Enter to Win a Free Coaching Session with Me – Dressing Your Truth June Giveaway

This month, our giveaway is a bit different. Instead of winning a product, one lucky person will win a personalized one-on-one coaching session with me!

Enter below for details on how to win a “Confirm Your Type Coaching Session” with me. (And if you already know your Energy Type, you’ll get tips on how to live more true to your nature with your Secondary Energy).

Congratulations to last month’s gift card giveaway winner:  TYPE 4 Chaya Gottesman

Details on our June Giveaway

Win a “Confirm Your Type Coaching Session with Carol Tuttle” –  $150 value!

This 20-minute online session with Carol will support you in confirming your dominant Energy Type. This personalized service is supportive to those who feel blocked and/or confused in understanding their true nature. Carol will help you see the truth of who you are and provide some valuable feedback to help you understand and clear the limiting beliefs or conditioning that has kept you from truly understanding yourself. Sessions are available online via video Skype, or the phone.

If you already know your Energy Type, this session can be tailored to help you confirm your Secondary Energy and receive great individualized tips about how to step into your true nature even more.

If you’re currently unsure of your dominant Energy Type, visit our Review the Steps to Determine Your Type of Beauty online resource.

If you haven’t joined Dressing Your Truth yet, you can still enter! And if you don’t know what Type of woman you are yet, sign up to receive your Beauty Profiling course for free.

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Dressing Your Truth  Tip…for June

Take advantage of the expert services we offer to Dressing Your Truth Club Members! Did you know we offer everything from consultations in hair, makeup or wardrobe to 2 hours of personal shopping to Dressing Your Truth for Men instruction/shopping sessions.

To see the full list of expert services with me and/or our Beauty Experts, log in to the Member’s area of your Dressing Your Truth course and select “Expert Services” on the left to see all of the services we offer—both online and in person.


Anyone is eligible to enter this giveaway. Entries close June 30 at midnight MST. Email address must be in your comment or available in your profile. Winner will be posted at the top of the next giveaway blog post. Winner must email within 7 days of posting to claim the prize. All giveaway items are non-exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash amounts.

P.S. Want to find items perfect for your Energy Type? Visit the Dressing Your Truth Online Store, fully customized for your Type of Beauty

Or visit the Dressing Your Truth Store & Salon in Lehi, UT, to choose from our full line of jewelry, hair care, skin care, makeup, and clothing.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Elizabeth

    I love the type four Beverly Dress from the store! I want to win!

  • Martha

    I would like to get the Type 1 Cream of the Crop pin because I’m using white and cream as my “dressy” colors. I’ve got some white sweaters that would be dressed up with this pin.

  • Ellis

    I love the T1 pink Little Tiger cardigan. I love to layer!

  • Pamb

    I would like the T1 Strawberry Shortcake Hoodie because it is sooo cute!

  • Barbara

    Lovin the Type 4 Silent Film Scarf!

  • Susannah

    I love the Fun and Fancy Free Skirt. I have a number of skirts, but they are all solids. This it a cute printed skirt.

  • sunflowerblueyez

    I am a T2 and I LOVE the new plumation nation cardi and patches skirt. I’d LOVE them!

  • sunflowerblueyez

    I would LOVE the new plumnation cardi and patchwork skirts on the T2 store. Beautiful!

  • Shari

    The Type one Teal capri pants are adorable!

  • Karen McGee

    I love the Type 4 A Beaded Classic Necklace in Red. It gives a wonderful pop of color to my simple black, navy, or white T-shirts for a classy, bold look.

  • Meagan

    I’ve heard great things about the type 4 bubble gum blush and I would like to try it.

  • Joscelyn G.

    Want this hat to go with my T4 sundresses & bathing suits to keep me protected from the sun

  • Kami W

    I love the Type-1 Island Fun green Cute-T!! It’s just summery and fun and I could pretend I’m in Hawaii!

  • Judy
  • Jennifer G

    There are so many things I would like to purchase. But right now I really want (need) the t1 butter tank…possibly to layer with the t1 Break of Day Cute-T.

  • Suzanne Winnett

    Oh so many stuff, But the Wow Combo hanger would be great to organize.

  • Sarah

    I’d love to buy the Foggy Moments necklace. It has such a natural beauty.

  • Chrissy

    I have been slowly adjusting my wardrobe to a Type 1 wardrobe from all of the blacks I owned in my professional career. I don’t have any belts, and I think the Pearl Delight Belt is adorable!!

