Enter to Win 2 $50 Gift Cards – 1 for you, 1 to give away!

For this month’s giveaway in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re giving away not just one, but TWO $50 Dressing Your Truth gift cards!

The winner of the giveaway gets to keep one $50 gift card for herself and give the other to a mom, sister, or a friend.

Congratulations to last month’s 7-piece makeup kit winner: Type 1 Shari McLaws

Enter the gift card giveaway

Win 1 for yourself and 1 to give one away!

Entering the giveaway is simple—just follow the steps below.

If you haven’t joined Dressing Your Truth yet, you can still enter! And if you don’t know what Type of woman you are, it’s easy to learn. Sign up to receive your Beauty Profiling course for free.

You can enter the giveaway multiple ways below…and increase your chances of winning!

The Dressing Your Truth gift cards may be redeemed for any items in the Dressing Your Truth online store.


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Anyone is eligible to enter this giveaway. Entries close May 31 at midnight MST. Email address must be in your comment or available in your profile. Winner will be posted at the top of the next giveaway blog post. Winner must email within 7 days of posting to claim the prize. All giveaway items are non-exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash amounts.

Dressing Your Truth  Tip…for May

You’ve heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” right? Well, if you haven’t already started, experiment with different ways to incorporate your Type’s version of floral in your clothing and accessories. Maybe try a flower in your hair, one on your pursue or shoes, or wear a floral top, skirt, dress or scarf in your Type.

If you need a refresher on florals for your Type, visit your Type’s Dressing Your Truth online store to check out our new floral items. And if you are a DYT Club Member, you can see a lot of floral examples in the June 2011 Club Night Video Recording, “Florals for Every Type of Beauty”—which you’ll find in your DYT Member’s Area under “Club Night Recordings.”

P.S.: Want to find other fabulous items from Dressing Your Truth?

Visit the Dressing Your Truth Online Store, fully customized for your unique Type of beauty.

Or visit the Dressing Your Truth Store & Salon in Lehi, UT, to choose from our full line of jewelry, hair care, skin care, makeup, and clothing.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Tonia

    I think the I Pink It’s Perfect Top is adorable!

  • Ladean Anderson

    I guess I’m first! I would buy:, because Anne says it’s her favorite and she always looks great!

  • Chemain

    I would get the Type 4 Pure Progression Bracelet because I don’t have very many bracelets, and this one is simple enough to pair with other jewelry.

  • Shelly Martinez

    My life has changed so much since starting Dressing Your Truth. I am so much happier. I feel confident and beautiful. I no longer say “I have nothing to wear!” Because now I know what works for me and I can mix and match endless items from my closet. Shopping is so fun! I no longer waste hours and money trying things that don’t work. I can scan the store and find instantly the items that work for me. Dressing Your Truth has been a blessing in my life. I want every woman to discover this beauty for herself. My favorite beauty item is the eyeshadow “confidential” & “sugar rush”.

  • Julie J

    I would get the T1 Life of the Garden Party scarf and the Fiesta Top- maybe the Sunrise top, too. Then there’s the Rainbow Beads Maxi- ooo the possibilities!!
    Seriously though, I am forever changed and forever grateful for you Carol! DYT (and Remembering Wholeness and Chakra 7 and Money Bootcamp II and your blog and your YouTube videos, etc, etc, etc) has sent me on the most amazing journey to myself! DYT has given me permission to be WHO I AM and the rest has given me tools to heal where I thought I was wrong when I tried to live my truth (ugh!). Thank you, thank you , thank you!!

  • Rachael Allred

    I’d get the “Make the Mocha of it” sweater . . . or the “Dream a Little Dream” jacket. Hmmm. I’ve got SO many on my <3 list!

  • Rayma Monteer

    I am loving the Blue Tiger Exact-T!!!!

  • Cami Stewart

    I like the type 4 posh blazer. Stunning! I need a good blazer!

