Framing Her Fabulous Face! Dressing Your Truth Before and After

Your face is your best feature. But you can hide it with the wrong hairstyle!

I just love seeing a woman get a haircut, color, and style that supports her natural movement. It frames her face and her whole expression just comes alive!

Just like today’s Dressing Your Truth makeover.

Look at this stunning Before and After. The loose, cascading curls in the first photo don’t honor this gorgeous woman’s still, reflective movement.

The more structured cut with cleaner lines actually brings balance to her face. She’s a Type 4 in my Beauty Profiling, and that’s one of her natural gifts… bringing balance and stability to this world!

I just look at that second picture and think, Wow. What a truly beautiful woman.

What do you think of her makeover? Please share your positive comment below.

T4 Before & After

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  1. WOW – great haircut, totally took 10 years off her!!! Love the difference and LOVE DYT!

  2. RachelJL says:

    Love it! It makes her face look lighter/less weighted down.

    I’m planning on calling today, actually, to get an appointment with Emily to cut mine, too. Can’t wait!

  3. What a great makeover! She looks younger, thinner and more attractive. All that from a haircut can’t be bad.

  4. Wow, she looks younger and even thinner now! What an amazing makeover!!! She looks so beautiful! I would love to see her curly hair done in a T4 way with her new haircut too. She is no longer hiding, but truly bold and gorgeous!!! :)

  5. Love it! I feel more grounded (as a T1) just looking at her!

  6. Carolyn Mason says:

    Not only does her face look slimmer, her body looks slimmer! What a transformation! I can’t hardly believe my eyes. She is beautiful!

  7. Annie Edwards says:

    This is one of my favorites! She looks so beautiful and the changer makes her look younger and much thinner too.

  8. Annie Edwards says:

    This is one of my favorite make overs so far. She looks younger, thinner and so beautiful.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I love this makeover. Even though she has the exact same expression on her face in both pictures, she almost looks angry in her before picture and not at all in her after picture. Who knew that a haircut could change your face so much. (I guess DYT does) :) Opening up her neckline and changing her shirt shows off how thin she is, too. Beautiful.

  10. It’s amazing how dressing her truth makes her look so much younger and at least 10 lb.lighter!!
    Simply Stunning!!!

  11. Wow! She looks just wonderful, The new hairdo is perfect. She has beautiful hair.

  12. What are this beauty’s facial cues to her T4 nature? I see more T3. Again, it would be helpful to let us know the secondary types on the makeovers.

    • Though, she looks great in her after picture, I agree with you. I am confused by her type. I also, thought she was a Type 3. It would be great if there was information shared about how the features were demonstrating the type.

  13. Elizabeth O'Day says:

    Once again, I am amazed at the results. She looked beautiful with her flowing hair no doubt – but I didn’t really see HER. After the cut and appropriate style she is revealed so beautifully! I see her – I see the power and magnificence of her 4 energy profile so deeply reflected in her eyes. Wow!

  14. Oh Wow! This is a very striking makeover and she looks amazing.

  15. Really nice! And as a 4 myself, I bet she feels so much better. Congrats!

  16. How gorgeous! She looks 10 years younger and 10 pounds slimmer!

  17. Just goes to show how you can have a gorgeous head full of hair, but if it’s not cut and styled right for your type it doesn’t do you any favors. She looks so much better in her after photo! I see the woman in the after photo as younger, thinner, happier, smarter, more confident, more capable, more friendly and yet her expression is identical to the first photo. Amazing!

  18. I think this is a great makeover but I do have a question Carol!!

    It looks as though her natural hair is very fully and curly…and in the makeover it’s been straightened. I thought you always advocate for people wearing their hair in it’s natural form and moving WITH the movement of the hair, not against it.

    This is a big question for me as I have very full very curly hair, and I used to straighten it all the time but have moved into curly hair acceptance and pretty much never straighten it anymore.

  19. A true case of “less is more.” Her cheekbones pop, her eyes seem bigger and brighter, and she looks so much more polished. DYT scores again! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  20. I think the most amazing change is in the shape definition and proportions. The shape of her face became correctly defined (oval), she now “has” a neck (accentuated by the beautiful and clearly defined necklace) and the head+neck now balances her torso. That brings her out. The lines on the simple T-shirt (sleeves in right length) also add definition and as a whole she comes out (comes across) with much greater clarity. Wonderful change to see, indeed!

    She looks a little angry, but I suspect it is only the keen concentration so typical for type 4. The T-shirt adds the lines and her whole impression changes even if the outfit is color-less.
    I like the transformation and I hope she does, too. When T4 dresses in a strict way I feel it a relaxing for me as a viewer. They sort out the confusion for me and I can relate better to them.
    I hope she likes the change: I feel the positive energy of her outlook.

  21. Amazing makeover! She looks about 20 pounds thinner!! And the hair – it really makes her look fabulous!!!

  22. Wow! Ditto on what everyone else said…. What a wonderful difference! This is an example of the very reason why I joined Energy Profiling/Dressing Your Truth – so I can get the same kind of results!

  23. Wow! The focus is her hair in the first photo. With it in a structured cut you see her. She is Stunning! most defintely!

  24. Being Barbara says:

    Astounding. Can’t wait to receive my on-line hair advice.

  25. Cynthia Hamil says:

    Huge difference here. She has beautiful long curls, but she definitely looks much better in the more structured bob than with all of this hair. Great job on the make over!

  26. Kathleen says:

    Wow! She looks great! These make-overs are just amazing to me… how a regular, normal looking lady can become fabulous with a few little changes. My hat’s off to you, Carol!

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