Clean & Classic Beauty—Dressing Your Truth Makeover

Looking stunning doesn’t need to be complicated.

In fact, Dressing Your Truth makes it simple. And this Before & After shows just how easy looking beautiful can be once you know your Type of beauty.

Beauty so classic, she’s simply stunning.

Before, this TYPE 4 woman’s hair was rather wild and unpolished—overtaking her face to the point where her features are almost hidden behind her hair. Plus, her soft and dusty romantic style blouse are in stark contrast to her more refined, professional nature.

After, with her naturally curly hair cut and styled in a sculpted shape, her face and especially her eyes become the focal point. In the bold orange cardigan over a structured blouse with classic black and white polka dots, she looks both professional and easily approachable. And her red lipstick stands out as a bold statement accessory.


What do you notice most about this Dressing Your Truth Before and After? Share your positive comments below.

Your beauty—Is it true to you or trying on a trend?

Every woman expresses a natural beauty. Your natural beauty comes from your true nature—who you really are at your core.

But when women don’t know which of the 4 Types of beauty they express most strongly, it’s can be hard to recognize your own beauty.

Especially when so many women have been conditioned to measure their looks based on a changing whims of the fashion industry and latest trends.

Dressing Your Truth empowers you to look beautiful true to YOUR Type of beauty. The Dressing Your Truth Course teaches you to be your own beauty expert and bring out your best features by dressing in alignment with your true, natural beauty.

Just like the TYPE 4 woman in this Before and After, once you know your Type of beauty, you can confidently express your beauty clearly in a real, authentic way.

Ready to learn how to express your Type of beauty?

Get your Dressing Your Truth course today and start seeing your true Type of beauty in a whole new light!


Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Tricia Swenson

    She looks so young in her before picture, but in her after picture its like “oh there she is” and doesn’t look young at all, but mature and perfect!

  • Sarah

    Absolutely stunning!

  • JoAnna Robb

    She looks really cute in her before picture but stunning and truly “there” in the after picture. It’s always amazing to me in these make-overs how much a person can really shine through. I love energy profiling! It’s a make-over for the inside just as much as the outside!

  • Margaret Peters

    Wow, from cutesy to gorgeous! She carries that Type 4 style wonderfully well.

    In the after photo, she isn’t wearing her eyeglasses. Is that because they are not Type 4 frames? I am also a Type 4 (secondary 2), who tends to fall back into 2-ness a lot (life-long habit, hard to break). I wonder if my eyeglasses are working against me. They are oval-ish and symmetrical, and the frames are almost silver. They might be okay, but I always doubt.

    I would love a feature about eyeglasses. Thanks!

  • T3Grrrl

    I don’t know if I would have figured out she was a T4, but it is CLEARLY where she belongs. She looks so powerful and with presence!

  • Salem

    She looks almost invisible in the before picture and then, BAM, there she is in the after photo. Wow! How awesome it is to dress one’s truth.

  • CarolHarada

    Her beauty is so striking and clear now. Love the defining lipstick and shorter, neater, more contrasty colored hair. Great to see a curly cut in T4. I could still see her in black sharp angular glasses too.

  • ella

    She looks more approachable and friendly to me in her before picture but more congruent in the after picture. A picture can’t always convey the move of the energy. Very interesting transformation. Bold style eye wear and a pair of defined earrings will complete the look. Congratulation to making a leap, daring to find yourself and your true style. Thumb up. 🙂

  • Nora

    Wow, elegant!

  • Angie

    You are (and have always been) beautiful Julie! You will always be Snow White to me!

  • Kristin

    Love the change! So obviously more true to the real you!

  • Cheri

    She looks bright!