Enter to Win This “Create Your Best Life” New Year’s Giveaway! ($90 value)

Happy New Year!

I’m setting the intention that 2014 is going to be an amazing year for all of us!

And I also want to help you actively create your best life this year, too.

So I’m giving away a bundle of personal development goodies to help you do just that.

Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win big!

First, congratulations to last month’s holiday sweater winner: Lori Chatwin (TYPE 2).

The “Create Your Best Life” bundle giveaway ($90 value) includes:

I created these resources years ago to help other people create a better life. They are chock full of stories from my own life and tips and techniques I’ve used personally to manifest better health, and new experiences and new opportunities in my life.

Enter for your chance to win!

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Kristen Michelle Potter

    The product that would really help me out would be the “Clear The Emotional Issues That Are Keeping You Fat” CD. I have had overweight issues all my life, and being Avery emotional eater has caused me to roller coaster every time I make myself lose weight. I always hit the 170’s and then get stuck. This issue clearly needs to be released.

  • Tania

    Manifesting More Money Boot Camp I – I know that I am worth more than I am currently earning but am somehow blocking myself from earning more. I know I have some things to clear!

  • Alice Ebony Angel Kent

    I would love to get the Manifesting More Money boot camp and clearing Limited beliefs.

  • Emily Carter

    I would love the Energy Healing 101 course. I work in the field of alternative therapies as a massage therapist and emotional release facilitator. I am always looking to learn more and would be thrilled to see what Carol has to teach me.

  • Roxanne Diesel

    The “Clear The Emotional Issues That Are Keeping You Fat” CD would be wonderful. I am definitely an emotional eater and it began when I was very young. I will go great with healthy eating and exercise, lose a good deal of weight and then something will get triggered and I just give up. Grrr…

  • Roxanne Diesel

    I would love the Long Goodbye sweater in the Type 2 store because I love the way it flows and the color. I hope it comes back in stock!

  • ladykv

    I would love Energy Healing 101.

  • UkuleleGirl

    I would LOVE to have the DYT course for men for my husband, because I think he’s FINALLY coming around to seeing the truth and value in it!

  • Cathy Hutchison

    Ditto to UkuleleGirl…would LOVE the DYT course for men. He spent the money on my course, but is unwilling to invest it in himself.

  • Guest

    I would love the DYT course for men, my husband and I read its just my nature and he is has mention that would like to know what to wear

    • southern utah chick

      well that’s weird it posted it as a guest.. anyway I posted it the above..

  • Kirsten Lambdin

    I’d order the Art of Manifesting download. It feels like I’m stalled in my life, financially.

  • Deb

    I really need the “Remembering Wholeness” course because it covers a lot of my issues and could really help me with my frustrations.

  • Fitncrafty

    I would love to purchase more of the digital downloads I love the ones that I have.

  • Irene Craft

    The Child Whisperer looks so interesting. I am always looking for ways to be a better mom and help my kiddos be better people.

  • gribouillis

    I need help financially. I would love to use the “Manifesting More Money” program. I could also REALLY use the “Clear the Emotional Issues that are Keeping You Fat!” CD. I’m a mess there too.

  • Rebecca Bryson

    What an exciting opportunity!! Looking forward to all you have to share!!

  • DeAnna Newton

    My first baby will be born in the next few weeks, and I have recently opened my own business providing special education services and support to individuals with disabilities. I love all of Carol Tuttle’s work, but I would love the Manisfesting More Money series or Chakra Healing. I want to clear negative beliefs and be both a successful mom and business owner that doesn’t have to compromise on either.

  • Topher

    I would love to have ” manifesting more money BOOT CAMP!!!” I’m ready for a change, i want to live life with out the fear of where money is going to come from.

  • Shiree Martin

    Manifesting More Money Boot Camps, for sure!

  • Barb

    I would like the “Intentional Parenting” DVD because I have an image of the type of parent I want to be, but life keeps getting in the way (i.e., taking all my time…thus the “Intentional” aspect needed!) :)

  • Shawnie

    Oh, so many :) I would like manifesting more money BOOT CAMP 1 & 2, and – Chakra Healing, and – Clear the Emotional Issues that are Keeping You Fat!, and – The Child Whisperer, and the Remembering Wholeness course, and – two DYT course for men – on for son and one for the man in my life :) So many great programs – Thank you Carol :)

  • Sarah Bretz

    I would like all the “Remembering Wholeness” audio CDs. I’ve read “Remembering Wholeness,” as well as “It’s Just My Nature,” “Dressing Your Truth,” and “The Child Whisperer.” However, I believe I could benefit with more information regarding the entire healing process.

  • Lina

    I would like Manifesting more Money (who wouldn’t?) or the Husband and Wife booklet.

  • Amanda Baron Norr

    Scarves, any one of them or all of them, I love scarves.

  • Karin Baird

    I would love the create better health CD……truthfully I would love anything Carol writes :)

  • poetess54

    I love wearing cardigans. I like the T2 soft splendor cardigan.|asc

  • Stephanie Ard

    Chakra Healing/Energy Healing…. I definitely need some form of energy healing to help me move through a past full or complications and turmoil. It’s something I struggle with on a daily basis and counseling has been a waste of time and $$.

  • Brookers27

    I would love the Remembering Wholeness Home Study Course to help me at home and through out my life to deal with the things that are thrown my way in a calm and cool way!

  • Leeann Mason

    I would love to see a weight loss affirmation CD.

  • Pamela Carter

    The next resource I desire, is your book: The Child Whisperer. I am moving into a new phase of life in 2014 as a grandmother and would love to pass it on to the proud parents to be. I see Energy Typing as a very important area of learning for new parents. Wish I had this book as a parent!

  • Torri

    I would want the healing addictions and compulsions behavior cd because I know someone who struggle with that that I would love to help (plus I’m sure it would help me too!)

  • Theresa This perfect yellow sweater, because I learned the tip of matching to the yellow (from Marci) for any time you are unsure at the store!

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