  • Barbara Watts

    I just bought a lot from the store last night because of the big sale! But I would like to try one of the pink lipsticks next.

  • Erin

    I’m a 3/1 and have been at this for almost a year now and am still learning! I love this color of green! The cardigans are wonderful! Love the orange one as well! Woot woot!!

    Type 3 Green Apple Cardigan

  • Nedra

    I’m still meaning to get a type 3 wheat hot T. :)

  • Melissa

    I LOVE the Type 2 cuddle me cardigan! I would love to twirl in it:}

  • Kimberly Jensen Miner – I love this jacket. I love the color and the fun cuffs on the sleeve :)

  • Janice Garrett Hewett I have heard nothing put great things about this eyeliner. I want it for the great reviews it has gotten for myself.

  • Wendi O’Brien Mott

    I love the Type 1 Rainbow Skit! Super Cute!

  • Tammy Seiler

    The Life of the Garden scarf is so light and fun….would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

  • Alice Carey

    I LOVE the Golden Summer Hot-T

  • Joseph & Amber Beck

    I would buy any of the hot tees!

  • Benjamin Briner

    I would buy a bunch of soft-t’s. Especially the indigo 3/4 sleeve. I need more Type 2 in my closet. I like the very subtle look because I feel more athletic, I have little children, and I am mostly at home getting messy with kids!

    • Benjamin Briner

      I accidentally signed in as my husband…whoops:)

  • Missy

    I would get any of the tops with v-necks. (perfect for a T3!)

  • Deanna Rolfe Dunn

    I would be getting a Cute-T collection…there are many in my size in colors I don’t have in my closet…they would be great for layering this summer…

  • Sue Walker

    I would love to buy the Fiesta orange cardigan:

    It would be ideal for the local fiestas here in Spain!

  • Aimee Roller Jongejan

    I just LOVE the DYT Type 2 store – I LOVE the Lavendar Lady top!!! If only it came in larger sizes (large bust!!) I just ordered some makeup though using the code. THANK YOU for the additional discount!!!

  • Ronnie Monson Maness

    I would love the gray My Love Scarf

  • Jen

    LOVE the Type 4 Modern Art Blazer!

  • Megan Merrill

    I looooooooove the type 1 Rainbow Bright earrings!!!! I am soooooooo getting them!

  • Shari McLaws

    YEAH! Thank you for the

    • Beverly Steele

      Congratulations Shari!

  • Amy Pearce

    I would pick the “Type Two Teal the End of Time Sweater.” It is so beautiful. It is perfect for this time of year. I can put a 3/4 length sleeve shirt for cooler days, or I can pair it with a Soft-T or a tank on warmer early Summer days.

  • Terri

    I would love to try this makeup because I have dark circles:

  • Misty Hatch

    I’m new to all of this. If I did indeed win,I think I’d chose the t3 classic lace jacket. Simply beautiful!

  • Jessica Chambers

    my absolute favorite thing in the store right now is the lavish layer vest cardigan (type 3). it’s just SO me!!

  • Sarah Weed

    I love the lipstick seductress I would love to try it!

  • Bunny Jean

    I like the Life Of The Garden Party Scarf for Type 1. Love the pink and tourquoise flowers!

  • Jessica Lynn Walker

    I want the Garden Party jacket in type 1. Love the color, the lace, it’s just so cute!

  • Fitncrafty

    Sea ya soon necklace.. Its a color I don’t have and would love to have something new!

  • Cindy

    I would love the “making plans jacket!” I love the lace detailing on the back!!

  • Lisa Rowlee

    I’d go for the T4 Orange Fizz lipstick. I never wore that color before DYT but now I love it.

  • Maylyn Murdock

    I would LOVE T2 lip color Flamingo. Such a beautiful color!!!

  • Courtney Curt

    I love the lip gloss, jive (in type 1)
    Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  • Gail

    I would LOVE the soiree lip gloss…because I would know that since it’s in the store for Type 4, that it would be perfect!

