Extrovert or Introvert? – The Answer May Surprise You!

Introvert vs. Extrovert.

Do you tend to pigeonhole yourself into one of these categories?

So which one do you think you might be…in light of your primary Energy Type? Answer may surprise you!

Introvert vs. Extrovert Energy– A matter of movement

Our culture tends to think of introversion and extroversion as a matter of personality.

But I believe a better, more whole way to view these energies are as two different expressions of movement.

  • Introvert energy moves inward
  • Extrovert energy moves outward

The 4 Energy Types depicted in the Energy Profiling system give us a more whole picture of how we move through life with the influence of the different energies.

Watch the video and hear our rich and detailed discussion of how each of the 4 Types can express both of these different qualities of movement!

Yes, BOTH! (Told you there’d be a surprise!)

How does seeing introvert and extrovert energy as movement change your view of yourself and others? Share your comments (along with your Energy Type if you know it) with us below. 

What’s your intake process?

In a way, we are all introverts and extroverts—it’s just a matter of which movement comes first.

People who lead with TYPE 2SM or TYPE 4SM Energy typically move inward first to take in the details and information before they move into action. They process first, then go.

People who lead with TYPE 1SM or TYPE 3SM Energy usually move outward while they take information in. They process on the go.

Get more insight about the whole picture of who you are

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Mary Ellen Eckels

    This is awesome and it was HUGE for me!!! Thank you. I often wondered why I was so able to be friendly and outgoing, a go-getter as Anne mentioned and now, thanks to this discussion, I get it. This ability in me would really cause me to question whether I truly was a dominant two – even though deep within me, I know I am. I just couldn’t connect the two seemingly opposite characteristics. My parents did raise all 6 of us to be ourselves. As much as they were capable, they tried to respect and honor who we were. There was also the judgement, etc of not knowing about energy profiling, but both messages came through. I own two nonprofit corporations, have a private practice as a therapist, as well as work in a school system. I couldn’t connect all that which I am passionate about – and my type 2 nature – ‘as I thought it was supposed to be’. Now I get it!!! Talk about a fabulous Fourth of July – Declaration of Independence!!! Thank you Carol and Anne and God bless 🙂

  • G. Odeg

    This has helped me understand why I react to sudden change the way I do. I feel put upon when things are sprung upon me, but after I have a chance to process it and ease into the change I am ok and can move forward….I am a 4/1

  • Michelle

    Great video! Gives me hope. Thanks

  • Mel

    I really appreciate this video. The labels of introvert and extrovert have always bothered me, as if those are the only two options in life.

    One time we had to take a personality test at work, which labeled you as either introvert or extrovert. My results came out as 49% extrovert, 51% introvert. When the woman giving the test asked if anyone in the group had results split down the middle, only I raised my hand. She proceeded to tell me that I was definitely an introvert because the test said I was more introvert than extrovert. I guess that 2% difference was everything to her, and she was willing to label me as such in front of the entire staff based on a 2% difference. I didn’t like the label introvert, because it didn’t describe me at all. Of course, I didn’t feel comfortable with the extrovert label either. I am perfectly happy being both!

    I love that Carol is addressing this and bringing light to the fact that we are all introvert AND extrovert! Carol’s explanation makes complete sense to me and brings clarity to my own experiences. Well done and thank you! 🙂

    • Lanam

      I actually had to re-read this to see if I wrote it!!! Even the name ‘Mel’ is a name I use when I don’t want to use my real name. Wow. This is EXACTLY my experience. I understand it SO much more now and I feel at peace with it. I always felt like how can I be an introvert when I love talking to strangers?!? Like LOVE to, but now I see how I take in information before I jump in to do that. Wow. Love this. Thank you for sharing the video, and thank you Mel for sharing your experience. xo

  • Carla

    This video was helpful. I am a 4/2 and definitely step back and look before stepping into anything. Another helpful piece of information concerning introvert/extrovert came to me 20+ years ago through the book “Please Understand Me” (Briggs-Meyer personality test??). In the book an introvert is explained as a person needing alone time to recharge one’s energy while interaction with large groups &/or many people individually drains one’s energy. An extrovert is the exact opposite, groups recharge their energy and too much alone time is draining. Understanding this ‘recharging’ principle along with the new insights from Carol and Anne is very validating. I am the only 4 in my family of origin which is large with a lot of 1 and 3 energy.
    Thank you Carol, your information is another light God is using to illuminate the ‘me’ He created me to be.

    • Tricia Swenson

      Yeah, I’ve read this book too. It is great. What’s interesting is my type in that system- and the next possibility that I would type myself as both say – Yes you are an extrovert but being around people will start to stress you out and you’ll need to go be alone and recharge. So its interesting- that is an introverted thing but its totally true for me. And I’m a 3/2/1 in EP.

  • CarolHarada

    Great video. I like that the energy types determine that you LEAD with introvert or extrovert, but that we all necessarily have both. I’m a 2/1 and do need time to take things in or make a plan, then enter into the stream. I definitely have more introvert energy, needing to recharge alone, do well in smaller groups. I’ve been doing Carol’s movement meditation of feeding the 3rd Chakra, bringing energy in and trusting there will be gentle flow of power outward.

  • Rachel

    Does “It’s Just My Nature” go into depth on how your secondary energy plays into your extroverted or introverted process? Thanks.

