How to Manifest More Money (Even For a Stay-at-Home Mom!)

You’ve heard me talk about manifesting money before. But what if you’re a stay-at-home mom? How do you flow more money into your life if you’re at home with the kids?

I’ve received this question several times throughout the years, and I want to ask you two vital questions to help you start to really bring the money in.

1. Do you know your Energy Profile?

Knowing and understanding your Energy Profile is key to the process of creating the life you want. Why? Watch the video to hear how money can show up for different Energy Types, and how it can affect the way you and your husband manifest.

2. Do you know what you believe?

Lack of money is just a symptom of limiting beliefs and perceptions. And there’s one particular belief that might be especially limiting you as a stay-at-home mom. As long as you hold onto it, you won’t be able to bring in extra money. Watch the video to hear what it is, find out how to release it, and let money show up for you!

Please share your own tips, ideas, or questions in a comment below. What affirmations do you use to support yourself in manifesting more money in your life?

You can make money without a regular paycheck

I hope these tips woke you up to some of your own limiting beliefs. Release them and see the money start to flow! You can make money from home—even if your job as a full-time mother doesn’t include a paycheck.

It’s a matter of being open to the possibilities and opportunities that you aren’t even expecting.

If you don’t have the manifesting tools I talked about in this video, get them for yourself. Don’t waste anymore time feeling like you’re stuck and struggling.

My Manifesting More Money Boot Camp will give you over 24 hours of audio and visual content (plus a 60-page workbook) to help you open up yourself to possibilities of abundance you never imagined!

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  • Deb

    You did not touch on the ways money shows up for type 1 and 4’s. Could you address that, please?

  • Rochelle

    I manifest orders each month for essential oils that I sell…I just need more volume … sometimes I just have a simple thought pass through my mind that I need extra cash…no emotion attached to the thought and money will show up for me…

  • Kassi

    yes i would love to have manifesting more money boot camp, but right now i don’t have tools to buy it, i first have to manifest that money, so i go on in circles