  • Gail
  • Colleen O’Connell

    Currently eyeing the T2 Make the Mocha of it sweater- it looked gorgeous on Anne in the video!

  • Sarah

    Love the “Making Plans Jacket” because of the lace detail on the back and it looks super comfortable!

  • Barb

    Would love the Green Apple Cardigan for Type 3’s!

  • Kathy Neibel Scott

    The Jive lip gloss because I need a little shine.

  • T3grrrl

    Love this giveaway! All the things I would pick are out of stock, and the other things I have purchased! But, I would say I can’t go wrong with the lipstick hot tee!

  • Missy

    I love the Fancy Filigree earrings because they’re dangly yet not too heavy looking and they’re so pretty.

  • Cynthia Doniger

    I would like to add a bit of “Flirt” to my life. I currently just use white & pink to lighten the eye area and a bit of color might be fun!

  • NYCJen

    The Eye and Lip Primer, to keep my sparkling makeup sparkly!

  • Laura13

    I would get the brush on brown in dark brown/black. Black eyeshadow is also tempting!

  • heidi penrod

    I would get the t3 brick red belt. I haven’t been able to figure out how to make belts work for me yet. I’m hoping this one will get my love of belts started.

  • Ellie Terrell

    The strong defense T3 earrings!

  • Beverly Steele

    Type 2 Seafoam Shimmer Cardigan… I really like the Making Plans jacket too but it doesn’t come in my size… Since I am pretty much starting from scratch in T2 items I think a pretty jacket or cardi is a great place to begin building an outfit… and I LOVE the seafoam color! :)

  • Cassie Marriner Secol

    mmm……I would pick type 3 country time cardigan

  • Worthy

    I want the gold handbag :) I have been looking all over for a gold handbag and can’t find one that I like.

  • Breanna Palmer Kirchner

    Type 4 lip liner- Rose
    It’s so hard to find such bold beautiful liner anywhere else.

  • Tania

    The Type 2 Peppermint Pathway Scarf – the brighter tones would be perfect for lightening up my wardrobe for summer :)

  • Loraine

    Insomnia eye shadow

  • Kristin

    I’m T1 and I choose the fiesta orange cardi!

  • Dawnell Lovell

    I would want the Eternity lipstick for Type 1’s. I desperately need a new lipstick and find trying to find one on my own quite intimidating!

  • Clarissa

    I am Type 2 and I would love the Flirt eye shadow! I also like the Type 2 Peppermint Pathway Scarf! I would bring some color to my wardrobe! Thanks for doing this giveaway! :)

  • Cindy Perry

    I would (actually WILL) get the Smooth Operator T4 eye shadow. I’m looking for a replacement neutral everyday all-over the lid shadow, and I think this may be it!

  • Linda Ryals Smith

    I would love the corrector kit I love that everything is right there in one compact little container.

  • Karen C

    I would like to get the T1 star shine hat because I haven’t owned a hat, other than the floppy beach variety, since I was in middle school.

  • Andrea Monsen Johnson

    I’m pretty new to DYT and don’t have the right eye shadows yet so I would get the compact eye shadow to start me off with four great colors.

  • Alena Maria

    I love the Type 2 Watercolor Scarf…it’s just so unique and beautiful!

  • QueenQ

    I would pick your type 3 crazy cranberry earrings because not only are they great for or type 3 and a beautiful color, they remind me of Harry Potter Gryffindor house flags. That is a silly reference I know, but that is what I think every time I see them.

  • Cindy Shurtz

    I am in love with the type 2 Winding round my Heart bracelet – that’s what I would get!

  • Annaluise Von Schilling Shield

    I love this

    Makes lips casual or dressy when you pair it with some lip liner!

    Would love to have one for the car, and my purse and one for home! The more the better!

  • Scotty Bateman

    In love with the Mint Chip belt. I love that we have a mint!

