Get to Know the Details About Anne – Dressing Your Truth Q&A

You see her here on the blog a lot. But how much do you really know about my daughter Anne?

Get to know one of our veteran Dressing Your Truth Experts—she’s been dressing true to her Type 2 nature for almost nine years now!

Q&A with Anne Tuttle Brown

After me, Anne is the person you probably see the most. Her gift for gathering details and making connections is so valuable to me and our company.

It’s because of her that you have such amazing detailed resources to support each of you who are Dressing Your Truth members.

Watch the video to learn Anne’s passions, hobbies and strengths, plus what she enjoys most about her role here and as a wife and mother.

You also get to see Anne’s hidden talent—one that’s very true to her Type 2 nature!

What do you appreciate most about Anne? Do you have a hidden talent true to your nature?

Turn a Type 2 tendency on its head

Because of her gentle, sensitive nature, Anne is able to make really special connections with people. She exudes a peace and calmness that draw people to feel close and connected to her.

And while Anne lives confidently as a Type 2, you heard her share how she perceives her lack of self-assurance as a weakness at times.

I support her in her goal, and I also want to point out how you can also see perceived weaknesses in another light, to turn it into a strength.

When Type 2’s are in tune with their emotions, they will be sensitive to things that aren’t comfortable for themselves or others.

And since Type 2’s need to take time to make a plan and be comfortable with it, their more cautious nature (which can be seen as a lack of self-assurance) can at times be a helpful trait for them, to alert them to something that isn’t right about a situation.

Consider how you can perceive as your greatest weaknesses as your greatest strengths instead. That’s what they are when you live true to your nature!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Pat

    I relate to Anne is many instances. Passion for eating healthy has been important for me, however, I never had the support of my mother, siblings or children. So Anne, you are a very lucky woman that you have that support. I like the aha of self-confidence and self-assurance. That is the way I feel. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  • Mary Ellen

    Love this – and yes, Anne, you most certainly are a favorite with me 🙂 I love how everyone at Dressing Your Truth shares their genuine selves and teaches us to not only accept our true selves, but to honor others. As we approach our holiday of Thanksgiving – I am so very grateful for all of you at DYT. Thank you.

  • Kristin

    You’re my favorite Anne!! 🙂 (Then again, I am a type 1 and have more than one favorite of everything! lol. :D)

  • Leslie

    I enjoy the insights of all the DYT experts, but since I’m the same age, type, and secondary as Anne, I especially value her perspective and style. And, it’s so reassuring to know that needing regular reassurance isn’t such an awful thing. (I used to drive my T1/3 mom crazy with all my questions and fretting about *everything* 🙂 Thanks for all you do, Anne!

  • T3Grrrl

    As always, Anne’s thoughtfulness, reflection, and sensitivity are a welcome gift to me. Thank you Anne!

  • Angela

    I want an Anne poster to hang in my closet! 😉 haha.

    Wow, I relate a lot to almost everything you said.

  • Tausha Hansen

    Anne is my favorite! Always has been!

  • Melissa Howard

    You’ve always reminded me of myself, Anne, and I’m also totally into learning about whole, raw foods and herbs. I really enjoyed this video and getting to know you better.

  • Rachel

    I love Anne! We’re around the same age, and even though I’m a type 1, I’m convinced we’d be best friends if we lived in the same place!

  • Angel

    I like Anne. She is a wonderful role model for all Type 2 women in the world.

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  • Mariah

    Anne is lovely, and looks like her Father and her maternal grandmother (saw that in the wedding photos)
    Carol you look your stunning best in this yellow and in black.

  • Mariah

    Good on Ya Woman, Anne, I am a 25 year vegan and a Nutritional Therapist so we are both like minded in wanting all the details to be correct in our bodies and our families.

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