The Girl's Got Curl – Dressing Your Truth Makeover

After going through the Dressing Your Truth online course and experiencing their makeover, some women will say “I’m a new woman!”

I can totally understand why. I even felt like a new woman myself once I honed in on my true Type.

But Dressing Your Truth doesn’t really create a new you—it helps you reveal the true you!

We see that truth especially in this beautiful makeover of a Type 2 woman. Before, we wouldn’t have even known she had such luxurious locks of curly hair! By not honoring her hair’s natural movement, she was hiding one of her most elegant features.

This woman’s face and especially her eyes are incredibly beautiful in both photos. But in the Before photo, she comes across more structured and rigid in the bold, black jacket, rather than align with her more soft, subtle and fluid nature. We see the jacket, but not her.

After, with a softer, cooler style of clothing and the right makeup and hairstyle for her Type,  she looks composed, serene and approachable. Plus, she naturally invites us all in to experience that peace with her.

What do you notice about her makeover? Share you positive comments below.

Type 2 Before and AfterBetter than Black

Remember, not every Type looks good in black. When you go through the Dressing Your Truth online course, you learn what your “replacement blacks” are for your Type’s wardrobe (unless you are the Type that looks stunning in black!). This woman shows us how beautiful charcoal gray looks on a Type 2.

Ready to experience your own makeover?

You can get started by learning your Type with my free Beauty Profiling course online.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Kaylie

    Wow. What a dramatic change. The black was really weighing her down. She looks like it took ten years off at least.

  • Sarah

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Sharon

    So beautiful.

  • Kerrie


  • Shacone

    AMAZING! You look so fatnastic, and younger!! I love your curl!

  • Cherie

    Amazing curls! Love that t-shirt, too!

  • Dee

    WOW what a transformation, changes her entire physiqe

  • Vicki Mowery

    Softer, younger, and definitely Dressing her Truth!

  • Leisa

    Her curly hair is SO beautiful!

  • Barb

    She looks amazing! This makeover really points out that not only color, but structure is so important. This draping fabric looks wonderful on this beautiful woman and does not “overwhelm” her soft personality.

  • Ellie

    I think she looks beautiful! I also think her face looks softer and more beautiful in the first picture. The darker lipstick kind of takes it overboard and she doesn’t look as comfortable… if you ask me. 🙂 I’m obviously not the expert but if I was her I wouldn’t wear the dark lipstick.

    • Carol

      Thank you, Ellie, for sharing your opinion. This is exactly what Dressing Your Truth is all about – every woman is her OWN beauty expert and trusts her own beauty-sixth sense for an individual, personal style. She looks beautiful.

    • Suse

      I love the dark lipstick on her. It’s true that nude or soft lipstick has been popular for a while, but, this shows off her beautiful mouth!

  • Carol H.

    The color black, even with a softer structured jacket, is overwhelming and unflattering to her complexion. This T2 beauty now looks like she is resting in herself, confident, peaceful and glowing in the blue gray. Beautiful eyes, smile, skin and natural curls.

  • lisa

    a beautiful woman and I love her softer look, especially the hair.

  • Roberta

    WOW! Her eyes look softer, her smile looks brighter, she looks more calm and relaxed (and Younger!), more casual and approachable. The black jacket & pulled back hair makes her look stuffy and square. Amazing that just a few changes could have such a significant difference!

  • Suzanne A.

    She is a beautiful woman, but her beauty really shines through in the afterphoto. There’s a softness about her. I am a type 2 as well with hair very much like hers. I had been straightening my hair for the last few years and my husband kept telling me “You look so much prettier with your curly hair”! I am now back in curls and feeling so much more myself. I was shocked to see her shirt in the after…I bought this yesterday! I said “wow” this is so type 2. Thankyou Carol and thankyou Dressing Your Truth!

  • Sharon

    Wow! Dressing herself in her Type 2 truly brings out her beauty. Totally beautiful!!

  • Natalie

    She looks so gorgeous! I love her curly hair!

  • ella

    You look beautiful one way or the other but the new outfit and hair style brings out the ‘whole’ of you so to speak.

  • Mary Ellen

    Her curls are so pretty! It is so interesting to discover the differences between the energy types. I am a T4 with curly hair, but I look much better with mine very short or controlled. So, I would look best in her before style while she looks much younger and softer in her after makeover. I am so blessed that I understand this and wish that every woman could have the opportunity to know who she really is and dress her truth.

  • Wendy

    Beautiful. Love the curly hair!

  • Confused

    Very nice. She looks lovely. Can you please explain WHY she is a type 2? For those of us who can’t tell.