type 1 surprise thing. I like surprises in the form of gifts, it tells me they think about me when they aren’t with me. At the same time though they need to be thought out. Not just some trinket because they went on a trip. I don’t like the surprises that are people showing up at the door or things like that. I always need a few minutes to adjust my thinking and unless it’s fun or people I want to be with I don’t adjust well.

    The worst is when I am given a gift and then am told the price or something like my first mother’s day as a wife, “My mom got this for me to give to you.”

    Never miss an important day and remember that everyday is a day to show love. If I’m only thought of for birthday, Christmas, valentines then you are doing it just because it’s expected and not because you care.

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  • Dawn Riddle

    What Ann has said is sooooo essentially important to meeting the innermost
    needs of Type 2s!! as well as identifying their love language. You
    can feel like a wimp in the world and your heart hurts and your soul
    feels empty if you don’t get the gift of appropriate! touch and
    validation often. Type 2s spirits can easily be crushed, so show them
    lot of affection and take happy strolls down memory lane! Also, reinforcing the need to avoid lifestyle stress health issues in a Type 3 warp speed driven American culture while being productive, contributing, and using your ego strength is big huge.

  • Gillian Wackowski

    my type two husband loves it when as we are falling asleep in bed or chatting about the days activities, I reach over and give his back a scratch and rub. Very true to his nature and an easy way for me to show him i remember what he enjoys and that i love him