How to Put Together an Amazing Outfit – Tips for Your Type

Ever looked at your closet and wished an amazing ensemble would appear?

It can! My 4 Types Beauty Panel joins me with great tips to help you know how to put an outfit together, easy.

Their outfit tips are specific to the 4 Types in my Beauty Profiling system. If you’re not familiar with the system, still take a look at their great advice. And then check out the link below to discover the essential key to putting together outfits that make you look amazing!

If you’re already Dressing Your Truth, you know how to express your true beauty. But you still have to put together an outfit every day. So let’s look at some tips (specific to your Type) to help you when you open up that closet…

Outfit Tips for Every Type

Bright, Animated Type 1

Putting together an outfit might not look like a process for you—not a structured one anyway. That’s great! Embrace your random, spontaneous nature and put on whatever feels fresh. Once you’re dressed, stop long enough to check in that you’re wearing something that feels fun to you.

Pay attention to what Marcy says in the video about her biggest reward with mixing color.

Subtle, Soft Type 2

Your attention to detail is a strength, so don’t let the details overwhelm you. If you want to wear a particular item, start there. Then enjoy assembling details around that favorite item. You might be more willing to try something new if you remind yourself that you don’t have to repeat anything you don’t like.

Watch the video to see how Anne paired two colors she normally wouldn’t. She looks great!

Rich, Dynamic Type 3

Like a Type 2, you might choose an item you want to wear and build an outfit around it. But you’ll be more swift about it. Make sure your closet’s set up for quick, practical results. If your priority item for the day isn’t working, you can scrap it and go with an outfit you know will work. Just try again later.

In the video, Sarah talks about items she likes to build an outfit around, and I explain my funny approach to clothes I haven’t worn recently.

Bold, Striking Type 4

When you’re Dressing Your Truth, you have a high standard for what you keep in your closet and put on your body. That’s great! Don’t add anything to an outfit that doesn’t meet your standard. If you don’t like something—even if it’s an item that worked for you in the past—don’t feel obligated to hold onto it. Just keep perfecting your wardrobe.

I wonder how many Type 4’s share Sheryl’s experience with bold color?

Feel like you understand a little more about how to put outfits together? Watch the video to learn more tips and hear the outfit inspiration I get some mornings before I ever look in my closet!

We’d love to hear how you play with YOUR wardrobe. Leave a comment and tell us the trick that helps you build a great outfit.

Three more great outfit tips for all Types

  1. When you think about outfit ideas, remember to also think about movement. The list of your Beauty Profile key words in my book explains your movement—including the way you put together an outfit! Read through the list again with this in mind and embrace your own unique process.
  2. Create a style library. It doesn’t have to be professional or high-tech. Just take a picture of today’s outfit with the camera on your phone. Putting together an outfit with what you have becomes that much easier when you have an archive of cute outfit ideas you already came up with!
  3. Try new things and listen to YOUR style. You have a beauty sixth sense: use it.

Dressing Your Truth is a makeover system that turns all these outfit tips into a simple process. All the clothes in your closet look amazing together—and, most important, they look amazing on you!

Our easy-to-use online training program teaches you how to put together outfits, using 5 key elements customized to the movement of your facial features, body language, and even personality.

If you never want to wonder how to put together an outfit ever again (and look amazing every day!), take the first step by learning your Beauty Profile for free today.

Image by muffmuff

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Courtney

    I am a type 1 who shops like a type 4!!!

  • Carol Nunn

    I am a T2 and when I get dressed, I usually choose my top/sweater and pants/skirt first; if they are both solid, I use Anne’s philosophy of adding a pattern by draping a scarf, then add my jewelry typically consisting of bracelet, earrings and necklace. It really works and I build my “look” for the day. I get many compliments on how I look now that I never got before. ;D

    • Louise

      I’m a type 2 also and I do the same. Usually, it’s the pants first, then the top and a sweater if it’s chilly….The accessories come last — the scarf, necklace, bracelet, earrings (the details!). I usually make up 5 outfits for the work week on Sunday — hang them up in my closet and loop the necklace, bracelet or scarf around the hangers for each day. Less stress in the morning!

