Get Ready! Hear My Exciting News About Dressing Your Truth for Men!

I’m so excited to share this big news with you!

Dressing Your Truth for Men is (almost!) here. Yes, really!

Watch my video announcement about it below—and hear why the Dressing Your Truth for Men online course turned out to be even more amazing than we ever could have imagined.

Dressing Your Truth for Men: Coming September 24, 2013!

Now it’s the men’s turn to live their truth full on!

After hearing requests from both women and men for years asking us to create a Dressing Your Truth course just for men, I’m beyond excited to tell you that it’s finally here!

To be honest, I feel a little like how Steve Jobs might have felt whenever he announced a new Apple product. Or how movie producers might feel when they announce their next blockbuster film.

Because I just know that Dressing Your Truth for Men is going to be a blockbuster hit—for both men and women around the world!

It is amazing.

Seriously, we even amazed ourselves with this one. And I know you’re going to love it, too!

Why are you excited for Dressing Your Truth for Men? Share what you’re looking forward to with a comment below. 

Can you feel that?

It’s the excitement. It’s contagious.

I’ve got to tell you what happened recently when our Live Your Truth team got together to watch just ONE of the men’s Before & After videos. Seeing this man transform and embrace his true nature before our eyes was incredible!

Afterwards, our excitement for this course was 10 times what it was before!

We all cheered (well, we all expressed our excitement true to our Energy Types, of course) and the positive energy was contagious! The room was filled with anticipation, knowing how much this course is going to change men’s lives.

Dressing Your Truth for Men

Sneak peek: A few things you can look forward to.

We were going to keep this a secret, but I just have to share a couple features that you can look forward to in the Dressing Your Truth for Men online course:

  • 4 Real Life Before & Afters of real men—for each Energy Type! 

Yes, that’s right. We filmed not one, not two, not three…but FOUR real life Before & After video stories with real men for each Energy Type! (One of the men’s courses even has a bonus fifth video because it was that good we couldn’t cut it.) That’s a total of 17 live Before & After videos!! You can see why we’ve been a little busy.

  • A brand new awesome feature we’re calling the “Look Builder.”

This is a brand new tool we created for each man to be able to customize his own look true to his Energy Type!

But that’s all I’m going to say about it right now. On September 24, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself. I’m don’t want to ruin the surprise for you.

Thank you for spreading the love, ladies!

Finally, I also want to give a special thank you to all of the amazing Dressing Your Truth Club Members who shared Dressing Your Truth last fall during our “Spread the Love” campaign. Because you shared with such enthusiasm, we promised to create the men’s course for you this year.

You and your passion for this program are a big part of why we were able to create Dressing Your Truth for Men! I love and appreciate you all.

I’m so grateful for you and I love to see so many women living and dressing their truth!

Now the men get to experience that, too.

God Bless You,
Carol Tuttle

P.S. Mark your calendar! On September 24, you can be one of the first to get the Dressing Your Truth for Men online course and support the men in your life to live true to their natures.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Megan Merrill

    YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! I’m so excited!!! I can see how amazing this is going to be!

  • TeaTrekkie

    I’m hoping this will inspire more men to dress better. I am SO tired of seeing guys dressed like they pulled the jeans and t-shirt on from the day before. Relaxed doesn’t have to mean being a slob.

    I have a Type 1 son and I can SO see him in those Type 1 shoes. I’ll be interested to see what Carol has in store for him when he has to dress in a suit. Time to liven up those ties. 🙂

  • Ashley Parkinson

    SO EXCITED! This is going to be amazing! Thank you Carol!

  • Dawn M

    Can’t wait to get my hubster on board!

  • Shelley Moore

    I’m so excited ! With the right info My T4 hubby is gonna knock my t4 socks off !! 🙂

  • MikeS

    As a guy, I have been wanting this kind of information ever since I learned about my energy type about a year ago. I have figured out some things on my own, but I am looking forward to more information and guidance with clothing so that I can live my truth more. Thank you!

  • Barb

    Thank God! Finally a program that will help men understand that they are not all Type 3’s!!!!!! Just like all women aren’t all Type 2’s!!!! And the reason why having to do with the mixture of yin and/or yang that we innately have and lead with in our personalities!!! No more confusion about–oh, no…. I’m not one of those Type 3 men and now I’m an outcast! Thank you, Carol and Co. for putting into words the reason certain men are the way they are, and it’s okay, just like you have for us lucky women that know the secret… Brilliant!!!!!

  • Cathy Braun

    I am excited for this program, my son in law I just bet is a type 4/3 and the significant other in my life I’m thinking is a type 2/4. He’s interested in finding out just what he is, which is super exciting to me. recharge, reenergize, reevaluate, reinspire is what dressing your truth mean to me and more! thanks Carol and all who work together to make this happen! Cathy Braun Type 3/4

  • Noel

    How exciting! I know the DYT team has been working very hard on the men’s course. Congratulations!

  • Belki

    HOWWWW FUN!!!!

  • Dark Emeralds

    I can’t express fully enough how much I love the fact that you show the shoes in the promo picture! It’s delightful, teasing and revealing all at once. I don’t even have any men in my life and I’m excited about the new course anyway!

  • sunflowerblueyez

    My husband, son, and I are SO EXCITED for this program to come out!! In fact, I’ve put off buying my son any back to school clothes because I know we will be doing the program for him as soon as it comes out. THANK YOU! Live your truth team, for your hard work and for bringing the men in our lives this fantastic new program.

  • Jessica Lorenne

    Thanks goodness! My baby brother and dad (both type 1) have been asking me over and over what they should be wearing. When I showed my dad air colors he cried out that he couldn’t wear that stuff, he’d look like a gay man! Ironic since he often pretends to BE a gay hairstylist (what the weird dad). And since my (we think) type 2 brother is totally in to his appearance, this will be great for him. Just wish he’d sit down and figure out which he really is, cause the rest of us are simply guessing.

    I wish everyone would dress their truth (especially guys) then I’d always know what I’m getting in to when meeting new people.

  • Catherine

    I am very excited about this, and interested to see how many men take up this offer. My husband is totally uninterested, I think its going to be me getting all the information. Wishing you the best of luck with DYT for men!

  • Anna C

    I am so excited for our wonderful men of this world to experience the gift of this program and the truth of who they are. The way this is all laid out and the names for each of the types is spot-on perfect! Great job DYT team. With love and gratitude, Anna