  • Taryn Jenkins

    My eyes are one of my favorite features, but putting on my eye makeup the other day, I noticed all I have is black. What better way to make them pop than to use this gold dust eyeliner? Plus it makes me think of fairy dust, lol!

  • Diana Duncan

    I’d love the Blossoms Delight Necklace, it looks so cute and fun!

  • Melanie

    Love the new T3 colour card skirt!

  • Megan

    I Pink It’s Perfect Top. I love the vibrant pink.

  • Kimberly I am loving this cover vest! It’s so cute!

  • Kryssy These edgy Athena Earrings are great. They make a statement without being too overpowering. I wonder if I would look good in them. I’d really like the Confirm Your Type Session to find out!

  • Kryssy

    This Type 4 Silent Film Scarf is awesome. I’d go with so many things and is a classic pattern.

  • Colleen O’Connell

    I have never worn white, as it is unbecoming on a T2 (beauty sixth sense!), but I would love the Butter Cream Soft T, to have a perfect T2 light basic. Thanks for this wonderful give-away!

  • Michelle

    I love the It’s Been a Pleasure Cardigan. I would love to have it because I think it is so elegant. :)

  • Fitncrafty

    New plum cardigan in t2 store

  • Mary Ellen Eckels

    I adore this handbag. I love the color and design of it. It looks so soft and comfy, you could use it as a pillow on a flight or car trip ;-)

  • Cami Stewart
  • Cindy S

    I want the Type 2 Queenly Earrings in order to incorporate more pink into my wardrobe!

  • Mary Beth Schwarz

    The plum patterned Type 2 skirt is lovely!

  • EmilyS

    Type 4 Beverly Dress

  • Shreyna Paxson

    Type 2 subtle leopard skirt. I have always loved animal print, but have always felt it doesn’t look right on me (Now I know why most animal prints do not). If I had this skirt, then I could finally have an animal print that would look great on me! I also only have one skirt that is my type, so I really need more skirts and dresses.

  • Christina Brezeale Kennedy

    The Type 2 Foggy Moments necklace has caught my eye. I love gray, and wear it almost everyday–pants, shirt, or shoes–so this necklace would go with practically everything I wear!

  • Linda Tansek
  • Sharnell

    Type 4 crown jewel earings!! I don’t know my type, but Im not much of a jewelry wearer. I like having my ring and earings on when I go out and that’s usually it!! However, the earings I wear are very subtle and not dangly, dainty etc. I love just a simple diamond earing and as I came across these on your store its the main thing that jumped out to me at this moment!!

  • Heather

    Type 3 Gather the Gold top

    I love the color and the ruching looks like it would flatter/hide my mommy tummy!

  • Julie Nelson

    I’m so loving the white burnout hoodie. TYPE 4/1 It’s like a fresh nice for up here in Bear Lake when you need jackets through the summer : )

  • Kathy

    I love this top! It is comfortable, flirty and complimentary to my type 1 nature!

  • Jnjmac

    Every women should have a little black dress. I love the way this dress is so simple but elegant…Perfect for my type 4/2 personality :)

  • Tanya Joy Mahabir

    Hi, I love the Afternoon Tea top in the type 2 store. I love how every aspect honors and compliments a type 2’s flowing nature. I also like the ruffles around the neck. Only a type 2 can pull that off! I also like the cotton because it’s natural. Women who are type 2 love to shop, so they need a bigger collection of things to shop through.

  • Books for Me

    Flowers! I love the flowers. I am a T2 and use them in my hair, on my clothes, or on my scarves. They are pretty much a daily accessory and I need more than just the two I own. They are perfect!!

  • Morea

    I would love to know for certain what my types are. I am really not sure. I’m quite sure about my beauty type, but my personality doesn’t fit that type at all! :0

  • Carol Tuttle

    Hi Morea, please visit for Steps to Determine Your Type. Thank you!

  • Alena Maria

    I really love the Type 2 Angel Wings Top in Beige… :)
    It’s so unique and pretty, and the ruffles keep going on the backside too:

  • Leah Jackson

    I would love to have the butterfly necklace!!
    because butterflies are my reminder of the transformation I continually allow myself to move through to realize my true expression.

  • Jen kellner

    Type 1 … And it’s not just 1 :)
    I really need a new summer outfit and love the crossing paths top with the teal capris and I would add the flower blossom scarf. Too cute, all! If I was feeling really spunky, I’d add the poolside ribbon hat in pink. I would be ready for a walk down town, or beachside.