  • Kay

    I laughed when Sheryl said she could only wear a bold color one day and then had to have a day or two off wearing just black and white. I just told my daughter a couple of days ago that I felt best wearing all black with nail polish and a necklace being my pop of color and then every once in awhile wearing a bold color shirt. I feel the most calm and centered that way.

  • andrea

    What a fun topic! I don’t think I’ve ever thought about how I go about this before and I had the thought that I could look at the process more as ‘play’ than just something to get done.

  • Trish

    I think I will do it more like Sarah once I have more things to be excited about. I’ve never had as many necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. as I have now yet I can tire of stuff easily and have to leave it for a while before going back to it. So I asked my husband to set up a “Trish fund” and each paycheck he gives me a little money that is just for me! I’ve been saving up that money and went out to a store here that has a lot of great items and got some new things and SHA-ZAMM I feel alive again! Amazing!

  • Alita Madisen

    As a type 4 who can relate to Sheryl, I do love my black and white basics and I love to have great silver jewelry OR a bold color statement and to switch them up…this is what gives me my options and keeps my movement overall still and bold…It was good to hear it that way – thanks!

  • Renée Lisonbee

    Thanks for the video ladies! It was insightful and fun to watch.

    As a T4, I agree with Sheryl to a large extent. I can wear bold colors and prints for several days; however, I find, that if I’ve been exerting myself more than usual, such as at the fabulous Celebrate Your Beauty 2011 event last month, I will then fall back to wearing black exclusively (even heavy black eye makeup) for a few days. Doing so helps me restore balance, recharge and refocus my energy.

    Interestingly enough, I heard reference to a book written where the author shared her viewpoint of wearing “too much” black. Basically she felt it was unhealthy due to the lower vibration of color (it being the absence of color). I thought to myself, “The author must not be T4 to hold such a view” because all the T4’s I know–family, friends and members of a T4 group I belong to–all share the same feeling, that black is a calming, grounding influence on our energy.

    • Suzanna

      I quit wearing black years before learning energy profiling for all the wrong reasons. Now I feel at peace with myself and confident in black. I no longer concern myself with the notion that black is drab, dreary, or for the goth, emo, or funerals. thank you for your comments.

      • cassandra

        You look awesome in black sister! I wore black because I thought it was sliming and even “sexy” or “classy” on me. It is still odd to me on occasion NOT wearing it just because I wore it so much. I especially love now that my daughter doesn’t brush unpleasantries off my shoulders, or that I’m not doing it to myself for that matter.

    • Mia

      Black is not the absence of color it is the inclusion and absorption of all colors! It is very inclusive… I have to admit that it has become my guilty pleasure that I get to keep my black! Being a type 4 I have always felt amazing in it. Dark, pure, no fading – perfect! LOL

    • Mary R Lauer

      I am the opposite of Cheryl. I’m a 4/1 who wears a lot of black to work on a daily basis, then feels the need to “come up for air” every few days. I’ll wear one of the warmer colors with white or an icy pastel with white like I did yesterday.

  • Renée Lisonbee

    I forgot to mention in my prior comment, though I alluded to it, that I build my outfit based on my energy that day. I “feel” the colors first, then I can either go with picking my accessories first OR based on how I want to do my makeup, since makeup, for me, is a part of my accessorizing. If I want to wear bold red lipstick, that will affect how much eyeliner I wear, as well as whether or not I wear anything else around my face, such as earrings. Usually, with the red lips, I do not. I’ll wear a belt or bracelets or a bold ring instead.

    1. I feel my colors
    2. then go with accessories or makeup
    3. I choose my clothes to balance those factors

    • Beth Holmes

      I never thought of it this way, but I’m a T4 and I also “feel my color” for the day based on mood and energy level. Then sometimes I start with clothes, other times with accessories. Yesterday it was rainy and dismal and I had lots of meetings requiring a lot of energy from me as a T4 so I wore my bold yellow sweater for a pop of color with black and white and the DYT silver rose earings. Today I feel drained of energy from all that activity so choose to go just black and white with only a black and white leopard print scarf as my accessory.

  • Sharon

    Love these videos! They are so informative.