  • Linda De Miller

    I need the “brush on brow” in blonde. I have been using a pencil and I think that this system with the slanted brush would work better.

  • Christina Brezeale Kennedy

    I love the T2 Make the Mocha of It sweater. It looked fabulous on Anne in the video introducing the new arrivals.

  • Terry Ontiveros

    It’s always been hard for me to know what color of foundation to use but it appears that the
    description given for “Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation – Natural” would be the one for me.

  • Tanis

    I’d choose the type 3 point pencil skirt!

  • April Marie Vaughan

    I would buy the T4 Eye Liner – Hi Lighter because in one the the videos for additional resources White Eyeliner is important!!! for the bottom.

  • Kristy

    I would get the Type 4 Void black eye shadow. I haven’t started to play with eye shadows yet and would like to.

  • Rebecca

    I would pick brown mascara because you can’t find a real brown in the stores. You can find dark brown, but I find it looks almost black anyway.

  • SuzanneJ

    Would love to win this…..can think of multiple things I would use it for!!! Foundation might be a start, but I love some of the scarves, too!

  • Ellen Herbert

    Type 2 Eyeliner in Plum and Jungle – Love to experiment!

  • Melissa Laing

    I thought I was a T2 and now that I know I am a 1 I need a lot of new makeup! I could pick just about anything, but would really love the eye-shadow compact. Thanks!

  • LQT

    Looking forward to my makeover appointment next week! Thanks!

  • Rayla C

    I would get the online course, I’ve been saving up!

  • Laura

    I would get the reflecting truth earrings because I like simple jewelry.

  • ykw20

    I will get the Type 2 Make the Mocha of it Sweater. LOVE IT!

  • Sherri

    This is a brush set that I would love to buy. It has everything you need.

  • Lillian Kelsch

    I would like the Type 2 Eye Liner – Underworld I want to try something new!

  • Celeste

    I would get some of the makeup. The eye shadows are amazing and I love the orange lipstick!

  • Pamb

    I need it all but would love the T1 Lip Gloss -Jive. It looks like it would add a fun sparkle.

  • Sarah Hastings

    I would pick the type 4 orange classic top because ever since dressing my truth I have discovered that orange is my favorite color!

  • Beth Low

    I would choose the crimson lipstick because, now that I’ve found my truth, I crave that bright splash of color in my life. I’ve never worn lipstick that bold, but I’m DYING to try it. :)

  • Kathy Arnold

    I love the Type 4 Contained Chaos Cardigan.

  • LyndseyLoo

    I LOVE the T1 Little Tiger Cardigan! Me-yow!

  • Darlene Staley

    I would pick the new T1 butterfly necklace. I just love it!

  • Sehruh

    I love the Type 2 Afternoon Tea Top!

  • Elise Keele

    Dark brown mascara! Simply because.. I don’t own any!

  • Rebekah Worthman love the name, catfight! I don’t wear makeup often, but I think that’s becuase I dont have the right type! I think I am a two…how do you find out again?

  • MissyV

    I’d get the rainbow bead maxi dress. Love it!

  • Jessica

    I would really love the lipstick Type 4 Claret. Looks awesome!

  • Lisa Permann I would buy the Smooth Operator eyeshadow. I’ve only been dressing my truth since March, and I’m still struggling a bit with makeup, mainly eyes and lips. Trying to find the perfect look that feels like “me” is quite difficult when I used to wear soft browns pretending I was a type 2. =D

  • Julie Anne Oler Snow

    I love this lip gloss! Hope to visit your store soon!

  • Mindy Koch

    I love the lipstick T4 Flaming Fuschia. It is my daily “go-to” lipstick! I need to buy another one so I have one in my purse with me wherever I go.

  • mcheska
  • Gaelynn Hunsaker

    I would like to have the Type 2 lipstick “Strut”. I just bought a new dress and accessories based on what I have learned from Dressing Your Truth. This would be the perfect finishing touch.