  • Becky Chapin

    It would be a great opportunity to win this prize.

  • Hannah DeForest

    Type 4 Black Exact-T- because what type 4 doesn’t need a good black t shirt- or several?

  • Megan Merrill

    I’m going to see if I can win this for my sister. I already know I’m a type 1. But as a type 2 my sister is needing confirmation and assurance.

  • Mjm122696

    Peacock T, because I own nothing in this shade & would love to have Carol type my 16-yr old. Yes, we’ve read the book and watched the course. ( Rewatched with my SIL, and three teenage nieces who typed themselves.) Our 15-yr old, and others identified themselves, the oldest, just not certain.
    Thank you for this giveaway.

  • Genevieve Beck

    The Holding Strong necklace. I need a substantial necklace that goes with everything!

  • Tania

    I am currently loving the Type 2 Bekah dress. Perfect for summer cookouts, the beach, or just because :)

  • Crystal

    Type 1 Garden Party jacket, b/c looking professional should be fun too!

  • Joanna Rowe May

    I would actually choose a session with Carol. I know she would have tons of insight on how to move forward and get the most out my life now that I’m living my truth

  • Tami

    In 6 days it is my birthday (June 16) and it is going to be a wonderful present for a huge change.

  • Cynthia Seegmiller Gough

    I would love to go the salon and get a new T4 hair cut, because it’s getting long and shaggy, and driving me crazy!

  • ~ Karen ~

    I would love to get the T1 Star Shine Hat (, because I love cute hats and I don’t have to worry about finding it in maternity sizing!! :)

  • lisarushman

    The type 2 blue bell top is so pretty! Of course, I would also really like to come and have a lesson on makeup, but I don’t live close enough.

  • Lisa

    I love this top! I have only a few yellows in my wardrobe and this is just edgy enough to catch my eye never mind that with my 3/1 nature it has as much going on as I do! :)

  • Elizabeth Barrett

    I love the color and shape of these earrings! I’m just waiting for a sale!!!

  • Christine Ellington

    Love this Heart of Gold top: I have nothing yet in this color in my wardrobe!

  • T. Scharf

    Loving so many of the tops… creme brulee sweater, sail away w/me top, sheer delight top, grape jelly cute-T, island fun cute-T… so colorful, bright and fun! :)

  • Gwenda

    Purple is my favourite colour and i originally thought I wouldn’t be able to wear purple as a type 2. Realised that it was just that I needed the right purple. I love this scarf, hopefully its still available when my resources allow.

  • T. Scharf

    omg… the ocean shimmer necklace & earrings – my favorite color!!!! =D

  • Leanne Chesser

    I’d love the “A Love So Strong” necklace in Type 3. I love the edginess of T3 and I like the chunky chain links in this necklace.

  • T3Grrrl

    I’d love to win the confirm your type! This information has helped me so much. What I would buy, if I could buy anything is the Confirm Your Type Coaching Session with Carol Tuttle – $150 (but I am hoping I win it). If that doesn’t count as an option, I’d pick , the Style Guide Skirt. Breezy for a hot summer! There are awesome choices in the DYT store every month! I always look forward to seeing what would kick-up-my-wardrobe to the next level!

  • Rachel

    I love the Tea Cake Hoodie — I’m a mum of two littles and so I like stylish but practical at the moment! This is something I’d wear often.

  • Gina Scott I love this bracelet! And I would love to know I am on the right path, for myself and my children.

  • Kristin Mosman

    I love the animation in the fabric of the white top with the houndstooth pattern (T1). Sooo fun!

  • Charlotte

    Love the T3 Golden Summer Hot-T and the Paisley Passion Top!

  • Julie Anne Oler Snow

    Love the Type 3 Hot Spot top

  • Stephanie S

    I’ve been really wanting a hair consultation. Does that count as a product I would buy?

  • Lauren

    Chancy eyeshadow for Type 4s! The idea of bold makeup is scaring me, but it seems just bold enough to act as a nice gradual intro into making it a habit! Love love love purple!

  • KristenMP

    The Pink Heather Top. I’ve never owned a Heather top before and being a Type 1 this would really bring out my best features and really make me feel beautiful. :)

  • Emily Carter

    I am a 1/3 & I love it! I do fairly well on clothing. Right now, it’s the accessories that I am looking to add to my wardrobe to look even more amazingly fun.