  • Ellen

    Unlike Marcy, I LOVE fun colour combos and steer clear of matchy-matchy… I recently chose my orange bag because I knew it wouldn’t go with anything (…and then I bought fun orange-red clothes… whoops!) but one thing that I can see the same in us is that we’re very likely to revert to what we feel we should wear. For me, this is my “uniform” of jeans, tshirt and sneakers (gotta love being in a male-dominated creative industry!), so while my challenge isn’t the fun colours, it IS the feminine accessories and what I think of as more “sexy” items (as opposed to the genderless tshirt+jeans). But of course I still love my jeans, but now I go for more exciting and fun tops/shoes/accessories!

    Thanks team for sharing 🙂

  • Judy

    Before DYT I always did the black & white theme. As a Type 1, it obviously didn’t work, but with a secondary type 4, I can see now how I love the simplicity, & clean lines… but it just made me feel invisible, not bold, or authoritative when I needed to be. So… now I play with dark navy, dark chocolate, off-white & COLOR… yes I prefer a ‘parisienne simplicity’ with a chic, casual elegance, but now I know my variety often demands a color-feel also, often first as those above said, & I too can build an outfit around one piece… I love scarves for color & flow, mostly warmth, & much as jewelry sets off the energy, I’m really happiest with only earrings that I don’t feel at all.

  • Courtney

    I have to say I agree with Judy, my secondary really comes into play with the simplicity and fit of the garments I choose. It has been instinctive since a young age, but my type 1 demands color!

  • L.

    My mother once told me that she worried about me when I was a child because I favored the black and purple crayons.

    Just found a cute, structured purple shirt dress with silver buttons (that are really easy-to-undo snaps) with a black belt.

    Some things never change for this type 4.

  • Debby

    I am a type 1 with a strong type 3 secondary! I do something similar to Carol, in that I ask my inner wisdom to help out with what to wear, and I check with quick muscle testing the color, style, jewelry, etc… and when I get it on, I am always happy with the results.

  • Suzanna

    I’m a such a type 4/3 and I thought ultimately, this video was hilarious! I have never been a fan of fretting over clothes, hair, makeup, or accessories. Everything in my closet has to have a purpose or I have to love it, or it is gone. I frequently scan my minimal wardrobe to see that everything looks perfect, if one color doesn’t “sing” to me, I pull it out. Which is one reason my wardrobe is minimal.

    I have all my bold tshirts that can be paired with my skinnies, cooler weather affords me the opportunity to pair any tshirt with my blue zipp up hoodie or black cardi. I start with my shirt and I choose it based on a few criteria; my mood, who will see me that day (meaning do I even plan to leave the house), and what I will be doing. I seldom wear any accessories other than my tungstan ultra shine wedding band, if I do wear earrings they are typically CZ studs. Once or twice a week I feel this huge desire to go all out (usually sundays). There is a portion of my closet that is my higher end, going out, fashion. Once a week is all I can handle, it is too exhausting, but I do look forward to that one day a week to get really bold and beautiful.

    My daughters think I am boring. I think I am awesome! My wardrobe is so simple, just the way I like it. Getting dressed isn’t a chore any more. I have enough chores, getting dressed shouldn’t be one of them. Listening to you other types makes me think dressing is a chore. You have fun with that!

  • L.

    Thanks for the T4 advice to keep our closets purged of what no longer works.

    This last year has been the first time in my life that I’ve actually shopped purposefully EACH SEASON, giving myself permission to find things that look better than what I had before, and to not “make do” so much. I’ve felt so much more confident about having something attractive to wear for nearly every occasion.

    I have hung onto a few non-4 things (long story about tennis elbow and elastic-waist skirts deleted). Yesterday, for fun, I tried to build a cute summery outfit…and my 4 wardrobe had nothing to say to the flowy 2-shaped and 3-colored skirt.

    It reminded me of how often I had trouble making outfits – that pleased me – before DYT. I may still keep an elasticized skirt in my first-aid box or belly-dancing costume box, lol, but it will probably be the black one with the Type 1 polka dots, since that is the one closest to my 4/1 type.

  • tricia

    Getting a lot of complements recently and love it. My wardrobe is slowly changing into even more boldness. T4-ness is great!!

  • Melissa

    I’m a 1/4 and like Judy prefer a “parisienne simplicity” with a chic, casual elegance, but also need some to bring in some color and playfulness. Recently I put together an outfit I just love and have had so many compliments when I wear it. It started with going to the Woman Within website and finding a wonderful solid chocolate brown dress. Simple and elegant. Then I found some earrings that have a chocolate brown base onto which very playful bright beads of yellow, orange, red and turquoise are applied. I feel that I am completely myself in that outfit and I never would have put it together if it wasn’t for DYT.

