How to Attract an Abundance of Money…With Your Cell Phone?

If you’re like me, you want to live a life of abundance and prosperity, not a life of lack and scarcity.

To attract the kind of abundance I want, I started doing this one thing with my cell phone to focus my intention for creating more abundance with money.

What kind of abundance are you experiencing?

I guarantee that you are experiencing abundance right now. Because abundance is everywhere.

It might just be that you’re not experiencing the kind abundance you want. If you’re stuck under an abundance of bills and debt, it’s time to focus your intention and give direction to the kind of abundance you want to create.

In the video below, I’ll show you what I’ve recently done with my iPhone to help me to bring my attention to manifesting more money.

If you have a cell phone, it’s something you can easily do, too!

What is one thing you can do to create the abundance you want to experience? What ring tone might you choose? As always, I look forward to reading your tips and comments below. 

Can your ring tone really make you rich?

The answer: maybe.

Remember, it’s not about the specific ring tone, it’s your intention behind it.

For me, my Pink Floyd “Money” ring tone brings my attention to manifesting more money in my life. I’m simply using my ring tone to remind me of my intention.

Plus, whenever my phone rings now, it really stands out and attracts attention!

But you could use any song that appeals to you and your intention of creating abundance. Here’s the Motown Money song I mentioned in the video.

So have fun with your ring tones! And remember to first set a clear intention of the kind of abundance you want to manifest.

Have fun manifesting more money!

To help you shift your experience with money, I invite you to check out more fun money games I teach here on the blog.

Image by Max Khokhlov

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Char

    The motown money song referenced was also redone by The Flying Lizards in the 80’s if you want a different version. Thanks for the idea!

  • T3 Girl

    Pink Floyd is going to wonder where the sudden increased interest in making their song a ringtone came from. HA!

  • Kelly
  • CarolHarada

    That’s hilarious! It’s such a T3 ringtone. Go, Carol!

  • Maria

    Thanks for the idea, I try Romancing the tone with Dr Mad

  • Phyllis Khare

    There’s a cool song from Karen Drucker about manifesting money, too.

    • Marcy

      Yes, there is! It’s called Money is Coming to Me. I love Karen Drucker’s music. I’ve seen her perform many times in person – she’s part of my spiritual community…
      There’s also the song “I Wanna Be Rich” – fun!

  • True2Me

    What about Monty Python “The Money Song”……pretty funny 🙂

  • Amy Baldwin

    How did I know that it would be Money by Pink Floyd? 😉

  • Katharine

    What about money being the root of all evil? I know money is neutral but it also can make people change and do things they normally wouldn’t do. Or do only evil people use money incorrectly?

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport

    These are great questions Katharine, Carol talks a lot about these in her book, Remembering Wholeness, as well as her other money materials. You can find more at and even a free offer here –

  • Lolitalala

    I’ve downloaded Pink Floyd – Money)))

    it’s too easy) look