  • CranialHiccups

    If I lived in Utah I’d do Confirm Your Type with an Expert. I need help!

  • Jen

    I would LOVE to have my hair totally DONE! COLOR! EVERYTHING!

  • Jeanette

    I would love to win the session with Carol to confirm my type 1 and learn my secondary. I would love to win the teal capri and the jolly rancher necklace.

  • Emily C

    I would choose the Bring Out Your Best Look with Carol. I would like some additional confirmation that I am doing this correctly, so that I can progress to tackling other personal issues.

  • leahl
    I lobe the T2 Summer Grey Tank Dress–so very versatile–dress up or down and in my size! I would love a session with Carol to confimr my secondary type which I am feeling split between. I want to know for sure so I know where I fit in exactly. What a wonderful give away to win! Thank yhou Carol for the opportunity!

  • Ronnie M

    Clothes – I would pick out more clothes… so many choices, tho – probably more comfy t’s to add more basic colors. ;)

  • JoAnn Mortensen

    Pretty sure I am a 3/1 but other “experts” say 1/3… so, it would be the best if “THE EXPERT” helped me out! I would purchase more Remembering Wholeness books and the program for ones. I have the programs for threes. Thanks for everything I have learned from you!!

  • Melissa

    I would love to have the type 2 moon dust scarf because it’s beautiful and the color would go with everything.

  • Lynny Major

    I would buy True Curls – I’ve been dying to try Anne’s curly hair tutorial :)

  • Iris

    One of the beautiful T1 tops in the DYT store

  • Suzette Pace

    I would buy the pink baby bubbles necklace. I’ve seen this style worn a lot lately and have been wanting to try it out.

  • Sondra

    I’d buy the Type 1 Clean and Crisp Top because I’m looking for a great white blouse. I believe I am a Type 4 with a Type 1 secondary so this fits the bill. Perhaps if I win, then I can confirm my secondary!

  • Anna

    Shirts! I can’t pick just one, but I do love the royal blue dress shirt in the T4 shop

  • Tricia
  • Megan

    I love these coral capri pants because I love the color!

  • Carol Boyer

    This is great! I would buy the T3 Style Guide Skirt because it is hot with rich dynamic colors and the tiers make it somewhat random. I am loving T3 stuff but still wonder about myself as I have lots of random ideas and processes but am also pretty emotional. Would love to confirm both primary and secondary types!

  • Heidi

    Love this dress, and I could use a one on one! This dress is so cute, and I love the color! I hope I win!

  • Brie

    I would love to have this Perfect white purse with Silver accents- would go with most everything!

  • Tara K.

    I love this “icing on the cake” bracelet (I’m a T1)… I love tourquoise, and with the pearls and flowers it’s just too cute!!!

  • Beatrix Bitter-Barnes

    I would love the Type 4 Royal Blue Capri Pants They are so awesome!

  • Chantel Magistro

    There are so many items I would love to have from the store! I’m going to say the Type 2 Summer Time Dress in Grey, I feel like it would be comfortable over a swimsuit and just a great addition to my summer wardrobe

  • Amber

    I would love to go to the Dressing Your Truth Salon to get my hair done because I want some tips on how to style my hair and honor my type 1!

  • Kristy

    I would buy the Emerald and Ebony top. I love everything about it: dolman sleeves, lace back, colors.

  • Linda De Miller

    I would really like the summer social top! I think that I need this item because I have a lot of orange in my wardrobe and it looks good on my and the cut of the top flows away from the body which will be great with the hot, muggy weather here in Washington, D.C. : ) Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest : ) Linda

  • Stacey

    Would love to buy Type 2 Mermaid Lagoon Necklace. Simple, long, and would go with any outfit style and color. I’m still learning to “wear” necklaces. I have a hard time feeling like it has to match perfectly with my outfit. This style of necklace looks simple enough to go with multiple tops.

  • Jewely Parris

    I would LOVE the new T2 Bekah Dress! I’m pregnant, and have been looking everywhere for a nice, soft maxi-dress. This one looks perfect!

  • Michele Jarvis

    I would love the True Curls product I hope it would work with my curls. I have tried so many curl products.

  • Dawnell

    I would love to get my hair cut and colored at the DYT salon. I would love to finally have a professional do my hair that would understand my type and the craziness I would like to achieve with my hair.

