How to Petition Your Angels

Knowing how to call upon the powers of heaven will dramatically change your life. During this ongoing series, I will share with you my secrets for appropriately calling upon the powers of heaven andHow to Petition Your Angels angels to help you create a beautiful, prosperous life.

Imagine that you have a whole crew of angels around you to assist you with whatever request you make of them. The only criterion is that your requests cannot be hurtful to another. Angels and other beings of light will only assist and orchestrate in our behalf when we are choosing things of the light.

Start by deciding what you want in your life. An easy writing process to help you become clearer in knowing what you want is to identify first what you don’t want. Take a piece of paper and on one side list “What I Don’t Want.”On the other side list “What I Do Want.” Ask yourself the question, “If my life were ideal, what would it look like?”

I tell my clients that if God were to come to you and say, “George, you can have your life be any way you want it to be. Tell me how you want it to be, and I’ll help you create it.” What would you tell God? I counsel the person to only imagine what they can honestly believe is possible for them. If they do not believe it could happen easily, they will doubt.

Doubt energy is a heavy energy that disconnects us from source energy. This creates resistance on our part, which interferes with allowing what we have asked for to manifest easily.

In this process write the ideal you really believe could happen. List desires that include your relationships, career, body, mind, state of abundance, home, transportation, and spiritual and family life. Or take one of these areas and list what you want in detail. Remember, the more specifically you ask for what you want, the more specifically you will receive it.

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