  • cassandra

    As a type 1 that is still trying to build a wardrobe (my lovely type 4 sister helped me purge out my closet). I’m thankful for this video. I am still trying to break out of the idea that I’m “too old” (only 37) or too heavy, or whatever to wear fun colors, and alot of it. I am a jeans and t-shirts girl most of the time. I am working hard to get more “light, crisp” items. I currently own only 1 pair of jeans but I LOVE them. It has taken me years to love a pair of jeans again and not just make due. My 14 yr. old daughter was shopping with me when I bought them and she informed me I was “too old” for them. Once I put them on she “oooed” and “awwed”. She, also a type 1, is envious and wants them for herself. My husband took one look at them and had me do a spin so he could see the whole picture. He hasn’t done that in years! So exciting for me. I also purchased a fun, gold Roman sandal that seems to go with just about everything. Hubby loved those too and informed me that I finally have shoes he likes. So, when choosing my outfit for going out (I run an in-home daycare so “grubbies” are my frequent go-to outfit, but in my colors) I am still changing my outfit multiple times and rethinking alot. Thanks for the video that should help me to get a little more focused. This is all still so new to me. It’s ok to not be matchy-matchy as I call it.

  • Bodycon dress

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  • Mcooks

    Love all the Type 4 comments. I feel so refreshed and relieved that I can go back to my black. My DH has always disliked black, but now we know that is because he’s a Type 4, and loves all the rich, earthy tones. I feel so much more ready to tackle things, when I wear black and white. I’ve also noticed over the years that when I’m not feeling well I either choose a great red to help me feel more confident, or, since I’ve been leaning towards browns the last few years, I go for the “wallflower look” with rich, dark browns. Now that I’m working on dressing my truth, I realize that I really do feel better when I wear the tones that I need to wear, and I can relax and breathe more easily, rather than getting so short of breath. Yay!

  • Janise Eckman Wooten

    I am a type one and today, I went to yoga with my hair in a very perky high pony tail. It felt literally “over the top” for me but I was very daring and took the chance. I even wore some pretty jewelry and my new beautiful colors. (I used to wear mainly black to yoga). After yoga class, three or four people from the class came up to me, one telling me she did not even recognize me because I looked so different. She said my hair looked amazing! Another lady said “you look so cute!” I don’t remember anyone saying that to me in my adult years. The yoga instructor came up to me afterwards and told me, with great feeling, she was so impressed with how far I had come in my yoga. She had not ever done anything like that. My yoga practice had not drastically changed but I had changed! One of my best friends who had arranged to meet me at the yoga class, told me later that she did not even recognize me either when I walked in. She actually thought I was somebody else! Later, at her house, she and another friend were asking me to recap how I had fixed my hair. (It was breathtakingly easy!) I showed them and then took my pony tail out. My hair was just laying there without a hairdo but it had a very type one spontaneous (between hairdos) look, I am sure. Just then, a friend of hers knocked at her door and when she came in and saw me, she said “I love your hair!” Whoa! What a day!!!! It blew me away! Today, I have had my type confirmed many times over! This is so much fun! Putting my clothes together each day is an adventure. I love the change and so many of my clothes match. I really get into the colors and actually love wearing more than one bracelet. I love two particular bracelets and a necklace and tend to wear those every day so far and just build my outfits around these accessories. That is how I am doing it lately but I am sure it won’t stay that way. My shopping experience at the 2nd hand store was like no other clothes shopping experience I have EVER had! It was easy using my color card. I have removed all black clothes from my closet and will soon even get the nerve to actually give them away. I do not miss the black! I love combining colors I never knew even matched but they actually do! I love the idea of making a photo album, if I can remember to take the time to do it! Thanks Carol! My life has been changed! Thanks for helping me to understand myself and to dress my truth!!!!

  • Sally J

    Funny but I use Carol’s, Anne’s and Sarah’s methods. I like to plan it out the day before if there’s time. Saves aggregation.

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  • Debbie (A Million Skies)

    Yes, and it drives me crazy for them not to cross their legs!