  • Susan

    A cut, color and style at the DYT salon would be excellent!

  • debbi

    Teal Capri Pants, type 1, Love these bright colored pants and capris. Great for summer.

  • Rebekah

    T2 Butter Cream Soft Tee. T2 Yellow is hard to identify and find at the store!

  • Anita

    Type 3 Wheat Hot-T. I look very stark in white and can’t identify the type 3 version of white.

  • Holly
  • Amber

    Type 4 Contained Chaos Cardigan – I love how busy it is, yet is still structured:)

  • Joseph & Amber Beck

    I would love to have a coaching session with Carol, but the makeup consultation or the shopping with an expert for a man would be AWESOME too!!

  • Cynthia Perry

    T4 Snow Drop clip – I’ve been wanting to do flowers in my hair more often, needing some variety! I love the black ones, but they won’t show up in my hair as well.

  • Linda De Miller

    Type 1 Amy Bee Skirt…I would like this because it is cotton, so the texture will be great and it is just too cute, too : )

  • Jennifer Hampton

    T1 I love and crave green in a certain shade. The “Island fun cute T” looks perfect!

  • Shauna

    I love all the angles in the skirt and the softness that suits my secondary type two.

  • Angie

    Elixer Gel! It’s amazing.

  • Vanessa

    I love the dusky pink colour and the beautiful sheer lacy back. I love how feminine the top looks and would love to see how it looks on me!

  • gaylfer

    I’ve always heard about some subliminal meaning to “put on that little red dress” and go out. However, I have been eyeballin’ that pretty little Beverly Type 4 Dress and contemplating on “putting it on” and going out. As Dave Ramsey says,”having money is fun”. So, may I add that the “having of the DYT green Type 4 Beverly Dress (in size F) is fun”?

  • Elizabeth T

    I love your The Ties Have It Top because it’s looks grown up and sophisticated…and then you turn around and *poof* there’s your Type 1!

  • JulieAnn

    I’m definitely considering a CYT! I identify so strongly with two types, that I keep second guessing myself, and the more I go over all of the information, the more confused I am! I’d really just like to know one way or the other so I can stop agonizing over it!

  • Shannon Schmid

    I would def Confirm Your Type with an Expert. I feel a bit stalled since I’m just not sure anymore that I got my type right initially. And once I was sure- I would go shopping in that types clothing!

  • mireo

    That lime green belt in the DYT Type 4 store. Because GREEN!

  • Deanna Rolfe Dunn

    I want a salon cut/color…my local stylist is too afraid of cutting my hair too short (which I don’t think is possible for a Type 1)…it needs to be cut again and it was just cut a month ago…driving me crazy!!!

  • Suzanne Hall Strachan

    Type 4 stars and strpe maxi dress or beverly dress

  • Mary Gritis I want this blush so badly!! I don’t have anything quite the right tint for my type yet, and this is fabulous!

  • Torri Mahoney

    I would buy these type 2 earrings because I think they are so beautiful!

  • Jacquelin

    I’d love because I love purple, the pattern and I like to layer. I don’t think I’d be able to get it in the size I want though.

  • Becky McFadden

    I like scarves on most people, so I would like to try one. The flowered ones appeal to me and this is my favorite:

  • Becky McFadden

    I like the look of scarves on most people and think I would like to try that look. This is my favorite of the flowered ones (I am partial to clothing with flowers on them):

  • Gillian Graham Openshaw

    I Would Choose The Book Remembering Wholeness. It Would Be My First Book.

  • Marianne

    I wish I could come to Utah to confirm my type with an expert. Besides giving me confidence in my type, it sounds like it would be a lot of fun! Of course I must be a T4 because I keep analyzing this . . .

  • Robin

    I would love to have Nicole do my hair again.

  • Amanda Norell

    I really like this bag, it is colorful yet still soft and muted. It is very beautiful and I would love to have it.

  • Colleen

    I love the Aqua Bracelet in the T2 store. The color is so beautiful and looks very classy. I know my type for sure but would really like some help in understanding some personal things. Thanks Carol for offering this to us!!

  • Adrian Crystal

    I would buy this type 4 yellow belt. Yellow is one of my favorite bold, accenting colors and I’m in love with these skinny belts right now! I wear them to church all the time to help add a pop of color to my black wardrobe haha.

  • sabrina

    Lovin the royal blue top. Itd be great for an interview. I posted comment but its not showing up yet.

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