Dressing Your Truth Before and After- From an everyday look to "stunning!"

Corinne is a beautiful woman, not someone you would look at and think, “Boy, she really needs a makeover!”  Corinne’s before picture is a typical “look” that most women fall in to. It’s a style that really has no style, which causes most women to look like every other woman out there: long hair, casual top with a pair of jeans and a little makeup.

There is nothing wrong with this look, but does it really show the world the amazing woman you are and the remarkable beauty that you have! I say in my book, “Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile” that most women do not know how incredibly beautiful they are! They have never been given the tools to bring out their greatest beauty!

With a fashion system that has ever-changing styles and trends, women are expected to look good in whatever the latest trend is.  When we don’t feel good and look good in the latest trend, do we blame the system? Heaven’s NO! WE BLAME OURSELVES! We think it is because we are too fat, or too old, or too anything that is not right!

Since going through the Dressing Your Truth online do-it-yourself makeover experience, Corinne has started to put her true style together to honor the bold, striking woman that she is! When others see Corinne, they know more clearly who she is and respect her for her true nature.  Corinne’s striking qualities were not honored in her before look, but are definitely captured in her after look.

In Corinne’s after look, we see her for the first time with her new style supporting her true feminine nature.  Too often women who are trying to be “fashionable” are seen second to the fashion they are wearing.  Learn to bring out your beauty rather than putting the beauty on with your own Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth experience. Start right now by clicking here!

(Side note: Some people might prefer Corinne’s before picture.  It is a common look that does appear more natural.  Due to the fact that the current system of fashion and beauty teaches a very superficial system, you may think that “natural” is better!  Corinne is a beautiful woman. If you prefer her before picture, then I invite you to ask yourself what judgments you hold around beauty and fashion. I also invite you to leave a comment ONLY if it is positive and supportive to Corinne.  Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth is different than the current fashion and beauty system in that we support women in playing with the resources of the industry to HONOR their true selves.  In this case Corinne feels honored and loves her new look, so it really doesn’t matter what we think anyway!)


Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Jaclyn

    Yeah! How fun to see someone that I know on your blog. I love Corinne and she does look amazing after going through the dyt program!

  • Brenda

    Corinne looks so fabulous in her ‘after’ photo. You’re right, though…most gals look ‘fine’ but not ‘fabulous’. Big difference!

  • Carol H.

    Thanks, Corinne, for sharing your before and after shots. You just shine!

  • Anna

    Please tell us what type she is – I didn’t see it mentioned here.

    • Carol

      Dear Anna, She is a bold and striking Type 4 woman.

  • Kat

    Wow, Corinne looks stunning, the purple is so striking on her! It’s like she’s glowing from the inside out now, beautiful! I wish I could decide which type I am, lol 🙂

  • Sharon

    Wow! Corinne went from a good looking woman to a Knockout! Love her look!!

  • Annette

    I know Corinne and I love seeing her dress like “herself!” She looks stunning everyday – as she should since she is a type 4! She is very beautiful on the inside and of course on the outside!

  • Jolene Cook

    I know and love Corinne as well! She is my sister in law and I shared the dressing your truth program with her in Jan. 2010! She accepted it and stepped in to it and has lived it full on! She is gorgeous; and just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!

  • Jolene Clark

    Awesome, Corinne! Your mom told me you’d done DYT–glad to see the photos! LOVE the hair!! (Opps–the whole person of course, but I really like the bangs)!!

  • Adrienne

    Beautiful! I asked my 4 year old daughter which picture she thought was “prettier” – without hesitation, she chose the after pic.

  • Marti

    This is a great example of realigning your outer self to match the inner self. A gorgeous T4 look. So very striking…and, it gives the impression that she is very capable too–someone you could trust. Great! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Love when Carol said that you might be tempted (or even really do think) that the before picutre is better because we all “recognize” the look. That is the quintessential comment for saying that as women, we tend to “to settle”. Her new look is captivating. I am living my life ONCE—I don’t want to settle for “acceptable”–give me “captivating”!

    • Carol

      Right on Jennifer! Thanks for the comment! Love- the REAL Carol Tuttle! (I do write these!)

  • L.

    Love how her new bangs accentuate her eyes. And wow, does that purple and white pop on her, or what? Is she a secondary 1? She has a cuteness that (imho) helps her to carry off the more casual/natural “before” picture.

  • Courtney

    I think it is no contest, in the before picture she looks nice, but a little ordinary. In the after pic she looks insanely gorgeous.

  • Jude Whitebear

    Yes! Corinne looks GREAT now — the new hair style (such a small change) and the clothes really bring her into focus as the striking beauty she already is!

  • Rebecca

    That new haircut is gorgeous! 🙂