  • Anita

    I am also a 4/2 and also learned about my introverted self from the Meyer-Briggs and Kerisey personality type tests. When I was growing up, people would tell me to not be so shy around new people or so serious in certain situations, and so I felt bad that I could not be more extroverted. Over the years I have pushed myself to be more outgoing because of my need to please others, so now I can be very extroverted at times. This was starting to make me second guess myself that maybe I am more a 4/1 and not a 4/2. I was also starting to second guess because my house is tidy but my closets and drawers are a mess — a type 4 but a “closet” 1? :-). This video was helpful to understand that we are all introverted and extroverted–it is just a matter of which one we lead with. And that once we as introverts take in and process the info coming at us, we can then express ourselves outwardly. Very cool, thanks!

  • Tricia Swenson

    I think it is such a great idea to tackle this subject. I see posts on facebook all the time about it, like they are trying to say “everyone misunderstands me so read this and figure me out!” And its feels like a desperate cry for help. I’m just thinking- maybe you are the only person who needs to give yourself permission to be yourself and feel comfortable with yourself. Anyway, my husband and I are both kind of middle ground on the extroversion/introversion factor. I’m just a bit more extroverted and he is just a bit more introverted. Imo it has to do with our secondary and third type added to our dominant type. Even though DH is a type 1, he actually is more of an introvert most the time because he has a lot of 4 and 2 as well. He is excited to bounce into things its usually something that I’ve come up with and I lead the way to action. I do appreciate that his nature helps me to think and feel it out a little more, but for the most part its nice to be married to a 1 because he generally seems “up for it” and we never argue about where we’re going on a date or what not b/c he is happy with whatever I choose.

  • Jana

    Thank you! I have always been confused because for a long time I felt like I was both. I’m a 2/3 and definitely need time to process things, but also need to be with people doing things. So nice to know everyone has both. Wish everyone had this info! Definitely gonna share it!

  • T3Grrrl

    I loved the topic, and Carol, you are so funny. I know as a T3 I can sometimes act before I have all the details I need, and I can laugh at myself. I have noticed that Carol puts down T3 in a funny way. I need more “Yay, T3” and less, “How do we screw-it-up?” I already know how I can mess-things-up. Carol really honors the other 3 types. Please honor T3 too, and then the times we are laughing at ourselves, it won’t seem like it’s all the time.

  • Amy

    What Anne said is exactly how I reacted when she told me I was a 4 instead of a 2. I was taken off guard and had to step back and process.

  • OhTheIrony

    I’m not sure if this is interesting to anyone but MBTI personality theory is similar in this sense. Everyone has two introverted functions and two extroverted functions. People who react internally first are considered to be introverted, but then as you said they have that external reaction that they use another function for. I know that energy profiling isn’t technically a personality theory though, but it was interesting for me to notice the similarities in this area. Personality theories are good for understanding, but they don’t teach us to be at ease with who we are. That’s what I’m liking about this energy profiling thing. I do see the difference. 🙂

    • anonymous

      great addition. I forgot to mention the 2 functions in each catagory.

      I wrote my comment above.


  • Noel

    I am a 2/3 and have always labeled myself shy and introverted. After watching this video several times I realize that those labels are neither positive nor completely accurate. As Carol described, my natural T2 pattern is to want to take in the details and become comfortable before moving forward into action. Because I judged this “slowness” to be a weakness, I have tried to act more from my T3 secondary and “pushed forward” before getting comfortable, which has resulted in a lot of self-doubt and stress. By first giving myself the time to absorb the inward flow, I will be better able to move forward with peace and confidence. Thank you Anne and Carol for helping me with this insight!

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  • Lorraine

    Spot on! I have a type 3 son and a type 2 son. The type 3 son is Mr Action and Adventure and my type 2 son sits back, watches pick outs the best way (from watching mr type 3 trial and error the ways) and then moves forward. Fascinating to watch it all play out. I love that Carol points out we are both. We all have the 4 energy types in us, we all have introvert and extrovert, we all have masculine and feminine energies – What makes us unique is the percentages of these energies and which ones are more dominant or leading.

  • Robin Wahl

    I LOVE this information! As a life-long ‘introvert’, this way of thinking about my energy as both taking in and giving out and that I just need to take in first…it just frees my mind of the weight of guilt others have tried to place on me for being selfishly introverted. I will be sending lots of people to view this video-so important to understand this energy concept! thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Lanam

    Wow this video REALLY helped me understand my lower movement daughter. I felt confused by her ‘classic introvert’ nature, and her ability to be so open and free with her friends. I get it now. THANK YOU!!!

  • Barbara Coon

    I like the interpretation of introversion/extroversion being and energy movement. This extrovert mom kept pushing her introvert daughter into new experiences growing up. We now joke that she was “scarred for life” in many situations! I finally got wise to her need to evaluate and observe before she got involved. She is now involved in planning and organizing for several local organizations and has many close friends.
    I have not been able to discern her Type of beauty; but it certainly isn’t mine (T3)!

  • Tiffany Cortez

    I wish I would have had this when I was working outside the home. My coworkers really didn’t understand me and I didn’t know why I was hesitant to move forward and having to take a step back all the time. Now I feel so much more confident because I know and understand my true nature 🙂

  • Cate Hogan

    Thanks for sharing this great insight into the introvert-extrovert dynamic. I recently shared my own experiences regarding the perils / pleasures of an extroverted partner. Let’s just hope he forgives me!

  • Cate Hogan

    Thanks for sharing this great insight into the introvert-extrovert dynamic. I recently shared my own experiences regarding the perils / pleasures of an extroverted partner. Let’s just hope he forgives me!

  • Suzanne

    As a Type 4 I step back, take it all in, then say “that’s stupid!” lol

  • Suzanne

    As a Type 4 I step back, take it all in, then say “that’s stupid!” lol