How to Connect With Your Secondary Type 2…And Let it Comfort You

Welcome to Part 2 in our series on how to support and honor your Secondary Energy Type. In this post, we look at how to connect with your Type 2 Secondary.

Read on for how people with dominant Type 1, Type 3 or Type 4 energy can embrace their Type 2 qualities to support them in a positive way.

Connecting with your emotional sensitivity

(If you missed last week on Secondary Type 1, you can review that here.)

In my system of Energy Profiling, Type 2 energy is fluid and flowing. It is a more emotionally aware expression that is oriented to comfort and making connections.

People with a Secondary Type 2 will possess a greater sensitivity to their own feelings and the emotions of others, and have the ability to connect people together at a heart-level.

Watch the video and hear how Sarah has learned to connect with and support her Secondary Type 2 – plus, hear our tip for what people with a secondary Type 2 should own!

 How do you support your Secondary Type 2? What do you do to take care of your emotional life?  Share your comments, along with your Type, below.

Same energy, different emotional expression

How a Secondary Type 2 looks for each Type

If you are a Type 1/2 – you’ll lead with your fun and social nature and enjoy connecting with people emotionally. You’ll also be tuned into the feelings of the group and wanting people to be comfortable.

If you are a Type 3/2 – as you move forward to get things done, you’re going to be more sensitive to how people are feeling and enjoy creating big experiences that connect people.

If you are a Type 4/2 – you’re probably much more private about your emotions. You’ll enjoy connecting with people you’re familiar with, but maybe only really trust a few people or one other person with your heart.

Identifying your Secondary Energy Type

To identify your Secondary Type, refer to this past post on how to identify the Secondary Type of children—because the information is the same. And for more support, you can also learn WHY you should love your Secondary Type in the first place.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Catherine

    I just LOVE this series, thanks for doing it. It is so helpful to know how the different combinations of types will act and appear. I also love your outfit Carol, the purple and green looks really good!

  • Trish

    I really appreciate the advice to “get a pet”. I’ve always wanted pets but I’ve always been too nervous and unsure of myself. I’ll think “what if I’m not good at taking care of it once the excitement wears off?” or “What if I get too frustrated with the animal?” and other such things. Then, one time on the forum some people actually told me that I should never get a pet because I’d be terrible at taking care of it! Of course, I know that they don’t really know me and are judging me by whatever I write and how they take it. But still, I wondered if they were right and I was just unaware of my true self. Since then I figured out I’m actually a secondary 2 and not 1 and so now that I have this information I feel validated in my wants and needs. I really appreciate it! I think those of us with secondary 2 sometimes need a little bit more validation than people who aren’t 2 at all. Its hard getting it when your dominant is a 3 because everyone just thinks you are so self-assured!

  • Carol H.

    I noticed how Carol makes her voice all soft and slower when she’s talking about T2. Love this series of secondaries.

  • Robin Schwindt Smith

    I love this! Thank you! I find that my secondary 2 (I’m 4/2) shows up in my yoga classes. I’ll go in with a plan, and scrap it at the door. After the class students will say, “I never did that pose before, and I SO NEEDED IT TODAY! You have such intuition!” I can’t take credit. It just comes.

    But the hard part is being 4/2. You want to be direct . . . but what if it hurts someone’s feelings? Someone will say, This is a good time to be a 4, Robin! JUST SAY IT! But I have to honor that concern that never leaves the back burner.

    You are so right about having pets and being private. Spot on, as usual :).

    • Anna

      What Robin says is so true!!!:

      “But the hard part is [of?] being 4/2. You want to be direct . . . but what if it hurts someone’s feelings?”

      I leaned heavily on my 2 nature as a child and first mistook myself as a 2…I am very in tune with other’s concerns…and I don’t want to harm or make things worse. I like peace and don’t like to rock the boat (4 stillness).

      And that thing about being very private…how did you _know_!?! 😉

      Thanks again, Carol!!!

      • Robin Schwindt Smith

        I do think I meant to say “of” lol. Thanks for catching that detail (wink)!

  • Chris

    Fabulous video, ladies – thank you both! I believe I am a dominant 3, secondary 2…who ran into a “long dry spell” and a powerful depression living as a 4:2. I had a series of disappointments in my life that pushed me into an unbalanced state where my natural state of activity and connection veered onto a path of cold, bold, overwrought reactions. Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth – along with the articles and videos on The Carol Blog – continue to help me make sense of my recent past – and chart a more positive, authentic direction for the future.

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport

    Thank you, Chris, for sharing!

  • Stephanie

    Comfort and connection…yes and yes! I am a Type 3 with a secondary 2 and I definitely relate with those words. I care a lot about the comfort of others and in staying connected. Once I form deep friendships, I work hard to maintain them. I am drawn to comfortable clothing, furniture and bedding. I loved having pets when I was a child. I had several rodents as well as other types of animals. As a teen I challenged myself by owning and caring for an exotic animal. The plus side was that it was super soft and affectionate, which made it even more enjoyable.

    I love that I can be a determined and passionate Type 3 while still maintaining that softer side of who I am.

  • Carol H.

    I’m a T 2/1, so great to hear about how others are incorporating T2 energy. My husband is T3/2, I believe, and in work he is gifted in tending the relationships between himself and clients, designers, and vendors. So he gets things done, but in a way that is connected with others. He designs and builds furniture, so is concerned with bringing comfort and function into home environments. Thanks for this series!

    • France

      I really appreciate this comment on your T3/2 husband – it all makes sense now how I feel like something is missing from my job, now I know it’s that connection. I like my quiet space, but after a while I just want to do something that involves interacting with others. It explains why I liked working in customer service. Thank you!

    • Susan Snipes

      I can totally relate as a T3/2 business owner (web design/development). It’s an awesome combination, and I feel lucky to have found my way to running a successful business. It’s great to bring more consciousness to it and embrace my strengths.

  • Susan Snipes

    Same here for this 3/2! Watching Sara in the videos was very helpful in typing myself.

  • GiftedWithADD

    This is a great video, offering clarification for me. I’m a Type 3 but couldn’t figure out if I was a secondary 1 or 2. But connection and communication are very important to me. And in my business I like to allow others to learn to voice their truth. I also have always loved the underdog, the under-represented. I’ve definitely suppressed this part of me, preferring to be silly or crazy or child-like. I learned as a child that if you’re caring people will suck the life out of you and so I was hurt over and over again. My mother told me that I was “incapable of affection” so I just thought I was unfeeling. Very confusing. Today I can embrace my heart and my mind. Thanks so much, Carol.

  • Ann

    I enjoyed seeing this video a couple months ago, and wanted to revisit it but now it tells me it doesn’t exist. Where can I find this particular video? This has happened a few other times on other videos. What’s up?