  • Sherri Palmer Wilcox

    I would love to get the brown mascara next. I love the powder blush for type 1! The very first day I started dressing my truth, I have felt liberated and have been receiving so many complements!! It just makes me smile! Thanks Carol for sharing these universal truths!

  • Taryn Jenkins

    I’ve always hated my eyebrows. But now that I’m being true to myself, I want to appreciate them and accentuate them with this!

  • Andrea Sherry

    I would choose the moon dust scarf, cause I don’t really have any scarfs to go with outfits

  • Catherine

    I LOVE my T1 midnight blue eye liner, and would buy it again for sure.

  • Amanda K. Gordon

    I could definitely use some real Type 4 blush and I love cardigans (must be the S2). I’d like to get the orange one. I don’t have anything in T4 orange yet :)

  • Jennifer Douglas

    Wild Rose Maxi Dress would be my pick! I LOVE leopard print! :o)

  • Jennifer G

    I love the Type 1 Crossing Paths Top. I need a dressy top for church :)

  • HH

    white eyeliner, use it nearly everyday. and would totally buy a white sparkle (secondary 1) liner.

  • Patty

    Type 2 Nobody Bud You Soft-T in Blue is so me! I love the soft look of it, the asymmetrical floral pattern, the hazy blue color and the low swoop neckline. You had me in mind when you designed, didn’t you?! :)

  • McKenna C

    I love the Type 1 Creme Brulee Sweater! It is the perfect top to dress up or wear casual with some cute shorts.

  • Brittany Royal McHargue

    Type 4 Blush Fame because that is not a common color you find in a store near me!! I need new blush to match my amazing newly discovered type 4 look!!

  • Holly

    Type 3 Dynamic Impression top… I LOVE the colors and pattern! It would be so versatile, I could wear it with jeans or slacks or even to church with a skirt… I could even put a cute cardigan over it. LOVE!

  • Emily Carter

    There is a slight discrepancy on the instructions, but alas, I’ll do both things: make-up and an extra item.

    Lip Gloss: I love to be quick and easy with getting ready in the morning. This lip gloss would be the perfect compliment to me.

    And, naturally, my favorite things I’d like to buy are out of stock. I have a lot of favorites. I like this top because it’s a great, fun color, and it’s sassy.

  • Jane

    I will buy the Type 1 Jolly Rancher necklace even if I don’t win. This will go with me all summer. Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  • Mary Hokanson

    I’d like the brush on brow-blonde. My hair is motley gray and the usual blond pencils don’t even show up on skimpy eyebrows. This looks vibrant, but not overpowering, and perhaps would give me color again. I’m an aging T1.

  • Dawn Kelly

    The Brow Fix is my make-up choice – I’ve got some eyebrow hairs that stick straight up and could use some lovin’
    I’m on Day 10 of my first 30-days of Dressing Your Truth and it’s rockin’ my world. See my photo album on Facebook:

  • Clarissa

    I’d like the Type 2 Cuddle Me Cardigan because it would be perfect for cuddling with a blanket on a cool summer night in the mountains.

  • Genevieve Beck

    I’d love the T3 iguana eye shadow. I’ve never tried green, but I love to wear it so I really ought to!

  • Patricia Cresswell

    Type 3 lip gloss – Luscious- it does look luscious.

  • Laurie King

    Type 2 Eyeshadow Compact. I have just used up my second one, I need another!

  • Ronnie M

    I would love the T2 Eye Shadow Compact – I wanted it earlier, but it was out of stock… loving the single “Confidential”, but want more options. ;)

  • Cassie M

    Type 2 Cuddle Me Cardagin. :)

  • Diane

    I could use some more brush on brow or some more colorful eye liners.

  • Torri

    I would love to try the navy mascara because brown isn’t dark enough for my extremely light type 2 eyelashes!

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  • Brenda

    I would like to have in my makeup bag the T2 eye shadow compact,( as it looks like the colors I could use a lot of the time. Cheers!